Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 57 - Snake Boss, Don’t Swim Over to Me!

Chapter 57 - Snake Boss, Don’t Swim Over to Me!

Chapter 57: Snake Boss, Don’t Swim Over to Me!

Lu Ze’s style of live broadcast was too different from others.

Other streams contained battles with beasts, but Lu Ze was more concentrated on collecting spirit herbs. A few hundred meters away, several beasts pa.s.sed by together.

Lu Ze looked up at them and cracked a smile before nodding in goodwill.

The audience: “…”

Was this guy here for the graduation trial or to harvest vegetables?!

These beasts were dumb!

Such a juicy human being was right in front of you. You sure you don’t want to lick him??

Please, go try it. You must have an appet.i.te!!

How can beasts be so tame?!

He’s digging your vegetables!!

Go fight him!

Lu Wen’s company was silent. Those employees watching the stream didn’t know what expression to use.

Fu Shuya saw the beasts run tamely past Lu Ze and said pridefully, “Look at the charm of my son, even beasts won’t attack him!”

Lu Wen’s mouth spasmed.

Lu Li’s cla.s.sroom was also silent. Those students who were keen to see their senior schoolmate slaughter enemies were in silence.

Senior schoolmate, please stop playing around. Can we kill some beasts?

Lu Li covered her forehead and sighed.

Such a dumb brother. As the cute and lovely sister of Lu Ze, she was under great pressure.

However, Alice’s eyes flashed with light and smiled. She said, “These beasts are so cute. The scene is so beautiful. I want senior schoolmate to take me there next time!”

Lu Li’s body froze. She smiled and said, “Let’s go together next time.”

Although it was still up for question whether these beasts were cute or not, it was set in stone that these two couldn’t have alone time!

Alice smiled. “Yeah, Li is the best!”

Was she trying to create an opportunity for them to be more familiar with each other?

Li was the best indeed!

The white-haired princ.i.p.al took out a gene serum and shakily drank it.

He was a spirit martial state, and his body had been quite well. What is this heartache?

Even drinking the serum had no use. Was he beyond salvation?

Li Liang was glared at by all the teachers.

Their faces wrote, “Lu Ze is so naughty all because of what you taught him”

In the discussion room, the teachers glanced at each other and fell into silence.

They had seen quite some prodigies. They’re usually unique, but seeing such a strange prodigy was very rare…

Lu Ze ran to the heart of the forest. There were some beasts here that were quite tasty but they were too friendly. He couldn’t do it.

Lu Ze shook his head. He planned to find these beasts elsewhere.

Because the beasts didn’t attack, Lu Ze soon neared the center of the forest.

The center was a dozen of kilometers wide freshwater lake. Therefore, the sky wasn’t covered.

Silver light from the stars fell on the lake surface, reflecting rippled light that mixed with the glow from the forest, creating an even more shocking beauty.

At this moment, there were groups of red lotuses on the lake.

The black lake water rushed, and one could see the strange long black things floating around.

Lu Ze felt his chin. After dark, the water-snakes were quite active. Were they as nice as the beasts in the forest?

If not, then it was quite hard to steal… harvest abstruse yang lotus.

Lu Ze thought about it and decided to wait until the day when the snakes were sleeping.

Thus, Lu Ze found a huge tree next to the lake and selected a good spot to start resting.

The second morning, the lake surface was extremely calm. The sun lit the lake surface, dyeing it blue. The abstruse yang lotus that speckled the lake looked like a fire that was burning on the blue lake.

Lu Ze opened his eyes as the green light flashed. He couldn’t use the light orbs, but it didn’t affect him learning more wind element G.o.d art.

After all, his consistent use of red and purple orbs brought up his talent. Even without the wind element orbs, he would still learn something.

He took a good breath of the fresh morning air before getting up and stretching his back.

Seeing the calm lake, Lu Ze smirked.

He was really smart.

The water snakes were so active last time. He really was a bit scared.

There was an abstruse beast inside!

He tapped on a branch and appeared next to the lake. Then with wind shrouding his body, he tapped on the lake surface.

His shoe created some ripples on the lake. Lu Ze then stood steadily on the lake.

The audience who woke up early to watch the stream: “???”

“What! Is this?!”

“Not even spirit martial state should be able to do this? Lu Ze is clearly just a martial warrior state. How does he do it?”

Usually, at spirit martial state, people could use spirit power to lighten their body, but to be able to stand on the water as though he was weightless was something that some abstruse martial state could not do!

This needed a very precise control of spirit power.

This made some abstruse martial state ashamed.

Lu Ze smiled. This was his first time doing this, and it worked!

From now on, he will leave his happy trails on the water surface!

Lu Ze walked around on the water like this while being vigilant of the beasts below.

But the snakes really seemed to have gone to sleep. When Lu Ze came up to the lotuses and finished harvesting, he was still not found.

Lu Ze smiled and decisively retreated.

A few hundred abstruse yang lotus were enough for Alice to cook.

Yet, just when Lu Ze returned to the lakeside and was ready to leave, a huge force erupted from the bottom of the water.

Lu Ze’s hair exploded. His eyes went cold as though he faced a huge enemy.

The blue lake water was suddenly bloodied red.

Moments later, the water surface exploded. A hundred-meter long black snake charged out and swam towards the sh.o.r.e.

Snake Boss, please don’t swim to me?!