Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 604

Chapter 604

Chapter 604 The Difference Became Apparent Real Quick

Lu Ze smiled. If it was just stealing eggs, he was very experienced. He just stole the silver hook beast’s eggs a few days ago.

Lu Ze asked, “What’s the second request?”

The boss continued, “1000 Shenwu merit points processing fee. 5% discount, so 950 Shenwu merit points.”

Lu Ze: “…”

His mouth twitched. This was so expensive! He could buy more than three of those Black Shadow Leopard armor.

Derrick couldn’t resist asking, “Isn’t this a bit too expensive?”

950 Shenwu merit points!

They had worked so hard risking their lives doing missions, only to earn 300 Shenwu merit points. Yet, this dish was more than three times their current net worth.

“950 Shenwu merit points is expensive?”

The customers gasped. “This is spirit food giving you a chance to learn fire G.o.d art. It’s also a planetary state spirit food. How is 950 Shenwu merit points expensive?”

“You guys haven’t seen the auction for this, have you? Boss Zhu is giving you an opportunity on Monarch of the New Dawn’s account. No one will fight over it with you. Otherwise, if those bosses from the depth of the void s.p.a.ce came, you wouldn’t be able to get it even for 10,000 Shenwu merit points!”

Derrick’s mouth twitched.

This was rather cheap indeed, but where would they get that many Shenwu merit points? Even if they did, they didn’t dare to splurge like that.

What if they didn’t get G.o.d art?

Luo Bingqing and the others frowned.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze smiled. “950 Shenwu merit points, right? No problem.” It really wasn’t expensive for him. He had purple orbs. He wasn’t scared that he wouldn’t learn the G.o.d art. This was very worth it for him.

Most importantly, the boss said the dish was very tasty.

Seeing Lu Ze agree, Lin Kuang and the others were shaken. They looked at Lu Ze in shock. That was 950 Shenwu merit points! Lu Ze just spent it like that?

Just how much did he have?

The boss smiled. “You’re indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn. Then, I’ll wait for you to bring the egg over. But… those birds are fierce. Be careful.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Thank you for your reminder.”

The crowd went off again. “Monarch of the New Dawn has 1000 Shenwu merit points already, amazing!” “You should get a few level-five or level-six planetary state eggs over. The stronger they were, the better the G.o.d art.”

It seemed he did need to get stronger eggs.

Lu Ze smiled and asked, “Where do I find the birds?”

The boss answered, “These birds are rather rare. They might even appear anywhere in the solar system. Perhaps there are some on this planet.”

Lu Ze nodded. “I see.”

He needed to gather clues about the blade demon squad anyway. He would do the two missions at the same time.

Because they didn’t have the egg, the boss couldn’t cook the dish for them on the spot. Thus, they found a place to sit and ordered the special dishes here for a taste. Meanwhile, the other customers went to do their own things.

On the table, Lu Ze looked at the aromatic charcoaled-pork and gulped. He then picked up the chopsticks. “Let’s dig in!”

Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling ate very naturally like usual. As for the four male young dukes, they were speechless. Luo Bingqing said plainly, “Lu Ze, are you really going to buy that Zhihuo Shooting Star?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Of course! Didn’t the boss say it was very tasty? You guys can try some.”

The others: “…”

Very tasty?!

That was 950 Shenwu merit points!

Jack smiled bitterly and exclaimed, “Lu Ze, you’re progressing too fast. I’ve just heard about you from my brother.”

Lu Ze glanced at Jack and remembered that golden-haired general. He seemed to be called Youjin, right? “General Youjin is your brother? Last time I saw him use the move you used at my monarch celebration.”

Jack smiled. “Yes, that’s my brother.”

They were originally planning to go do missions at Youjin’s place, but he was still guarding that Four Symbol Crystal Mine. That was outside the controlled region. It was more dangerous than here.

Youjin thought his brother was too weak, so he wouldn’t let Jack go. Thus, they could only do their own missions.

Nangong Jing said, “The missions here are rather rewarding but not too dangerous. What missions are you doing?”

Lin Kuang’s mouth twitched. “Fertilizing the Zhihuo Lotus here.”

“… What?”

Lu Ze and the others were dumbfounded.

Derrick coughed and spoke awkwardly, “Our race is planting the lotus here. We need to fertilize it, so it can ripen faster. However, it’s not an ordinary fertilizer.”

“But… it’s not easy to fertilize,” Luo Bingqing said plainly. “The flames in the Lotus Sea would cause some threat for level-nine mortal evolution states. Even we can’t stay there for long.” Especially Luo Bingqing, he felt he was being roasted there.

Lu Ze and the others nodded. Lu Ze smiled. “This is good. At least, there are Shenwu Army soldiers patrolling here. Your safety can be a.s.sured.”

Jack said, “We thought that as well. When we reach the planetary state, we’ll consider other missions.”

They were very talented, but they had to be realistic.

Jack looked curiously at them. “What mission are you doing here?”

Lu Ze answered, “We got an investigation mission. It’s said someone saw blade demons at this solar system.”

Lin Kuang and the others were stunned. Lin Kuang looked at Lin Ling. “We saw that mission. It said there might be a level-four planetary state blade demon.”

Lin Ling nodded. “Mhm, possibly.”

If it was just level-four planetary state blade demons, even if they can’t beat them, it wouldn’t be hard for them to escape.

The atmosphere fell silent.

This difference became apparent real quick. They were still doing missions under the protection of the Shenwu Army while Lu Ze and the rest were already investigating blade demons involving level-four planetary states.

Moments later, Jack raised his cup. “I wish you will be successful in your mission.”

Lu Ze and the group raised their cups as well. “Thanks, you too.”

Thereafter, they chatted about other things. From what Derrick said, they had begun cooperating strategically based on their G.o.d arts.

Derrick also said that Mo Xie’s group and Daphne’s group might come to Shang Yang Galaxy too.

Lu Ze and the team were shocked. Those guys didn’t even have a planetary state combat power, and yet, they dared to come here to do missions.

After chatting for another half an hour, the group left and split off.

Lin Kuang and his group were very tired from fertilizing. They needed to rest.

On the other hand, Lu Ze and his team decided to go straight for the Zhihuo Bird Egg.