Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 575 - Another Bold Idea

Chapter 575 - Another Bold Idea

Chapter 575 Another Bold Idea

Maomao, who just dashed into the motor room, saw an obscure figure disappear in silver light. Then, the empty motor room came before his eyes.

After all the lightning disappeared, what remained was just the broken circuits. Maomao was dumbfounded.

All his motor devices were gone?!

“Arghhh!” He roared furiously.

Terrifying spirit force swept in all directions.

Even the hurricane around the valley seemed to have encountered something terrifying and disappeared for an instant. The entire planet was shaking

A high-level planetary state’s fury was enough to shake the planet.

Those official members who just arrived shuddered.

Maomao was no ordinary level-six planetary state. His dark metal body G.o.d art was at a high level. He could almost keep up with a level-seven planetary state.

Most importantly, things were worst when he was angry.

Maomao wasn’t just their strongest but also smartest. That’s why they were willing to follow him.

They had a bad feeling upon seeing him this angry. Soon, they saw the empty motor room, and they all roared furiously.

“Who was it??!”

This person disappeared?!

Who slid into their s.h.i.+p right under their eyes?

At this moment, Maomao said, “All of you shut up!”

His voice was suppressing his killing intent. Everyone immediately didn’t dare to talk anymore.

Maomao said, “The person has s.p.a.ce transmission G.o.d art. He used that to leave when I just came.”

Then, his powerful mental force swept the entire planet and spread out nearly 100,000 kilometers.

Maomao’s guild members didn’t dare to disturb him at all.

More than 100,000 kilometers away, a silver light flashed, and Lu Ze appeared.

He was no longer in Luce’s form. Luce was too ugly and incompatible with his handsome figure. Lu Ze looked back at the dark planet, and his eyes flashed.

Although he destroyed their s.h.i.+p, surely this adventure guild had more than one s.h.i.+p.

Perhaps they would take out another s.h.i.+p and flee?

At this moment, his eyes flashed with shock. Not far away, an extremely powerful mental force swept past.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to sense it if they weren’t swept by it, but Lu Ze had mental force G.o.d art.

Lu Ze could also sense the fury and killing intent of this mental force. He loved to see the frustration of people wanting to kill him but being unable to. Great!

He even wanted to laugh.

However, there still was some problem. He couldn’t let them run. If they did, they would take away a portion of the Four Symbol Crystal.

Lu Ze couldn’t accept it.

Several people already saw him letting that kid take him to the motor room. He couldn’t kill them at the time, so he left a trace.

Therefore, he couldn’t stay aboard the s.h.i.+p as Luce.

When those dark metal demons couldn’t find him, they would go investigate the s.h.i.+p. If they just asked the guards, they would know about Luce.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He wondered what that leader would think. It was certain that his transformation G.o.d art had no flaws. Therefore, there was a very small chance that people would think he was a fake.

Lu Ze felt he could play some more. He was a little excited.

Then, if it was that dark metal demon leader, what would he most likely guess?

First, Lu Ze came to destroy the motor room and was caught by Luce. Luce wanted to stop Lu Ze’s deeds, but he couldn’t stand up against Lu Ze, thereby sacrificing his life instead… Bulls.h.i.+t!

This would’ve worked before, but after discovering Luce went to the motor room, it would be unlikely.

The high-level members of the s.h.i.+p weren’t idiots. How could Luce have the ability to predict things?

Following that, the remaining choices were simple. One was that Luce was controlled by someone, and the other was that Luce betrayed them.

Regardless of which, as long as one person knew s.p.a.ce transmission, things would work. It was immaterial whether Luce was controlled or had betrayed them. Both situations meant that the previous hunt went wrong. This would only make the dark metal demons more alert.

Perhaps they would be leaving immediately.

Lu Ze looked at the dim planet and had another crazy idea.

In the warp tunnel, six few hundred-meter long black s.h.i.+ps were traveling. They were the border defense soldiers of the Shenwu Army. They were the best of the best in terms of equipment and power in the Federation.

At the head of one s.h.i.+p stood Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling. Their eyes contained a trace of worry.

Lu Ze was facing a level-six planetary state by himself, and there were tens of other planetary states.

A handsome golden-haired man wearing pale blue armor stood next to them. He smiled. “You three don’t need to worry. The Shenwu s.h.i.+p is the fastest s.h.i.+p of the human race. Perhaps Monarch of the New Dawn wouldn’t even get there before us.”


However, deep inside, he felt that Lu Ze was just trying to get attention. It’s not that he was looking down on Lu Ze, but how could a normal person go fight a level-six planetary state when he was only a level-four mortal evolution state? Even if that person was Lu Ze. He didn’t believe Lu Ze would do something this stupid.

Perhaps Lu Ze would be driving slowly, and by the time he got there, they would’ve dealt with everything

Then, he could say regretfully that he came late.

He didn’t expect that Monarch of The New Dawn was this sort of person. He shook his head.


He looked at the three girls with some slight amazement. Even he hadn’t seen three girls as excellent as them in two hundred years.

The three girls could sense what he was trying to imply. They frowned. If possible, they would’ve hoped that Lu Ze would do that, but since that guy said it, he would definitely go do it.

They were still annoyed at this person berating Lu Ze.