Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 574 - Take It Away

Chapter 574 - Take It Away

Chapter 574 Take It Away

Lu Ze: “…”

He looked at the fawning dark metal demon with a strange look.

Such a person was a dark metal demon? Didn’t seem like it. This stupid-looking dude was so good at talking

However, since he was acting so diligently, then, of course, Lu Ze had to cooperate. He looked up with his hideous head and kept a calm face while waving his hand. “What are you saying this for? I’m just enacting Boss’s orders seriously. Look at you kid. Sometimes, you haven’t got your head around.”

“But… it’s not your fault. It’s okay, I’ll teach you more in the future.”

Then… he patted this dark metal demon’s shoulder with far less force.

Lu Ze gave himself 101% for his acting skills. It was perfect! He should get an Oscar!

The dark metal demon saw Lu Ze react like this and felt joyful. It seemed Master Luce had forgiven him!

With Master Luce taking care of him, his rise to the peak could be foreseen!

He quickly said, “Master Luce, I’ll go with you to the motor room!”

Lu Ze nodded and put his hands behind his back while saying calmly, “You go in front.”

Although Qiangqiang didn’t know why he had to lead the way, Master Luce still had the final say.

Right then, Qiangqiang walked ahead, leading the way.

Every time he walked past other mortal evolution state guards, he looked up, enjoying their admiring glances.

Maomao Adventure Guild had more than a thousand mortal evolution state members. Few had the luck, like Qiangqiang, to hold the thighs of a formal member.

Lu Ze didn’t care about this dark metal demon showing off. His techniques were too immature. He followed this mortal evolution state across quite some twists and corners, giving him a headache. Lu Ze felt quite proud. Luckily, he was quick and smart, tricking this kid to lead him the way.

He wasn’t sure if he would be caught if he used mental force, so he had to avoid it.

The two walked for a few minutes and finally came to a narrow path. At the end was a black metal door with 2 level-one planetary state guards there.

As the core of the s.h.i.+p, of course, there were official members stationed there.

The two guards were dazed upon seeing Lu Ze and a mortal evolution state coming here.

Then, one of the dark metal demons, who had a knife scar on his face, said, “Luce, what are you doing here?”

Lu Ze grinned. “Boss asked me to patrol the mountain.”

The two demons were startled.

Patrol the mountain?

Where was the mountain?

Even Qiangqiang was slightly taken aback. Master Luce didn’t say that before.

Just when the two of them were stunned for a while, a crystal light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Invisible needles instantly shot at the three dark metal demons, and his body disappeared quickly from the spot.

Qiangqiang instantly felt his consciousness being wiped away.

Those 2 level-one planetary states just felt some slight pain and then lost all senses.

Lu Ze’s mental force G.o.d art wasn’t too strong. It was a G.o.d art from the second map and had no divine art, so how strong could it get? However, that was enough for these 2 level-one planetary states.

He just needed them to pause for that slight moment.

Lu Ze instantly appeared next to these 2 level-one planetary states and struck them with purple-red lightning. Rumble!

Lu Ze’s powerful lightning spear shook the tunnel. The powerful force blasted b.l.o.o.d.y holes on their chests.

The two died on the spot, and the overwhelming power slammed them against the wall. Yet, not a single dent could be found on the wall.

Lu Ze frowned and looked at the other areas. This powerful force only gave the walls minimal damage. Such a powerful metal! Even if he used his full power, he probably couldn’t damage the s.h.i.+p.

Meanwhile, tens of other chi rose somewhere else. A few of them made Lu Ze shudder.

Was he caught?

If he faced them head-on, he wouldn’t be able to run.


Lu Ze looked at the door and grinned. He flashed in silver light and traveled inside.

Outside the s.h.i.+p, those dark metal demons were grinning at the Four Symbol Crystal being moved in.

The guild leader smiled. “Sell these when we get back, and we’ll have a lot of resources for cultivation. We need to thank the human race.”

“Hahaha… yes, we should. After we digest these resources, we should come back and thank them well?”

“Good point. Hopefully, they still have nice things to treat us with.”

“This time… should we leave those bodies behind? Although they aren’t complete bodies, at least, they wouldn’t be completely destroyed like this planet.”

“Kuku’s idea is good. We’ll put them in…”

Suddenly, there was a thud coming from the s.h.i.+p.

Everyone was stunned, and the discussion stopped. Those mortal evolution state dark metal demons also stopped moving.

There seemed to be an explosion in the s.h.i.+p?

Why would there be one?

Maomao’s eyes widened. “d.a.m.n it! Motor room!”

Maomao roared and charged towards the motor room.

Other people’s faces changed.

“How is that possible??”

“Who would infiltrate our s.h.i.+p?”

“How could we not notice it??”

The s.h.i.+p cost them 100 years of savings to buy!

Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d dares to attack it?!

They roared and charged over.

Inside the s.h.i.+p, Lu Ze appeared in a silver flash.

He saw that the motor room was set up with dark red machines with strange connecting lines.

This system was drawing in spirit force from s.p.a.ce and emitting a dark red glow.

This was the motor device powered by spirit force.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He once again had a bold idea.

A few hundred green jade slash appeared in the air and cut in all the connections.


Clearly, due to the spirit force conduction, the connections weren’t as tough as the metal outside.

They were easily severed. Thereafter, mini explosions occurred, and the motor device stopped operating, but Lu Ze didn’t stop.

Almost instantly, Lu Ze cut all the connections, and then, he put the entire device into his storage ring

Perhaps, he could exchange them for Shenwu merit points.

Lu Ze smiled.Great!

At this moment, the powerful spirit force was extremely close. Lu Ze grinned and purple-red runes flashed in his eyes. A lightning cloud gathered, and lightning filled the entire room. Lu Ze did take away the motor device, but what if they had a few more and could fix the s.h.i.+p quickly?

Lu Ze was going to do his job thoroughly!

Still want to leave after taking something from the human race?


During this time, the people outside sensed the chi inside and tore through the door without waiting for it to open.

Seeing this, Lu Ze grinned and flashed in silver-white light, disappearing instantly from the spot.

The boss was here. Time to run.