Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 595 - They're All Living in a Dream?

Chapter 595 - They're All Living in a Dream?

Chapter 595 They’re All Living in a Dream?

Although there were several caves, not all the caves in the mountain range had silver hook beasts.

Only the eight largest caves had silver hook beasts. Five of the caves had level-four planetary state silver hook beasts, and the other three only had level-three planetary state silver hook beasts.

All of the caves were filled with Nanlis alloy on the ground with eggs around it.

At this moment, Lu Ze was in a cave that only had level-three planetary state silver hook beasts. There were more than a hundred silver hook beasts.

Lu Ze then transformed into a silver hook beast. He looked at the other silver hook beasts and just walked over.

Many silver hook beast glanced at him but didn’t find anything unusual, so they got back to what they were doing. Lu Ze smiled. He snuck over to a Nanlis alloy pile. There were five black eggs there. They were about the height of a half-human, with faint runes. When they had absorbed the energy from the metal, these runes would probably light up. Lu Ze looked around. No silver hook beast was watching him. He quickly grabbed an egg in front of him and then started walking towards the tunnel. Lu Ze chose this pile as it was the closest to the exit.

Soon, Lu Ze was near the tunnel.


A suspicious growl sounded behind Lu Ze. Lu Ze stiffened up. He was still caught. He wanted to sneak out without using s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. Otherwise, it might enrage the entire hive.


He still had the appearance of a silver hook beast right now. Perhaps he could get away with it?

A level-two planetary state silver hook beast chased after Lu Ze. He looked at the huge egg in Lu Ze’s hands.

Lu Ze looked back innocently at the silver hook beast. The atmosphere was awkward.

Then, the beast reached out its claw towards Lu Ze. Lu Ze tensed up, but he didn’t use s.p.a.ce G.o.d art since the claw moved very slowly. It had no spirit force on it too.

The claw touched Lu Ze and brushed him back into the pile of Nanlis alloy.

Lu Ze didn’t resist at all. Thereafter, it growled and slowly went back to where it was resting.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. These silver hook beasts weren’t dumb. They had a negative IQ, right? They still didn’t notice anything unusual about him.

After waiting for a while, Lu Ze made sure there was no silver hook beast looking over and subsequently grabbed two eggs.

He was very careful this time and didn’t startle any other silver hook beast.

He grinned and soon ran out of the tunnels and came outside.

During this time, he heard chaotic growls from inside.

Clearly, these silver hook beasts finally realized their egg was gone.


Lu Ze suddenly had a bold idea upon sensing that chaotic chi. He was thinking about how to annihilate these silver hook beasts. Their numbers were overwhelming. Fighting head-on wouldn’t be good for them.

Now, it was different.

Lu Ze was planning to go back to the base. However, now…

Lu Ze looked at the tunnel and waved some spirit force on his two paws. This spread the chi of the egg. It was weak, but it was still dispersed. In an instant, the chaotic chi inside the tunnels stopped. Clearly, they sensed the egg’s chi.


Beams of chi started to rapidly close in on Lu Ze.

Lu Ze grinned. They were out.

There was still some distance between different caves. Lu Ze carefully controlled his spirit force so that the egg’s chi wouldn’t spread to other caves.

Lu Ze flew off into the distance. On the way, Lu Ze changed back to his human form.

Right now, a nearly two-meter long figure flew out of the cave. There were huge figures behind it. They looked ferociously at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

There were 14 level-three planetary states and many more level-two planetary state silver hook beasts. The entire hive came out.

Lu Ze rejoiced that he checked the situation before and only drew out one cave. Otherwise, the entire mountain range would be startled.

The current situation was the best for them.

The distant silver hook beasts saw the egg in Lu Ze’s hand and roared while charging at him.

The level-three planetary state was extremely quick and closed in rapidly.

Lu Ze grinned and flashed with silver light, disappearing from the spot. He reappeared a hundred kilometers away.

The silver hook beast missed and sensed Lu Ze’s chi again. Then, it continued chasing Lu Ze.

As such, Lu Ze started to draw them towards the base.

At the Base.

Several people were standing on the city walls. Some of them were worried.

“General, are we really not going over to look?”

“Yeah, Monarch of the New Dawn is powerful and talented, but there were quite a few level-four planetary state silver hook beasts.”

Even Yue Wenya could only fight two of them evenly.

Hearing this, Yue Wenya and the others were hesitant. They wanted to help, but Lu Ze said he would be fine.

Moreover, Nangong Jing and the other girls were completely calm.

Lin Ling saw their glances and smiled. “General Yue, don’t worry. Ze is very strong. Last time, he even managed to stall a level-six planetary state dark metal demon. A dumb level-four planetary state beast won’t put him in danger.”

“Level-six planetary state dark metal demon?” Yue Wenya and the others were stunned.

Jeffry gulped and said in disbelief, “Young duke Lin Ling, are you saying that Monarch of the New Dawn stopped a level-six planetary state dark metal demon all by himself?”

His tone was shaky. This was a level-six planetary state! This was a dark metal demon who had naturally more advantage than humans!

Wasn’t Lu Ze just a level-four mortal evolution state?

How could he stop it?

Were they living in a dream?

Was Lu Ze actually a level-four planetary state and not a level-four mortal evolution state?

“Yes,” Lin Ling confirmed.

Everyone: “…” Yue Wenya smiled bitterly. “It seems we are far from knowing the Monarch of New Dawn’s real power. It should be fine.”

The others breathed easy too.

These silver hook beasts were nothing compared to a level-six planetary state dark metal demon.


Suddenly, the distant mountain ranges were flooded with shocking roars. Even from a faraway distance, they could still sense how angry the beasts were.