Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 607

Chapter 607

Chapter 607 This Guy Wants to Eat Him?

The New Dawn began searching again.

Four days later, they were almost near the Yara Asteroid Belt.

They hadn’t found any Zhihuo Birds since then. They did encounter several powerful void beasts though. Some were even level-five planetary states.

Lin Ling looked at the star map. “It would take a day to reach the belt.”

Lu Ze nodded in disappointment. “What a pity we didn’t see more powerful Zhihuo Birds.” Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “It’s not bad. The eggs are very hard to get. Little brother Lu Ze is already amazing.”

Lu Ze felt a little better upon hearing this.

He heard those people say that the most they got in five years were just three Zhihuo Bird Eggs?

How many days had it been for them?

He used eight days to procure two eggs. This was quite nice.

Lu Ze looked up. “But my power doesn’t allow me to only get a level-one planetary state.”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes.

At this moment, New Dawn’s voice sounded. “There’s a powerful energy wave 200,000 kilometers ahead.”

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked.

200,000 kilometers?

This meant that the energy wave was quite powerful.

They looked at the dense cl.u.s.ter of asteroids. The environment was very complicated here. It was quite possible that Zhihuo Birds would appear here.

Lu Ze ordered, “New Dawn, stop the s.h.i.+p.”

He turned to Nangong Jing and said, “I’ll go have a look.”

The three nodded.

Lu Ze had s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. They didn’t have anything to worry about.

Lu Ze flashed with black colors.

Body of darkness!

Thereafter, his chi suddenly receded. It was almost indiscernible if one didn’t try to sense him specifically. He used chi stealth G.o.d art at full power and disappeared.

After flying half the distance, Lu Ze was overjoyed. It was the familiar chi of Zhihuo Birds. Moreover, it was a powerful one too!

Lady luck still loves me indeed!

As he flew, Lu Ze changed into a Zhihuo Bird. He flew towards the other Zhihuo Bird.

Soon, Lu Ze saw his target. On an ordinary small asteroid, there was a red glowing color. Lu Ze was excited upon seeing that familiar glow. He made sure his transformation G.o.d art was fine before flying to the other side of the asteroid.

There, Lu Ze saw a ten-meter long Zhihuo Bird lying in a huge bird’s nest. s.p.a.ce seemed to be twisting under the flames of its body. There was a huge one-meter tall egg on the side.

This was only a level-four planetary state.

Too noob!


The Zhihuo Birds were rare. They had searched half the solar system and only found the third one.

A level-four planetary state was quite nice.

Just when Lu Ze decided to fly over, he suddenly felt some coldness from the left side. Lu Ze looked vigilantly over there. There was nothing

Lu Ze sensed the surroundings with his mental force and discovered nothing. However, his sense of danger was extremely strong. That calm region of s.p.a.ce seemed to contain some huge beast.

What was it?

This danger made Lu Ze feel he couldn’t even take the egg now. During this time, Lu Ze sensed a few waves from the other direction.

What was going on?

Suddenly, that region of s.p.a.ce rippled like it was water and a figure appeared.

This figure was covered in dark fur. Its face was also covered with the same material. It appeared to be a humanoid. It was two meters tall and had black leather armor. It had a white tail with black stripes as well.

This strange race seemed to have been here the whole time, but Lu Ze never noticed it.

Lu Ze was taken aback.

Wasn’t this the Tiger Tail Thief?

Why was this guy here?

The photo in the mission didn’t have the thief’s face, but it had its body, and this figure matched it perfectly. Moreover, it had that concealing method that even he couldn’t sense.

Lastly, it had a level-three planetary state cultivation level. This made Lu Ze almost certain that this was the fugitive.

Lu Ze was surprised that it would appear at the Zhihuo System and emerge openly in front of


The Tiger Tail Race was staring at him with its vertical yellow eyes. It licked its sharp teeth with its tongue.

Lu Ze saw something very familiar in its eyes.


Lu Ze didn’t feel too good.

Did this guy want to eat him?

He was a human…


Lu Ze remembered that he was in the form of a Zhihuo Bird.

No wonder it wanted to eat him. Even he wanted to eat it.

This explained why the Tiger Tail Race would reveal itself. The reason was that he was just a weak and timid level-four mortal evolution state bird.

Lu Ze acted like he was a scared little bird, but he was already thinking about how he should notify the alcoholic and the rest of the team.

He was indeed the man favored by Lady Luck.

Just when Lu Ze was wondering whether he should release his chi, he sensed weak ripples around him.

They were getting close.

Were there others?

Lu Ze glanced at the Tiger Tail Race and guessed that it was probably other humans who also accepted the mission. If he unleashed his chi, then the others would notice. Lu Ze was hesitant.

The thief also sensed the chi. It looked at Lu Ze unwillingly and was about to leave. He was going to commit one last theft here before leaving the human-controlled region. This bird looked tasty. He was confident he could kill it, but if he attacked now, he would risk being exposed.

Never mind, he would let this bird go.

The thief was about to leave.

Seeing this, Lu Ze became desperate. If it got away, there would be no chance of finding him.

Lu Ze remembered there was a level-four planetary state Zhihuo Bird over there. He had a bold idea.

He could pretend he was being bullied and ask his boss for help.

If he secretly attacked from behind, this was enough to heavily injure this thief before others arrived.


Lu Ze suddenly heard this furious call and he ended up dazed.

Which boss was messing with the bird now?

His idea was done for before he could even enact it. It seemed he needed to resort to plan

Lu Ze didn’t care if people would notice. This thief stole quite some things from the human race.

He was going to unleash his chi to alert the alcoholic and the others while he stalled him. However, the Tiger Tail Race turned around. Lu Ze saw a joyful smile on its face.