Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 593 - If This Continues, He's Really Going to Get Cocky

Chapter 593 - If This Continues, He's Really Going to Get Cocky

Chapter 593 If This Continues, He’s Really Going to Get c.o.c.ky

A few minutes later, those planetary state soldiers came inside. After hearing Yue Wenya’s explanation, they all stared at Lu Ze with wide eyes. Did this guy know how to cure people? Just how many G.o.d arts did he have? Lu Ze didn’t mind their strange glances and smiled. “I’ll be healing you guys.” He glanced at a pale-faced middle-aged man who seemed the most seriously wounded and said, “You first.”

The middle-aged man was a level-two planetary state. He took off his armor. On the inside were white long robes. His injuries couldn’t be seen, but his chi was weak.

He immediately got up and sat down on the chair. However, he was still quite nervous.

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m healing you. Don’t treat me like a demon.” The middle-aged man laughed dryly and relaxed. Seeing this, Lu Ze’s right hand flashed with a green light. Everyone looked at this scene with bewilderment. Wood G.o.d art! Healing-type G.o.d arts were far scarcer than fighting G.o.d arts. They rarely saw them. This also made them think about Lu Ze’s other G.o.d arts.

Lightning G.o.d art, s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, body G.o.d art, wind G.o.d art…

After counting, they felt quite crushed.

Lu Ze placed his hand on the man’s shoulder and started healing him.

During this time, Lu Ze was a little surprised. He used up very little spirit force, much less compared to the previous ones.

Lu Ze focused on healing, and then, in a short minute, the man had recovered. The room fell silent. It was the first time the others saw Lu Ze using wood G.o.d art to heal people. Watching their comrade go from being pale-faced and weak to being back in prime within just a minute, they felt things were absurd. People didn’t even react in time, and the middle-aged man didn’t even realize he was healed.

He sensed his body and asked uncertainly, “I’ve… recovered?”

This was so quick. He felt like he was in a spa, and it was very comfortable. Lu Ze smiled. “I’ve already cured you. You’re not thinking about staying here and not leaving, right?” The man’s eyes looked disappointed. If possible, he really wanted to have it again. Even without injuries, it felt great. But, his comrades were waiting for their turn.

He got up reluctantly and bowed to Lu Ze. “You’re indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn. Not only your combat power was shocking, but you even have healing techniques as well. It’s really the luck of humanity to have you.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Did they all want him to get c.o.c.ky?

No way!

He was never going to become c.o.c.ky. Lu Ze smiled. “You praise me too much!”

Seeing Lu Ze being so humble, the middle-aged man had an even greater impression of him. He even wanted to introduce his daughter to Lu Ze, but after glancing at Nangong Jing and the rest, he gave up on the thought. Seeing everyone looking at him eagerly, Lu Ze felt like they were children who wanted candy. He thought about things and said, “All the level-two planetary state people can come over.” There were still ten of them. Lu Ze calculated his spirit force expenditure. He could heal ten of them simultaneously.

Most importantly, it would save time.

The other people were stunned once again.

Lu Ze urged, “What are you doing in a dazed state? Time is precious. All the level-two planetary state, come over.”

Yue Wenya was dumbfounded and ordered, “Listen to Monarch of the New Dawn’s order. All level-two planetary states, stand out and accept treatment!” With this, they walked next to Lu Ze and sat around


Just when Lu Ze was going to start, a seductive voice suddenly popped into his head. “You’re really amazing, little brother Lu Ze. One isn’t enough for you now? You need ten to satisfy you?” Lu Ze glanced at Qiuyue Hesha and found her smiling at him. His mouth twitched. This fox demon!

Why did she have to put it in such a strange way? Lin Ling saw Lu Ze’s face was strange and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

Everyone looked at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze shook his head. “Nothing, it’s just a level-two planetary state. I won’t get tired.” He couldn’t tell them he just got teased. After calming down, Lu Ze’s eyes emitted a vibrant green light, which shot into the bodies of the people around him.

He had become quite good at it now. Five minutes later, all of the level-two planetary state people got up in joy. Their wounds had recovered. They bowed to Lu Ze. “Thank you, Monarch of the New Dawn! It’s really the fortune of the human race to have you!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He laughed dryly. “Thank you, the remaining wounded can all come up.” The rest were 32 level-one planetary state people. They came up without hesitation and sat around Lu Ze.

Lu Ze began the treatment immediately. Six minutes later, all of them were healed. They also got up and bowed to Lu Ze. “Monarch of the New Dawn’s talent is insane. The saints are right.”

All sorts of compliments came out. Lu Ze’s face went red. If this continued, he really would get c.o.c.ky. Qiuyue Hesha, Nangong Jing, and Lin Ling grinned after seeing Lu Ze being embarra.s.sed.

What a rare sight!

Right at this moment, Yue Wenya got up. “Okay, everyone has seen Monarch of the New Dawn’s talent and character. No need to compliment him more. You have all recovered. There might be a big battle soon. Go back and prepare.” Hearing this, the soldiers glared with battle intent. They were keen on getting revenge. “Yes!”

They all retreated, leaving the meeting room empty again. Yue Wenya smiled at Lu Ze. “Thank you again, Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I’m just doing my mission.”

The four of them weren’t enough to clear out the beasts. Healing others was helping himself.

At this moment, Lu Ze said, “I’m going to go check out the situation at the mine now.” Everyone was shocked again. Jeffry frowned. “Lu Ze, isn’t it a bit too dangerous to go alone? I’ll come with you.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Nangong sing also said, “Let him go.”