Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 594 - Did This Guy Discover His Conscience?

Chapter 594 - Did This Guy Discover His Conscience?

Chapter 594 Did This Guy Discover His Conscience?

Nangong Jing and the rest of the group weren’t worried about Lu Ze going to investigate the mines alone. Even a level-six planetary state dark metal demon couldn’t notice Lu Ze, much less a level-four planetary state silver hook beast.

Nangong Jing didn’t even want to go with Lu Ze due to the fear that she would only obstruct him.

She didn’t have Lu Ze’s strange G.o.d arts.

Thinking about how Lu Ze changed into her, her fists began to itch.

Yue Wenya and the others saw that Lu Ze’s closest friends were confident with him going alone, so they couldn’t say much.

Yue Wenya smiled. “In that case, be careful, Lu Ze. We won’t join you.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Mhm, I’ll be back soon.”

Yue Wenya replied, “Then, we’ll walk you out of the base.”

She was the commander of the base. Opening the barrier would require her permission.

The group returned to the city walls, and immediately, many soldiers looked over curiously. They were already shocked with what Lu Ze accomplished here, and yet just then, their injured commanders had all recovered. They heard that Lu Ze healed them. This made them respect Lu Ze even more.

Yue Wenya said to a soldier, “Open the barrier a little.”

This soldier was the one that Lu Ze treated recently. He was just looking at Lu Ze as well. Hearing the command, he immediately nodded. “Yes!”

Thereafter, the soldier disappeared from the spot.

A few minutes later, the blue barrier buzzed, and a two-meter long and wide opening appeared.

Yue Wenya said to Lu Ze, “Okay, Lu Ze you can go out. Be careful.”

Lu Ze nodded and flew out.

Seeing this, those people who were watching became dazed again.

Why did Monarch of the New Dawn fly out alone?

Where was he going? There are plenty of silver hook beasts outside.

Yue Wenya and the rest didn’t explain. They just watched on the city wall.

Outside the base, Lu Ze flew towards the mountain ranges. As he neared, he sensed countless threatening chi inside. They were mixed together, making the spirit force inside quite chaotic.

Lu Ze stopped. Then, he flashed with silver light and turned into a five-meter long silver hook beast. This included his tail length. His body length was only two meters long.

Lu Ze looked at this and became speechless.

He still couldn’t change too much. Those beasts attacking him were at least tens of meters long, and they were mortal evolution states.

Was he a newborn? Lu Ze dashed into the mountain ranges. It was extremely ma.s.sive and boundless. There were different sized mining caves within. This mountain range seemed to be the largest mining range for Nanlis metal. He saw a lot of minefields and robots, but they were just stationary on the ground.

Lu Ze started looking at the mining caves for silver hook beasts. Soon, when he pa.s.sed before a tall mountain with more than a hundred mining caves, a low growl sounded.

It was the sound of silver hook beasts.

Lu Ze approached the cave, and soon, he felt the threatening chi coming from inside. Clearly, there were quite some silver hook beasts within.

Lu Ze used chi stealth G.o.d art and flew in without hesitation. The cave tunnels were very dark. They twisted and turned like a maze, but Lu Ze only needed to sense the chi of the silver hook beasts.

Soon, he arrived at a half-open s.p.a.ce. It was a few kilometers wide. There were strange silver ores glowing on the wall. These ores were Nanlis alloy.

Lu Ze then looked at the ground. There was more than a hundred silver hook beast resting there.

The smallest was only ten meters, but the largest was a few hundred meters long.

Lu Ze saw a lot of silver hook beast digging out Nanlis alloy and throwing it on the ground.

There were already quite some piled together.

What were they doing?

Lu Ze watched those silver hook beast dig out the metal and throw it in piles. He was stunned.

Were these guys mining?

Did they find their conscience?

They took over someone else’s mining cave, so they’re going to mine out the ores and send it out?

But soon, Lu Ze saw that there were many black huge eggs around the metal piles.

The eggs were in the center, and they sucked the silver lights from the piles. Subsequently, the silver runes on the eggs started to become clearer.

Were they hatching eggs here?

Nanlis alloys were planetary state alloys. Of course, they contained special energy, but this was his first time seeing living organisms use mineral energy to hatch eggs.

Lu Ze looked at the eggs and felt they looked like insectoid eggs.

The queen egg he got from the Terry Brothers also had several complicated runes on it. This egg also had runes, but it was not as complicated as the queen egg.

Thinking about their flexible silver tails, Lu Ze remembered the insectoids he encountered at his graduation trial. He encountered an elite insectoid infant. It had tens of whiskers that were extremely agile like the silver tail.

Lu Ze felt that these silver hook beasts seemed like low-grade elite insectoids.

If he went to steal a few eggs, it should be fine, right?

The strongest one here was only a level-three planetary state. It was not a threat to him. However, Lu Ze didn’t do it immediately. He had decided to check the rest of the caves first. There were plenty of them.

Lu Ze remembered this place and secretly flew towards another tunnel.

The silver hook beast pretty much had no intelligence, and with how Lu Ze’s chi became one of the silver hook beasts’, he was able to go through caves very easily.

Soon, he had surveyed all the caves in the entire mountain range. He had some idea regarding the numbers and powers of the silver hook beasts.

There were over 1400 silver hook beasts. Among them, 5 were level-four planetary states, 66 were level-three planetary states, and a few hundred were level-two and level-one planetary states. The rest were all mortal evolution states.

This power was overwhelming. If they teamed up, the base wouldn’t probably last long. However, perhaps due to the need to raise their children, all these beasts stayed within caves.

He wondered whether annihilating the beasts here would cause the other ones to come out and help?

It was most likely.

If only he could separate them…

Lu Ze didn’t have any ideas at the moment.

Then, he set his gaze on the black eggs.