Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 572 - Even If We Don’t Want It, We Can’t Give It to the Human Race

Chapter 572 - Even If We Don’t Want It, We Can’t Give It to the Human Race

Chapter 572 Even If We Don’t Want It, We Can’t Give It to the Human Race

Seeing that Lu Ze was adamant, the three girls didn’t say anything.

Although they really want to go with Lu Ze, they didn’t have all those G.o.d arts and would be burdensome instead.

After a moment of silence, Qiuyue Hesha said, “The military is ready to head off too. We’ll take these soldiers back and then come with the military.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Sure.”

Then, he contemplated for a while and asked, “By the way teacher Qiuyue, can you help me get some information about that Dark Metal Demon Race?”

He still needed to know the basic profile of the dark metal demons. He couldn’t tell other dark metal demons that he suddenly lost his memories or something.

Qiuyue Hesha nodded.

Subsequently, Lu Ze flew back with the other three to the Shenwu Army soldiers. Lu Ze noticed that the two looked at him with a little strange expression. He then touched his face. Were they overwhelmed by his looks?

He didn’t think much while Qiuyue Hesha used her charm G.o.d art on the dark metal demon again. Soon, they got the demon’s basic information.

It’s a powerful adventure guild that came to ambush them this time. They weren’t from the Dark Metal Demon Military. The strongest was a level-six planetary state demon, and there were 3 level-five planetary states, 4 level-four planetary states, and tens of planetary states. Although he was a formal member, his power was at the bottom of these tens of people.

Hearing this, Lu Ze and others realized that this guild was much stronger than they had imagined.

Tens of planetary states! Military or not, it was no wonder they dared to start trouble.

The dark metal demon also said his name, Luce. Lu Ze listened intently to all the information.

The Shenwu Army soldiers didn’t know why Lu Ze was asking about this, but they didn’t dare to ask.

Soon, Luce finished, and Lu Ze nodded. He looked at Nangong Jing and the rest. “I’ll be leaving first. I’ll leave this dark metal demon with you guys.”

Nangong Jing nodded. “Mhm, we’ll be going back with him.” Lin Ling’s eyes flashed with worry. “Be careful.”

Lu Ze grinned. “Don’t worry.”

He also felt he was very slick.

Lu Ze went on the New Dawn and headed towards the mine as described by the Shenwu Army soldiers.

It was outside the controlled region, but the controlled region was only 600 light-years away. It only took four hours from his current location.

Nangong Jing took out her Golden Whirl and looked at the soldiers. “Okay, we’ll take you guys back.”

They were heavily injured, and their s.h.i.+ps were destroyed.

The middle-aged man said, “Is it really fine to let Monarch of the New Dawn go to the mine alone?”

Even though Lu Ze’s combat power was very strong, the difference was too huge compared with a level-six planetary state.

Nangong Jing and the others frowned. Thereafter, Nangong Jing said with impatience, “Hurry up, you don’t need to worry about them.”

After sending them back, they would go to the mine with the military. They were quite annoyed that they couldn’t help much. Seeing this, the other Shenwu Army soldiers didn’t say anything. Everyone, including the dark metal demon, went to the Golden Whirl and headed off towards the Shang Yang System.

Four hours later, New Dawn left the wormhole. It was outside the human-controlled region now. It looked the same as the controlled region, but the Federation had limited posts. They couldn’t control all the areas.

Even the controlled region wasn’t completely controlled, it was just safer.

Monarch of the New Dawn looked at a distant dark star from inside the New Dawn. It was just ahead. He flashed with silver-white light and transformed into a three-meter tall dark metal demon.

As his cultivation level grew, Lu Ze found that he could change his body size to some degree. Five meters was fine.

Lu Ze stopped the New Dawn, and then, he put the s.h.i.+p away.

Luce’s s.h.i.+p was damaged by the Shenwu Army soldiers too during the pursuit. Otherwise, it would be better for Lu Ze to ride their s.h.i.+p over.

That was a very barren planet. There were no astral bodies revolving around it. It was just floating in the vast empty s.p.a.ce. There was no life on the planet, but vast winds were blowing. There were also volcanoes erupting. Earthquakes were occurring from time to time as well. Dark ice covered some areas.

This planet’s environment was very harsh. Beings couldn’t survive here unless they were mortal evolution states or above.

In some part of this planet, there was a round valley. The valley was surrounded by fire, fierce winds, and st.u.r.dy ice. It was the harshest environment on the planet. However, the inside of the valley was very quiet. Dark gray stones were scattered everywhere. There were blue, yellow, red, and black beams shooting out from the crystals in the earth.

The crystals illuminated the valley in all sorts of wonderful light. It was like a dream realm. But in this valley, there was an extremely deep ditch filled with blood. Human bodies were everywhere, and there were a few broken s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps.

The dream realm turned into a nightmare.

In the middle, there was a huge round ditch with a lot of traces of battle. There were more human bodies here too.

At this moment, there was a few thousand meters long, dark red s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p that stopped there. Many armored dark red giants were busy carrying luminous crystals onto the s.h.i.+p.

At the top of the s.h.i.+p were tens of powerful dark red giants watching. Their eyes flashed with greed when they looked at the crystals.

One giant said, “Luce is still not back?”

His voice was coa.r.s.e, but it carried a powerful will.

The other dark red giant replied, “He’s probably playing too much.”

Another giant laughed. “Luce is still young, and it’s his first time coming out with us to take resources.”“Don’t worry boss, it’s rather distant from the human settlements. There won’t be powerful beings pa.s.sing by. Even if there is, Luce can run in time.”

The boss nodded. “We’re at the border of the human territory. Once Luce comes back, we’ll leave. We won’t take the remaining Four Symbol Crystals.”

Excessive greed would only cost you your life.

“Of course, but even if we don’t take it, we can’t give it to humans. Before we leave, let’s ruin this planet.” “Hahaha, Boss, you are very wise!” “I’ve long disliked those humans!”

At this moment, a dark beam flew over.

The giants sensed the chi and looked over.

“Hey, that kid Luce is back. He played for quite a while.”

The leader nodded. “Let the brothers get ready. We can take the Four Symbol Crystal and get ready to leave.” “Yes!”