Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 592 - Who Could Take This Hit?

Chapter 592 - Who Could Take This Hit?

Chapter 592 Who Could Take This. .h.i.t?

Inside the meeting room, Yue Wenya, Jeffry, Dandon, and Joseph looked hopefully at Lu Ze. If Lu Ze could really heal them, their combat power would greatly increase, and it would give them more confidence to deal with accidents.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s begin.” He looked at Jeffry. “How about you first? Your injuries are the worst.”

He was a tough guy. He was covered in wounds but didn’t even make a sound.

Jeffry grinned. “Sure.”

He got up and sat next to Lu Ze. “What do you need me to do?”

Lu Ze answered, “Just stay seated.”

Jeffry nodded.

Subsequently, everyone looked at Lu Ze curiously. Lu Ze reached out his right hand. A vibrant green light flashed. There was a bit of life force in the light, and it seemed to contain the chi of spring. “Wood G.o.d art!”

Everyone exclaimed. They didn’t know Lu Ze too well, but they’ve heard of his name. They didn’t know he had wood G.o.d art!

Clearly, this was recently learned? Thinking about this, their hearts ached again. Why did this guy keep getting G.o.d art after G.o.d art while they couldn’t learn a single one? This was painful.

Yue Wenya felt the blow the most.

Meanwhile, Nangong Jing and the others didn’t react much.

Qiuyue Hesha: “Mhm… Nangong Jing is right, what is mine is Lu Ze’s, what is Lu Ze’s is mine.” Lin Ling: “Sister Jing’s words are right… Ze will definitely give it to us… By the way, what are we eating at night… No, I can’t get infected by that idiot!”

Lin Ling quickly suppressed her thoughts. Lu Ze slowly pressed his hand on Jeffry’s shoulder. The green light spread onto Jeffry from Lu Ze’s hand. Jeffry’s body trembled. He felt his body was covered by some kind of life force, and his wounds began to heal. His tired body felt nourished. Lu Ze frowned. This was quite taxing. Jeffry was a level-three planetary state, much higher than Lu Ze. Lu Ze had an estimate after starting the treatment. It would take a lot of spirit force to cure his wounds. It was a good thing that Lu Ze’s spirit force recovered rather rapidly.

He kept a steady flow of output. This would take longer to treat, but it was sustainable. Everyone saw that Jeffry’s wounds were covered in a hazy green light. Then, the wounds writhed and recovered. This wasn’t an instant recovery, but it was extremely fast. The people felt more envious. Planetary state healing serum was extremely precious, and it was far less effective than Lu Ze’s wood G.o.d art.

They wanted to cry. Ten minutes later, all of Jeffry’s wounds had recovered, other than the broken arm. Even his fatigue from the battles was gone. He sensed his state. He felt great. His mouth twitched. “I have completely recovered, even internal injuries.” He felt great that he could fight again, but he couldn’t stop the envy.

Lu Ze: “???”

He looked at Jeffry speechlessly. What was with this guy?

He cured him, and yet, this guy seemed like he wanted to cry. However, Lu Ze was still a little excited upon seeing Jeffry had recovered. He had wanted to become a doctor when he was young, but studying medicine was too hard. Now, he fulfilled his childhood dream.

However, this G.o.d art was too weak compared to his regeneration G.o.d art. Perhaps he could use it to save people during emergencies. Lu Ze asked, “Who’s next?” Yue Wenya said, “Dandon, you go.” Lu Ze nodded.

The blonde youth walked toward Jeffry’s seat. “Thank you, brother Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze smiled. “You’re welcome.” He then patted Dandon’s shoulder and used his wood G.o.d art.

Dandon’s injuries were much lighter than Jeffry’s, so he only used ten minutes to cure them. Then, Lu Ze cured the middle-aged man in less than ten minutes.

The hardest was Yue Wenya.

Her cultivation level was level four of the planetary state. Even though her injuries were similar to Dandon and the others, Lu Ze still took half an hour to cure her.

Lu Ze breathed out. He had used his wood G.o.d art non-stop for an hour. Although it didn’t exhaust his energy, he was still mentally drained.

Seeing this, Qiuyue Hesha asked worriedly, “Are you okay?” She knew that Lu Ze just learned the wood G.o.d art, so it was quite arduous using it like that. Lu Ze smiled and shook his head. “Just a little tired, I’m fine.”

Yue Wenya and the others were touched. They weren’t as jealous as before now. Lu Ze could’ve done it slowly, but he didn’t rest at all to treat them.

Yue Wenya had recovered and asked worriedly, “Are you okay? How about you go rest first? It should be fine tonight.” Lu Ze shook his head. “General Yue, call the other soldiers over too. I’ll cure them all. If we have some other battle, things wouldn’t be too pa.s.sive.” He saw that many soldiers had some injuries. After healing them, it would make things easier to clear out the mine caves. Lu Ze was a little speechless. Instead of a jungler, he became a healer.

This wasn’t too good. Nangong Jing frowned. She didn’t want Lu Ze to exhaust himself like that, but since he already said it, she couldn’t really stop him. Men still needed their faces.

Yue Wenya saw the firm look on Lu Ze’s face and nodded. Jeffry reached out his hand and patted Lu Ze. “Brother Lu Ze, I need to apologize to you.”

Lu Ze: “???”

He took a step back in vigilance and asked, “What’s wrong?” Jeffry grinned. “Before you came, I called you a noob. Now, I need to apologize to you.” He bowed seriously to Lu Ze and said, “You’re a strong warrior with a big heart. You’re a great prodigy! I’m sorry!” Lu Ze scratched his head and smiled. “It’s what I should be doing.” Qiuyue Hesha, Nangong Jing, and Lin Ling smiled.

At this moment, Yue Wenya said, “I’ve notified the other soldiers. They’ll be here soon.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay.”