Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 596 - This Twisted Aesthetic View Doesn't seem Right

Chapter 596 - This Twisted Aesthetic View Doesn't seem Right

Chapter 596 This Twisted Aesthetic View Doesn’t seem Right

With the roars, the base instantly became quiet. After some silence, Yue Wenya gritted her teeth and yelled, “Get ready for battle!”

Lu Ze must be protected, or she would die from guilt.

If all of the silver hook beasts came out, they definitely wouldn’t be able to stop them, but they needed to help Lu Ze first and then think about escaping after.

Nangong Jing’s, Qiuyue Hesha’s, and Lin Ling’s faces slightly changed, but they knew that Lu Ze had s.p.a.ce transmission G.o.d art, so they weren’t too worried.

However, the base might not be able to hold off.


The silver hook beasts chased Lu Ze like crazy. These planetary state silver hook beasts could keep up with his speed and still launch attacks. Waves of violent spirit force kept striking at Lu Ze. However, they couldn’t pose much of a threat to him.

As for mortal evolution state silver hook beasts, they could only roar and cheer their bosses on.

Soon, Lu Ze flipped over mountains and flew out of the mountain range. He was only ten kilometers away from the base.

As soon as he saw the base, he saw an opening in the barrier. Planetary state soldiers were coming out from there. Lu Ze was dazed. They reacted so quickly. He just wanted to let them come out and kill monsters, and yet, they came out.

Lu Ze smiled, and he quickly flashed before everyone and spoke excitedly, “Quick, I drew out a wave of monsters. Let’s beat them up first.”

Everyone: “Huh?”

At this moment, Yue Wenya saw that Lu Ze had two giant eggs in his hands and asked, “What’s in your hands, Lu Ze?” These two eggs almost covered his head. It was quite eerie holding two eggs. Lu Ze answered, “I took it from the caves. It’s a silver hook beast egg. You guys can study one. I’ll let Lin Ling cook the other one.” Lin Ling: “???”

She stared at that pitch-black egg, and her expression seemed terrified.

“Don’t even think about it! I won’t do it!”

What a joke! Was that even edible? What if someone dies?

Even Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha stared at this egg in terror. They definitely didn’t want to eat this.

Lu Ze’s face was disappointed. “Huh? Why? What if it’s very tasty?”

Some things don’t look really nice, but they taste delicious. For example, snakes. They look scary, but it was rather delectable.

Just when Lu Ze decided to persuade Lin Ling, a wave of roars behind him could be heard.

In a few short seconds, the silver hook beasts charged over.

Lu Ze gasped. He could only talk about that later. He said, “Not all the silver hook beasts are together. I’ve drawn out a wave. We can beat them.”

They had all realized by now. Yue Wenya and the others seemed happy.

There wasn’t even a level-four planetary state!

They didn’t expect Lu Ze to not only find out the situation inside the mountain range but also separate the silver hook beasts.

This was the best situation for them.

Looking at the 14 level-three planetary state silver hook beasts at the front, everyone smiled.

“Soldiers! Prepare for battle! Let these animals know our power!”

Immediately, all the planetary state soldiers charged up towards the silver hook beasts.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha looked speechlessly at Lu Ze and said, “Let’s go help.”

Without their help, this wave would be very hard for these soldiers.

Lu Ze nodded. He looked at the barrier that remained open and said, “Go up and put my egg inside.”

This was a live creature after all. If he put it into his storage ring, it would die. Thereafter, the three girls flew up to help join the battle.

With Qiuyue Hesha’s G.o.d art controlling the situation, the battle became very easy.

Soon, the silver hook beasts were rapidly killed.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze placed the two eggs on the city walls and then smiled at the soldiers. “Please help me take care of it.”

The soldiers didn’t expect Lu Ze to be this easy-going and didn’t know what to do. “OOkay! Don’t worry, Monarch of the New Dawn!”

Lu Ze nodded and flew back out.

When he joined the battle, the mortal evolution state silver hook beasts just flew over. Only 6 level-three planetary state silver hook beasts remained in the air. The other silver hook beasts were all dead.

With Qiuyue Hesha here, they couldn’t even organize a proper attack.

In addition, there was a level-four planetary state being. These silver hook beasts were slaughtered, almost without resistance.

Lu Ze pulled back his hand. This was really easy.


During this time, three 20-meter long silver hook beasts charged out.

They were only level-two and level-three mortal evolution states. They were at the bottom of the pack.

When they saw the bodies on the ground, they charged at the planetary state enemies without hesitation.

Lu Ze: “…”

For some reason, Lu Ze felt they were a bit cute. But soon, Lu Ze put a stop to this idea. This aesthetic view wasn’t right.

Qiuyue Hesha just glanced at three of them, and they exploded on the spot.

All the level-three planetary state silver hook beasts were killed, and this entire wave of nearly 200 silver hook beasts was all dead.

The world finally became peaceful.

No one got hurt in this battle.

Such an easy victory almost seemed unbelievable to them.

Their memories of the past two weeks were still vivid after all.

Looking at the ground full of bodies, Yue Wenya blinked and smiled. “We’ve won!”

All the soldiers smiled.

“Young duke Qiuyue is invincible!”

“Monarch of the New Dawn is invincible!”

Hearing the rejoices, Nangong Jing glanced at Qiuyue Hesha with dissatisfaction.

She just killed three level-three planetary state silver hook beasts.

In terms of combat power, she was on par with Qiuyue Hesha, but in this situation, Qiuyue Hesha was indeed more useful than she was.

She was annoyed.