Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 603

Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Dish Sold Once Every Five Years

Lu Ze’s expression turned strange.

Then, the boss smiled. “However, if you want to buy it, I have two requests here.”

Lu Ze and the others raised a brow.

Derrick complained, “This is the first time I’ve heard the owner making requests when selling. Just what is your Zhihuo Shooting Star?”

A customer on the side smiled. “You’re probably a noob who just came to planet Zhihuo, right?”

“I know Monarch of the New Dawn definitely just arrived at planet Zhihuo. The others are probably the young dukes of this generation. They’re definitely here for the first time without a doubt.”

Other than extremely talented young dukes like Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha, ordinary young dukes would only become famous among them after reaching the planetary state.

There were so many young dukes in each generation, so how could they know them all? Someone said, “You guys are benefiting from Monarch of the New Dawn. The Zhihuo Shooting Star is old Zhu’s signature dish. He only sells it once every five years. Each time, there would be planetary states coming back from the depth of the void s.p.a.ce just to fight over it. The last time was two years ago.”

Lu Ze and the rest were dumbfounded. Just how good was this dis.h.!.+ Lu Ze’s eyes lit up already.

Even the rest of the group were shocked.

The male young dukes were surprised that planetary states would come back from the void s.p.a.ce just to fight over it. Those people would be at least level-five planetary states.

Just what grade of spirit food was this?

Only then did these guys realize they couldn’t see the boss’s cultivation level. Clearly, this boss was much stronger than they were. Lu Ze looked at this boss and smiled. “What is your request?”

The boss patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “You’re decisive, I like it.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. This boss’s power was much stronger than the alcoholic’s.

He was probably a level-five planetary state or higher.

Lu Ze smiled. “You compliment me too much, so what’s the request? If I can do it, of course, I’ll agree.” The boss answered, “It’s nothing much, the first request is to get me three Zhihuo Bird’s eggs.”

Immediately, everyone’s face stiffened.

Lu Ze and the others were confused once more.

Why did everyone make a strange face?

Lu Ze asked, “Can someone explain what this bird is? We’re noobs.”

A person who was a level-three planetary state coughed. “Boss Zhu, this isn’t too nice. The Zhihuo Bird’s egg isn’t so easy to get.”

The boss said, “I’m making an exception to cook Zhihuo Shooting Star for Monarch of the New Dawn. You guys know it’s hard to gather. I’m giving the stock to my wife. I have to save for the next five years.”

Why was the dish only cooked every five years? It was because one of the main ingredients, Zhihuo Bird’s egg, was too rare.

Boss Zhu explained, “I’m not being c.o.c.ky, but this dish is my pride. It took me nearly 100 years on this planet to create it.”

“Zhihuo Shooting Star is planetary state spirit food. The spirit force is very gentle. Even those mortal evolution state kids can eat them. Although ordinary level-four mortal evolution states can’t handle this spirit force, Monarch of the New Dawn should be fine. Perhaps he might even breakthrough because of it.”

“Of course, if that’s all it could do, it wouldn’t be his prided work. Most importantly, it could allow those without fire G.o.d art to have a small chance of learning it. Those with G.o.d art could improve it. Zhihuo Bird has fire G.o.d art. Its eggs contain the inheritance of this G.o.d art. However, I can refine this inheritance out. However, this food is useless for star state.”

No one reb.u.t.ted.

The group looked at the boss in shock. This was the first time they had heard of a spirit food that could help people learn G.o.d art.

No wonder people were fighting so hard over it.

Even a planetary state very rarely had G.o.d art. Of course, they would do anything to learn it.

He wondered if uncle Merlin could make such a dish.

Of course, to Lu Ze, this dish was less useful. He had fire G.o.d art orbs.

After the introduction, everyone fell into silence.

The other customers laughed. “How about it? Are you shocked? Old Zhu is really a prodigy!” Lu Ze smiled at the boss. “You’re really amazing. This is the first time I’ve heard of spirit food that can give people G.o.d art.” Then, Lu Ze asked, “By the way, why is it hard to get the egg?”

Just for this rare dish, he would go and find the egg.

Boss Zhu smiled. “It seems you’ve agreed. Zhihuo Bird is a beast that has fire G.o.d art. An adult one is usually around level one to level nine of the planetary state. Because it has fire G.o.d art, its combat power is far superior to martial artists of the same level. You know the cultivation level of the people here. Very few can beat the beast, much less obtain its egg.”

“Of course, the bird is extremely ferocious. After it knows it can’t defeat the intruder, it would destroy its egg and commit suicide. That’s the hardest part about collecting the egg.”

A man with a scar on his face smiled. “During the past five years, the maximum number of eggs one got was three. Sometimes there wasn’t even one. I’ve long heard Monarch of the New Dawn is extremely talented and can stall a level-six planetary state dark metal demon as a level-four mortal evolution state. I wonder if you can get the Zhihuo Bird’s egg?”

Quite some people laughed.

No wonder they looked at him strangely. They already knew about the news.

… So he was viral.

Lu Ze felt great. He should work harder and become renowned throughout the entire universe.