Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 605

Chapter 605

Chapter 605 Zhihuo Bird

In the New Dawn, Lu Ze and the rest of the group were resting on the couch. They pretty much searched the entire planet and didn’t find a Zhihuo’s bird nest.

At this moment, the s.h.i.+p was flying outside the planet.

Nangong Jing lay on the couch. “People are pretty active on planet Zhihuo. If there are birds, they would’ve been discovered already.”

Lin Ling was looking online. “The local network has no information about Zhihuo Birds.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “They are very rare after all. Perhaps people would want to take it for themselves.”

Lu Ze stretched his back. “We’ll go find one ourselves. Boss Zhu said it, didn’t he? It’s in this solar system. It probably wouldn’t take long.”

“By the way, where was the blade demon last seen?”

Lu Ze didn’t forget that their most important mission was the Blade Demon Mission.

Lin Ling looked at the mission and said, “It’s in the Yara Asteroid Belt, at the outskirts. The army checked it later on but didn’t find anything. They are very busy, and that is why they published the mission.”

Lu Ze thought about it and said, “In that case, we’ll go over there then and see if there are any Zhihuo Birds on the way.” The other three nodded. Lu Ze ordered the New Dawn to watch out for the surrounding energy and report to him if anything abnormal was detected.

Following that, the four began cultivating again.

A day later, Lu Ze and the others looked outside at a roaring beast on an asteroid. They were disappointed. This wasn’t it!

The New Dawn had found quite a few special energy sources, but they were all strange void beasts. Some even chased their s.h.i.+p.

During this time, New Dawn’s voice sounded again. “There is a special energy wave ahead.”

Lu Ze and the group looked outside again. But soon, they saw an asteroid, which was tens of kilometers wide. It seemed to be glowing fiery red. Their eyes bulged.

Nangong Jing blinked. “That’s…?”

“Perhaps Zhihuo Bird?”

Lu Ze immediately ordered, “New Dawn, stop here, turn off the engine.”


The New Dawn stopped and floated in s.p.a.ce like a golden metal nugget.

Lu Ze said, “The Zhihuo Bird seems to be very vigilant. I’ll go over alone.”

Lu Ze had chi stealth G.o.d art and transformation G.o.d art. The others didn’t have these G.o.d arts.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled seductively. “Then, be careful, little brother Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Don’t worry.”

Lu Ze flew out of the s.h.i.+p and used chi stealth G.o.d art. Soon, he was near that asteroid. He sensed that there were two powerful chi on there.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

Two level-one planetary states!

There was pretty much no danger.

Despite this, Lu Ze didn’t charge forward. He went around and came to the front side with fire.

Lu Ze used the body of darkness and chi stealth G.o.d art to conceal himself and approached within 1000 kilometers of this asteroid.

He looked at the location of the fire. It was a hive made of red stones. There were two four-meter long flaming birds lying there.

They had vibrant red plumage which was ablaze. Their necks were long and elegant. They seemed very regal and beautiful.

Without a doubt, they were the Zhihuo Birds.

Lu Ze exclaimed, ‘They were really pretty!

He grinned and flashed with silver-white color. Thereafter, Lu Ze turned into a two-meter long flaming bird.

Lu Ze felt great. The size difference wasn’t that big. He didn’t seem like a malnourished one anymore.

Although he couldn’t sense their chi close uprendering his transformation G.o.d art imperfect – Lu Ze still flared with red flames.

He had fire G.o.d art. With his chi and level-four mortal evolution state cultivation level, it shouldn’t be hard to get close.

As soon as Lu Ze’s flames blazed, those two resting Zhihuo Birds looked up in vigilance.

In turn, Lu Ze was shocked. They were indeed extremely vigilant. He just used a weak fire G.o.d art. However, Lu Ze wasn’t worried at all. He just flew out from behind the rocks.

When the two Zhihuo Birds saw it was another smaller Zhihuo Bird, they were dumbfounded. Clearly, they didn’t expect their kind to be nearby. Their vigilance didn’t disappear. Something didn’t feel right, but they weren’t certain.

After all, this same creature seemed much weaker than they were.

Lu Ze was still a little nervous.

What if these two birds detested third-wheelers?

Luckily, what Lu Ze was worried about didn’t happen. Soon, Lu Ze was only a few kilometers away from these birds. Then, he found an egg that seemed to be sculpted from rubies behind them.

It was only half a meter tall. It was glowing with a red light.

It seemed tasty! Just when Lu Ze was going to keep flying forward, those two Zhihuo Birds let out furious chirps. Their flames erupted, and their chi burst up.

Fire G.o.d art!

Their chi went from level one to level two, almost reaching level 3 of the planetary state. They were slightly stronger than Lu Ze.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

He was caught!

Without hesitation, Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. He disappeared from the spot and appeared behind the two birds.


They didn’t expect Lu Ze to know s.p.a.ce G.o.d art.

Fire waves spread through all directions. Lu Ze’s chest felt heavy. Luckily, he had fire G.o.d art, and his body was quite st.u.r.dy. His claws clutched the egg, and then, he used s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to disappear from the spot.

The birds roared furiously, and they expanded their mental force to search for Lu Ze’s position.

Back on the New Dawn, Lu Ze ordered, “Drive the s.h.i.+p.”


New Dawn flew off. It wasn’t that Lu Ze couldn’t beat those two birds, but he already got the egg, and there was no point in fighting.

Inside, Nangong Jing and the other girls laughed at the flaming bird Lu Ze holding an egg. This was really a disastrous scene.

Lu Ze rolled his bird eyes and changed back to his original form.

Qiuyue Hesha looked happily at the bird egg. There seemed to be some mysterious runes on the egg

“So is this that Zhihuo Bird Egg? It does look extraordinary.” Qiuyue Hesha felt the egg, and a scorching chi went into her hand.