Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 55 - This Bastard is Just Lucky!

Chapter 55 - This Bastard is Just Lucky!

Chapter 55: This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is Just Lucky!

As Lu Ze worked like a bee collecting spirit herbs, the audience realized that due to killing two Level 9 peak stage spirit beasts, Lu Ze’s points rose drastically straight to the first place.

The original first-placer, Ka Qisi, was only a Level 5 spirit martial state. He was a prodigy, but he would need all his strength to kill a Level 6 spirit beast.

If he was unlucky and faced a Level 7 spirit beast, he would have to run.

The points of Level 9 peak stage spirit beast was many times that of Level 7 spirit beast.

“No wonder Lu Ze didn’t care before. He was confident?”

“Yes, he can kill a Level 9 peak stage without being injured. If he moved in the Yellow Stone Forest, his points would soar like crazy?”

“Lu Ze is invincible!”

Seeing Lu Ze’s points reached the first place, the princ.i.p.al couldn’t hold his smile. “No matter what, Lu Ze is really a prodigy. Perhaps our school is really going to have a guaranteed entry to the Federal University!”

The other teachers also smiled.

This was beneficial to everyone.

Of course, Li Liang seemed the happiest.

Li Liang this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was just lucky!

If Lu Ze was their student, their lips would also be raised like that!

Li Kuang and Harry were already sending the broadcast to their school. Their school had already begun evaluating what it meant to get this student.

If Lu Ze didn’t die, he would definitely become a top battle power of the human race!

The more numbers of stronger people, the more stable the human race was.

This was good.

Moments later, Lu Ze finished collecting all the spirit herbs.

Although not everything was on the list Alice gave him, but perhaps, he could still eat them?

Lu Ze put the spirit herbs in his storage ring and happily got up.

Today was the second day, he didn’t have much time.

Lu Ze pressed on the black bracelet and the map appeared. After confirming the directions, Lu Ze tapped, and a light breath surrounded him as he turned into a blur.

The shortest distance between two points was straight.

Even if Lu Ze encountered the domain of powerful beasts, he just charged over. The beasts were furious, but there was nothing they could do.

Lu Ze was too fast, he was even faster than when he fought.

Every time, the boss only came out and saw Lu Ze’s happy back figure disappear. Perhaps, some treasures in their domain disappeared along with Lu Ze.

All their hearts were bleeding!

The audience looked at the scene speechlessly.

“I feel brother Lu Ze’s figure is filled with joy.”

“He didn’t get points but being happy is the most important thing.”

“How is he faster than before…”

“Perhaps Lu Ze didn’t use full power? If that’s the case…”

Thinking of such a possibility, the audience was in disbelief.

“… Did you notice? This student is heading to the Floating Light Forest. I’m an abstruse martial state. I often go there for hunting, so I can’t be wrong.”

Everyone: “…”


“… Do you think brother Lu Ze is going to kill the abstruse beast or steal spirit herbs?”

Everyone held their hearts with the following thoughts:

“I choose to give up thinking.”

“I choose to give up thinking.”

“I choose to give up thinking.”

In Lu Li’s cla.s.s, Alice was laying on the table, laughing at the hurtful howls of the beasts behind Lu Ze’s happy figure.

“Ahahaha… haha… senior schoolmate is so mean… we don’t need that much spirit herbs…”

Lu Li’s mouth spasmed. She flicked her long hair and smiled. “Perhaps, Brother is preparing for the winter.”

She was a bit angry. Did that guy even care about their bet?!

If he lost, she was going to give it to him!!


Alice held her stomach and started laughing again.

The rest of the people in the cla.s.s looked at the screen strangely and then at Lu Li. They didn’t know what to say.

Today, Lu Ze left a track of happiness on the way to Floating Light Forest.

The sun gradually sunk, and the dusk light drew out long shadows on the stone forest.

Lu Ze ran relentlessly, and the angry roars of the beasts behind him continued.

Soon, the stone pillars grew less.

The ground was no longer the st.u.r.dy yellow stone but greyish mud.

Lu Ze stopped.

In front of him was an extremely huge forest.

The trees were a few hundred meters tall.

The dense canopy covered the sky. The sunlight couldn’t pierce into the forest.

However, the forest that should be dark due to lack of sunlight was instantly emanating all sorts of colors, making it very beautiful.

This was Floating Light Forest.

The only region with an abstruse beast on Nan Feng planet. It’s also said to be the most beautiful place on Nan Feng.

The dream-like glow was made by a type of floating light algae unique to the forest.

These algae clearly looked the same, but they emitted different lights.

Some were white, some were yellow, some were red, and some green.

Due to the algae constantly emitting light, Lu Ze found a stone pillar at the side of the forest to sleep for another night. He would enter the forest tomorrow.