Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 59 - Is This Some New Trending Mental Torture?

Chapter 59 - Is This Some New Trending Mental Torture?

Chapter 59: Is This Some New Trending Mental Torture?

At this moment, the few million students, who had not been eliminated, received the message from the bracelet.

On a gra.s.sy plain, a bronze-haired youth, who was nearly 2.5 meters tall, held a black alloy spear that pierced into an armored beast that was over 3 meters tall.

The beast wailed, and its huge body slowly fell to the ground.

He calmly pulled out the long spear and wiped the blood before looking at this bracelet.

“The trial was canceled? What happened? It’s that serious?”

He didn’t hesitate and pressed a b.u.t.ton. Then, a blue veil enveloped him.

Subsequently, a map appeared, showing the location of the nearest students to him. The bracelet advised the students to stay together, so the s.h.i.+ps can pick them up.

In a barren land, a chubby black-haired youth activated a blue barrier and ran toward the other students.

Behind him laid dozens of rat-like beasts that were over one meter tall.

He murmured while running, “Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are really strong. What type of demon is that number one Lu Ze? Martial Warrior Level 9… Never mind, I’ll settle for a decent school.”

In the same region, a cute young girl was calmly dodging the attacks of a grey armored bear.

Hearing the message of the bracelet, her eyes flashed as she sidestepped the sweep of the bear. Her alloy long sword easily pierced into the cracks of the armor. The bear roared and then died.

The young girl was unhappy. “Why was the trial suddenly canceled? People are planning to exert their strength!!”

However, she didn’t want to be told off by her great-grandpa so she opened the defense barrier and ran toward other students.

All over planet Nanfeng, students opened their defense barriers and gathered while waiting for the s.h.i.+ps.

At this moment, Lu Ze opened his barrier, and then, another voice came out. “Lu Ze, please don’t move from where you are. The flying s.h.i.+p will arrive at Floating Light Forest immediately!”

The voice, which seemed a little concerned, continued, “You must not move to your right!”

The students: “…”

All students can see the ranking and points through the bracelet.

For Lu Ze, who suddenly rose to the top, none of them heard about him. After all, he was only a Martial Warrior Level 9. He didn’t even reach the level leader board!

Just how excellent would he have to be to have more points in hunting than Spirit Martial State Level 5, Ka Qisi?

Everyone was curious.

Hearing that the guy was at the Floating Light Forest, all the students were shocked.

Oh my, that number one guy ran to that deadly place?

Did he think life was too calm and wanted some excitement?

He was testing the border of death?

At the same time, students were confused. Why did the informant tell him not to go anywhere else?

Lu Ze: “???”

He felt he was disliked.

Was he the type to not conform?!

He was a good law-abiding youth of the new age!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze silently turned around to look at the right.

From the beginning, the battle sounds never stopped from there.

Originally, Lu Ze didn’t care much.

But most people can probably understand.

When someone especially tells you not to open a box, ordinary people would instead get more curious, having the urge to open it.

Not too good, he really wanted to go see it.

Lu Ze was distraught.

Just when Lu Ze showed a distraught look, the person spoke again. “Lu Ze, you must not run toward the direction you’re looking at. We’re all watching you! Wait for the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p to pick you up!”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. F*ck!!!

Was this the new trending mental torture?

Just when Lu Ze was speechless, there was also a sharp whine on his left.

Whenever the hissing pa.s.sed, the beasts became chaotic, and there was a constant cry of dead beasts.

Lu Ze frowned and looked vigilantly in that direction.

Just what was it?

As the hissing sound was getting louder, Lu Ze suddenly felt he had heard this somewhere before.

Moments later, his eyes narrowed and his face changed.


He had indeed heard of this hum, and it’s only been a few weeks.

A group of not too good looking guests arrived.

They had hideous black or grey sh.e.l.ls and sharp spikes. They looked very ferocious, and their numbers were over ten thousand!

Looking at these hideous guests, Lu Ze’s hairs on his flesh stood up. His eyes went cold, and he instantly entered the battle mode.

Why, was the insectoid race here??

They seemed to have gone into a frenzied state. They were slaughtering beasts. Every time they killed one, one insectoid would bring it back.

Moments later, the entire Floating Light Forest’s beautiful scene was covered in blood red.

Weaker beasts were instantly killed and stronger ones were flooded by the insectoid race. Even the stronger ones fought with their lives to get out and didn’t dare to even look back at the forest.

Oh my! What are these strange monsters?

Just when Lu Ze was looking at the insectoid race in shock, the voice said again, “… Lu Ze saw it. Now, all students listen up, the insectoid race has appeared at the Floating Light Forest.”

With this, all the students who slowly gathered up had pale faces.

Insectoid race?

For the Telun system in the inner region of the Federation, they’ve only seen the insectoid race on TV or in virtual reality.

Now, the insectoid race was on the same planet as them?

They were the locusts of the universe. Wherever they went, nothing remained!

Feeling their life was in danger, the students could not help falling into panic.

Soon, the voice said, “Don’t worry, it’s only found in Floating Light Forest so far. Other places are safe. Our s.h.i.+ps can bring back all the students within an hour. There are also powerful beings coming. Everyone must stay orderly!”

The speaker rubbed his head seeing how horrified the students were.