Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 573 - Kid, There’s Something Wrong With Your Thoughts

Chapter 573 - Kid, There’s Something Wrong With Your Thoughts

Chapter 573 Kid, There’s Something Wrong With Your Thoughts

Lu Ze frowned a little upon seeing the bodies and ruined s.h.i.+ps along the way, but he soon recovered.

After using chi stealth G.o.d art and transformation G.o.d art, Lu Ze’s chi was no different from the original dark metal demon.

He flew towards the mine quickly. On the way, he saw a lot of mortal evolution state dark metal demons carrying out crystals that were s.h.i.+ning with four colors. He also saw tens of dark metal demons on the s.h.i.+p. These dark metal demons were all planetary states.

According to the information given by Luce, he soon came to a conclusion.

There were many people in this adventure guild. Among them, tens of dark metal demons were official members. Their powers were all at the planetary state. The remaining dark metal demons had mortal evolution state powers. They were like the working personnel.

It hadn’t even been a day since this adventure guild annihilated the human defense army and excavation team. Moreover, Luce hadn’t come back, so they hadn’t left yet.

Lu Ze felt great. This time was rather perfect. He looked at the huge s.h.i.+ps and then at the powerful dark metal demons. A bold idea came upon him.

Lu Ze neared the s.h.i.+p soon and landed on it. As soon as Lu Ze landed, the other dark metal demons saw his body covered in wounds, and they grinned. “Hahaha, Luce, you took so long to hunt a few weak humans, and was this heavily injured? Is your dark metal body fake? It seems you’re not much different from those weak humans?”

Several of their companions laughed.

The dark metal demons admired the strong. Although Luce learned the dark metal body, he had only joined the guild recently and was rather weak. He had quite some potential but was still a little brother type.

Moreover, Lu Ze was heavily injured. This made the grumpy dark metal demons feel ashamed.

Lu Ze had no choice. His cultivation level was only at level four of the mortal evolution state. If he didn’t make himself seem heavily injured, he was scared he couldn’t hide it from the level-six planetary state.

He was heavily injured, and his chi became weak. If this still couldn’t hide it, he would use s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to run immediately.

Luckily, that strongest dark metal demon only glanced at Lu Ze once and didn’t notice anything

He asked, “What’s going on?”

Luce’s power was sufficient to take on 4 level-one planetary state humans.

Why was he heavily injured?

Luce replied angrily, “Just after I killed those weak humans, I encountered a fleet. My s.h.i.+p was broken by them. Good thing, I ran fast, or I would’ve died outside.”

The leader’s eyes flashed with doubt. “Did you see who it was?”

“It was three s.h.i.+ps. The largest one is blue and has many spikes. One was completely black and one was a rock-like s.h.i.+p. It didn’t look like a human fleet.”

Lu Ze just described the Terry Brother’s fleet. Their strongest member was only a level-three planetary state. Luce would be able to get away from them.

One dark metal demon who was a level-five planetary state said with killing intent, “I seem to have seen this fleet. It’s probably a weak s.p.a.ce pirate crew.”

“Weak s.p.a.ce pirate crew?”

Hearing his lieutenant say this, the leader didn’t doubt it anymore. His vertical eye flashed with blood light. “A weak s.p.a.ce pirate crew dares to attack the dark metal demon? Let’s go find them and annihilate them.”


Everyone’s eyes flashed with killing intent. They loved killing and robbing.

The leader looked at the feeble Lu Ze and said, “Go inside to heal first, we’re going to leave immediately.”

Although they considered humans weak, humans have a lot of strong people. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to fight so intensely with the blade demons. Nevertheless, the Blade Demons were a weak race.

Only the great Dark Metal Demon Race was the true descendants of the Advanced Demon Race!

Lu Ze replied feebly, “Yes, boss…” Then, he flew towards the entrance.

This was more successful than he imagined. He was originally thinking about how to get out of here. In this case, he could execute his bold idea.

The dark metal demon s.h.i.+p was extremely huge. Lu Ze stopped at a crossroad and was very confused while looking at the complicated tunnels.

He was lost.

This s.h.i.+p was too big!

Every room looked pretty much the same.

Who could tell which was which?

He got a lot of information from Luce, but he didn’t get a map for this s.h.i.+p. This was awkward.

Lu Ze calmed himself down quickly. Not a big problem.

He looked at the mortal evolution state dark metal demon standing on the side and patted his shoulder. “Kid, good job. I look favorably on you!”

Lu Ze’s force was so big that the dark metal demon kept trembling. He didn’t know what exactly he did well, but he still looked joyful hearing Lu Ze’s praise. “Thank you, Master Luce, for your praise. This is what I should do!”

Although Master Luce is weaker than the other masters, his talent can be ranked among the top five here!

It was an honor to be praised by Master Luce!

But… his force was so powerful!

No wonder he’s Master Luce!

Lu Ze wanted to laugh on the inside, seeing this dark metal demon’s expression.

This kid really liked it?

He grinned and said, “Not bad, not bad… Once I make it, you can follow me, and I will take you flying!” This mortal evolution state grinned naively. “Thank you, Master Luce, but I can fly myself…”

Is Master Luce underestimating him?

He was a mortal evolution state. He could fly. Nonetheless, he still felt very honored. Lu Ze’s smile stiffened. He meant to fly to


Was this demon’s mind dull?

Nevertheless, Lu Ze still smiled. “By the way, the s.h.i.+p is about to take off. The boss asked me to go and do a routine check at the motor room. I’m injured and I need a helper, you can follow me.”

The dark metal demon was a little hesitant. “Isn’t it usually Master Dada who checks the motor room? Why is it you today?” Luce’s eyes flashed with ferocity. “Hmm? This is the boss’s order. Are you doubting his words?”

“Little kid, there’s something wrong with your thoughts. How about I tell the boss about it…”

The dark metal demon trembled. He knew how the boss treated those who doubted him. He was not a formal member. He didn’t have the right to doubt Master Maomao.

He quickly smiled with intent to bootlick. “Master Luce, you misunderstood. I know your future is boundless. It must be that Master Maomao favors you more. That’s why he wants you to check the motor room! I was just too shocked!”