Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 58 - Don’t Worry, Let Me Think!

Chapter 58 - Don’t Worry, Let Me Think!

Chapter 58: Don’t Worry, Let Me Think!

The huge snake created two waves that splashed toward the bank.

If that was just the case, Lu Ze wouldn’t be so dazed.

But this huge water snake’s black scale had countless opened wounds. A few huge wounds had blood seeping out of them.

This boss was running?

If it was, please don’t run towards my direction!

Lu Ze turned decisively. His whole body emitted crystal colors as wind circulated his torso. His foot stomped on the ground, and he instantly bolted in a different direction.

Shocking! What thing could make this clearly abstruse beast water snake give up its home and run like crazy?

Lu Ze was curious, but he didn’t want to risk his life to see it.

The water snake didn’t mind Lu Ze after reaching the ground, it swam towards the forest instead.

However, after the snake left, the lake calmed down, and there was no ferocious beast chasing after it.

Lu Ze looked back, the blueish lake was now faint red. This wasn’t just the blood of one snake.

No way! Only that snake had managed to escape?

Lu Ze was getting gooseb.u.mps.

Running was more important.

Meanwhile, the audience exploded.

“Oh s.h.i.+t! That’s an abstruse beast? What happened to it?”

“I don’t know, that lake was covered in snake blood. What new beast is in there? Why didn’t it chase after the snake?”

“… perhaps, it’s full?”

“… are you infected by Lu Ze?”


Elder Lin frowned and asked the secretary, “Did they and Old w.a.n.g find the reason?”

If it was ordinary times, he wouldn’t care about such things.

But now was a special time. There were a few million high school students there. If something really happened, even he would be held responsible.

The secretary shook his head. “They’re still searching the forest. Other than the scarce number of beasts, everything else is normal.”

Meanwhile, Li Kuang and Harry’s eyes flashed when they saw the wounds on the snake.

They glanced at each other mutually, displaying a sliver of shock and suspicion.

Li Kuang cracked open a smile. He touched his scar and said, “Elder Lin, you best send people to other forests and valleys to see if there are also cases of beasts disappearing.”

Elder Lin got dazed, and then his eyes narrowed. He asked dubiously, “You’re saying…”

Harry smiled. “Although the possibility isn’t great, the Telun system is in the interior of the Federation. For safety, it’s best to check.”

Elder Lin’s face became serious. If it was really as they had guessed, then it would be the worst situation.

He immediately ordered the rescue teams to check the other forests.

Other teachers heard this too. Some were confused, and some were thinking.

At this moment Lu Ze still ran towards the outside direction. He wasn’t able to kill beasts due to their friendliness, but he found enough spirit herbs.

In the distance, there was a huge ruckus whenever the water snake went past. Quite some spirit beasts were charged, and then there was a huge roar, as well as terrifying battle waves.

Lu Ze touched his chin. That water snake seemed to have run into another abstruse beast boss’s land?

Did they seem to be fighting?

Should he go see if he could benefit from this?

But thinking about the terrifying wounds on the snake’s body, Lu Ze didn’t even look at the direction of the battle anymore and kept running.

Snake meat must not be nice!


He wasn’t scared!

The battle was huge. Even across ten kilometers, Lu Ze could still feel it.

Regardless, he made up his mind to leave first.

At this moment, all the beasts in the forest roared together.

Then, all of them produced a stampede. The earth was shaking.

Lu Ze looked at how they all ran towards him, and his face went green.

F*ck, what did I do?

Those friendly beasts suddenly charged at him, making him feel that his own cute little dog bit him.

He wanted to cry.

But Lu Ze was a man, and he wasn’t defeated by this betrayal.

He collected his mood and kept running forward.

After all, these beasts couldn’t keep up with him. He didn’t need to worry about being surrounded.

Soon, Lu Ze found that these beasts didn’t seem to be coming for him.

Even ahead of Lu Ze, there were some beasts rus.h.i.+ng out.

Lu Ze felt touched. “Cute doggies, I wronged you!”

But Lu Ze was very vigilant of this strange occurrence.

He had opened his senses to the max but didn’t notice anything.

Just after Lu Ze ran for dozens of kilometers, there was a sudden sharp whine from his left.

Then, terrifying battle sounds ensued.

Lu Ze got dazed and looked in that direction. Why was there a battle over there?

What was going on with Floating Light Forest?

Why can’t they sit down and talk?

Immature beasts…

Just at this moment, Lu Ze’s black bracelet flashed, and then there was a desperate voice that said, “Students, immediately open the spirit defense barrier and wait for s.h.i.+ps to come and pick you up. This graduation trial will be canceled for now!”

As though to stress the importance of this, this voice was repeated three times.

Lu Ze: “…”

He stopped running and dashed instead toward a huge tree to look at the beasts running away frantically.

Don’t worry, let me think!

Calm a.n.a.lysis…

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. Oh my! Something incredible happened!