Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 597 - Unbelievable!

Chapter 597 - Unbelievable!

Chapter 597 Unbelievable!

Yue Wenya arranged for people to clear the battlefield while they returned to the base.

The soldiers looked curiously at Lu Ze. They really wanted to know how Lu Ze did it, but this was his secret, so they couldn’t really ask directly.

Yue Wenya smiled. “Lu Ze, how is the situation there?”

Lu Ze recounted the situation. After hearing this, everyone frowned.

“They’re using the Nanlis alloy to hatch eggs? In that case, if the energy inside the metals is sucked, then it would just be normal metal.”

They originally thought the silver hook beasts just wanted to find a cave to use as a home. They didn’t expect the situation to be like this.

Nanlis alloy was very precious to the human race, and it couldn’t be given up easily.

Lu Ze understood this.

He smiled. “I’ll draw the silver hook beasts out wave by wave.”

Hearing this, Yue Wenya felt relieved. “Thank you, Lu Ze. It is a good thing you came this time, or the Nanlis alloy would be ruined by those animals.”

Jeffry added, “Yeah, otherwise, even if the reinforcements are powerful, they probably wouldn’t be able to do it as well as Monarch of the New Dawn.”

His impression of Lu Ze greatly improved since he healed him. The others nodded too.

Jeffry was right. Those martial artists with G.o.d art can often do things that those without can’t do.

Lu Ze didn’t like their compliments because it would make him become arrogant, but he couldn’t just say it out. Thus, he could only accept all their compliments.

Then, Lu Ze smiled. “By the way, take an egg for research. We’ll take one for research too.”

Everyone: “…”

Lin Ling and the rest held their breath. They would definitely not eat this!

Jeffry laughed dryly. “I didn’t expect Monarch of the New Dawn to have such expertise in


Everyone was speechless. They didn’t know what to say.

Lu Ze was dazed too. He had no expertise in eggs.

Yue Wenya smiled. “Okay, we will research this egg.” It was very rare that an egg could use the energy inside the metals to hatch. It indeed had research value.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “But I still need to use this egg to attract the other silver hook beasts.”

The most important thing now was to clear all the silver hook beasts and receive their mission rewards.

Yue Wenya and the others had no objections to this. Accordingly, Lu Ze left the base again with an egg.

Lu Ze used the chi of the egg to repeatedly draw out the silver hook beasts in the caves and slaughter them at the base.

It was a very successful process.

Three hours later, with the death of the last level-four planetary state silver hook beast, all the silver hook beasts were cleared.

Everyone gazed at each other for a while.

The situation now was like a dream compared to when they were guarding the base before.

It was all too easy! This was due to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze could feel everyone’s glances, which seemed to contain more fervor.

What could he do? He was just this excellent.

Lu Ze sighed, he was indeed not just handsome…

At this moment, Yue Wenya flew over. “Lu Ze, has all the silver hook beasts been cleared?”

Lu Ze nodded. “I’ve drawn out all that I’ve noticed, but… We should still go over and see. Lin Ling can check if I missed any.”

Compared to his senses, Lin Ling’s G.o.d art was the most convenient and accurate.

Lin Ling nodded.

Therefore, Yue Wenya arranged for some people to guard the base while the rest of the soldiers followed Lu Ze and the rest into the mountain ranges.

Upon reaching their destination, Lin Ling started looking around. Everyone went inside and collected all the eggs.

Seeing the Nanlis metals that were already dim, Yue Wenya and the others felt quite upset. However, it was a good thing that there weren’t many metals that were devoured.

To prevent any accidents, Lin Ling searched the entire mountain range carefully. Finally, they collected all the silver hook beast eggs and made sure there were none left out.

Returning to the base, everyone breathed easy.

Yue Wenya bowed to them. “Thank you for this time.”

She was still shocked even now.

In just half a day, those extremely annoying silver hook beast tide was so easily dealt with. She would have never imagined this.

She was quite disappointed when she first knew that Lu Ze and the girls were the reinforcements. Yet, a team of 2 level-one planetary states, 1 level-four mortal evolution state, and 1 level-three mortal evolution state solved the silver hook beast crisis so easily.

Lu Ze smiled. “You’re too polite, General Yue. This is what we should be doing.”

They would get rewards for this. Because this mission involved a pack of silver hook beast, with more than 2000 in numbers, they will receive 3000 Shenwu merit points!

This didn’t count the tails which could be sold for more points.

Yue Wenya nodded.

At this juncture, a soldier ran over and reported, “General, all the bodies have been dealt with!”

Yue Wenya said, “You four mainly contributed this time. The silver hook beast tails can be exchanged for merit points. The four of you can take 80%. The remaining 20% will go to the army. What do you think?” Lu Ze and the others were stunned. They didn’t expect Yue Wenya to be this generous.

Although they made great contributions, Yue Wenya was a level-four planetary state.

Was her contribution little?

Were those tens of planetary states’ contributions little?

Yet, Yue Wenya still gave them 80%. This pretty much meant that the Shenwu Army earned nothing.

Jeffry and the rest nodded. “I agree with the general!”

“Me too!”

“Without them, we would suffer quite some losses.”

Seeing this, Lu Ze smiled. “In that case, we won’t reject it.”

This was a huge gain. Yue Wenya nodded and let the soldiers bring the tails over.

Taking the storage ring, Lu Ze was quite excited.

This was probably worth more than 10,000 Shenwu merit points, right?

Just this mission alone gave them this much.

Other young dukes might not get this amount from doing missions non-stop for half a year. The border of the controlled region was indeed too rewarding.

Yue Wenya said, “By the way, there are a lot of eggs. We don’t need that many for research. Do you want it?”

Lu Ze was just about to agree, but he felt three gloomy glances.

Lin Ling smiled. “Thank you, General Yue. We only need one.”

If possible, she wanted to throw that one out.

Lu Ze: “…”

He gave up.

Yue Wenya spoke again, “I will report the mission’s situation to the HQ.”