Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 56 - Perhaps, Ferocious Beasts are Given Better Education

Chapter 56 - Perhaps, Ferocious Beasts are Given Better Education

Chapter 56: Perhaps, Ferocious Beasts are Given Better Education

The second day, Lu Ze came out of the cave as soon as it was daybreak.

Today, he was going to a place with an abstruse beast.

As an experienced jungler, he had made all the preparations. He would run as soon as the situation went bad!

Lu Ze stepped on the damp mud filled with rotten leaves and carefully went forward.

Because of all the glows coming from the algae, the entire forest was illuminated in vibrant colors. It was extremely beautiful. Lu Ze felt like he was in a dream.

The audience, who woke up early to watch Lu Ze’s live stream, happily commented again.

“This place is really G.o.dly~ I don’t even want to sleep at work.”

“You’re watching this at work? You’re not scared of your boss?”

“My boss is watching on the side…”

“Other people’s boss, I envy!”

“Don’t be so noisy, you’re interrupting me watching the cute guy!”

Floating Light Forest was quieter than Lu Ze imagined. He used the wind element G.o.d art to sense the nearby few hundred meters and didn’t find anything abnormal.

After running forward for a few kilometers, Lu Ze frowned.

Did the beasts all leave together?

He had run this far and didn’t see a single beast.

Wasn’t this the most dangerous region of Nan Feng planet?

This was probably a scenic view?

However, Lu Ze did collect some spirit herbs here.

He was going to a huge freshwater lake in the center of the forest lake. The lake had an abstruse yang lotus. It was a quite nice spirit herb. It was potent and tasty.

However, there was a family of water snakes in that lake. It was said that abstruse beast water snakes resided there.

So, even Lu Ze had to be careful when stealing… Cough, no, harvesting abstruse yang lotus.

Lu Ze flashed and soon ran for dozens of kilometers.

As he went deeper, he frowned more.

He was dozens of kilometers deep, but he didn’t find a single beast.

Was this really Floating Light Forest? Did he get lost?!

Lu Ze got dazed and opened the map on the black bracelet again.

Let me study this again!

Moments later, Lu Ze put away the map and blinked his eyes.

Oh my, this really is Floating Light Forest!

What about the cute and well-behaved beasts?

Did they get lost together?

Were they captured as specimens by aliens?

The audience watching this was very confused.

In the discussion room, Elder Lin frowned. “The Floating Light Forest does not seem quite right. Even at the border of the forest, there shouldn’t be no beasts for dozens of kilometers.”

He spoke to a middle-aged secretary. “Notify Telun One, and send people to Floating Light Forest to check out the situation.”

He paused for a moment and said, “Let Old w.a.n.g and Larry go as well.”

The level of the martial artists of the Telun system wasn’t very high. The strongest one was only in the core martial state, which was above the abstruse martial state. They didn’t have many abstruse martial states too.

Most of the rescue squad were spirit martial state. Only Old w.a.n.g and Larry were abstruse martial state Level 6.

After all, a prodigy like Lu Ze was still in the forest too.

If something happened to Lu Ze, it would be a huge loss for the Telun system.

The secretary nodded and quickly walked out of the discussion room.

Harry and Li Kuang raised a brow. “Elder Lin, do you need some help?”

Elder Lin’s eyes flashed before he smiled and said, “Probably not now. If something really happens, then I’ll need to trouble teacher Li Kuang and Harry.”

Li Kuang cracked open a heroic smile. “Leave it to us.”

Harry also showed a mannered smile. “No problem, you’re too polite Elder Lin.”

Lu Li frowned as she watched the silent Floating Light Forest. Her beautiful eyes flashed with a sliver of worry. Everyone could tell something was wrong, but Lu Ze still had the mood to harvest spirit herbs.

Seeing the way Lu Ze smiled as he collected spirit herbs, Lu Li raised her lips and showed a gentle smile.

She felt she needed to let this guy know that he shouldn’t get in too much danger.

Meanwhile, Alice took out her phone. If something really happened, she would ask her father for help.

There was a heated discussion in the comments section too.

“Wasn’t Floating Light Forest very dangerous? How come there’s not a single beast?”

“Shocking news! Beast ma.s.s disappearance.”

“I feel brother Lu Ze is so brave. It’s clearly dangerous. Why doesn’t he leave?”

“It’s probably the confidence of prodigies?”

“I feel it’s the lure of delicacies…”


Spot on!

The audience was speechless. that really did seem to be the case.

As for Lu Ze, he kept his five senses and G.o.d art to the max. He would run as soon as he noticed something wrong.

If he ran fast enough, not even an abstruse beast could keep up with him!

Soon, Lu Ze came to the inner region of the forest. Finally, there were signs of beasts.

However, Lu Ze was speechless to find that there were many waves of beasts that were from different races leaving together. Each wave had no less than ten.

Lu Ze: “???”

Since when were they so close?

When they saw Lu Ze, they didn’t intend to attack. They just made low growls, not letting him near.

The audience dropped their phones.

“What is this? That’s dark shadow leopard and iron claw monkey? Aren’t they natural enemies? How could they walk together?”

“… Perhaps they’re going through the proliferation of education. All the beasts are taught to live together in harmony and create a harmonious society?”

“I feel something is definitely wrong!”

In the discussion room, the teachers glanced at each other in shock. This was the first time they saw something like this too.

This was rubbing their world view on the ground!

But since the beasts were still here, it meant that there wasn’t a big problem.

Elder Lin felt a little more a.s.sured. Old w.a.n.g and them should be able to handle this.

Lu Ze eventually didn’t choose to attack.

But since they didn’t attack Lu Ze, Lu Ze felt it was nice to just collect spirit herbs.

He would go hunt at another place later. People wouldn’t be able to catch up to his points anytime soon.