Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 54 - Boss CEO style is cool!

Chapter 54 - Boss CEO style is cool!

Chapter 54: Boss CEO style is cool!

At the school, in Lu Li’s cla.s.s, when Alice saw Lu Ze turn crystal colored, she laughed happily.

“It seems father was right; senior schoolmate really did wake up a G.o.d art. It seems to be a martial body type G.o.d art,” she thought.

Lu Li looked dazedly at Lu Ze who was reflecting light under the sun.

Was this guy really this powerful now?

She… probably couldn’t fight him anymore, right?

Lu Ze looked coldly and vigilantly at the two yellow stone crystal beasts. Then, he bent his knees and stomped on the ground.


A lightning sound like an explosion rang out. A pit with a one-meter diameter was created by Lu Ze’s stomp.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze’s body turned into a flowing light and instantly appeared next to the smaller yellow stone crystal beast that was on the right.

Crystal color exploded out. Lu Ze clenched his right hand into a fist and threw it at the yellow stone crystal beast’s abdomen.

He didn’t use his wind element G.o.d art; solely the power of his body. A wave of terrifying fist force chi rose up.


Sensing the extreme danger, the smaller yellow stone crystal beast roared as yellow light erupted from its body. It twisted its waist and lifted its claw. The claw flew at Lu Ze’s fist with terrifying spirit power.

At the same time, its sharp tail morphed into a blur of shadows and struck at Lu Ze’s waist.

The larger yellow stone crystal beast wasn’t going to just sit and watch.

It roared too and instantly appeared next to Lu Ze. Its huge claw smashed towards Lu Ze’s head. Yellow spirit power poured out, shaking the air.

Even though he was facing the joint attack of the two yellow stone crystal beasts, Lu Ze was still calm. He lifted his left hand and the crystal color exploded out once again. His palm swatted towards the strike of the larger yellow stone crystal beast.

At the same time, his right leg turned into a whip and swept away the tail attack.


Two hands and two claws collided in the air.

Terrifying chi waves exploded in all directions. The spirit herbs on the stone pillar were pressed tightly against it. Some were even stripped from their roots and thrown into the distance.

The ground where they stood cracked from the terrifying power.


The smaller yellow stone crystal beast called out in pain. The sound of bones cracking rang out from its claw.

Clearly, it was no match for Lu Ze in a head-on clash.

The larger yellow stone crystal beast’s claw was easily blocked by Lu Ze as well.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot, and when he reappeared, he was above the smaller yellow stone crystal beast’s head.


Lu Ze’s right leg flew down fiercely towards the yellow stone crystal beast’s head.


At this moment, the huge claw of the larger yellow stone crystal beast intercepted Lu Ze’s kick. Out came another terrifying sound. The larger yellow stone crystal beast retreated a few steps back as its claw shook. It groaned which showed it was clearly feeling some pain.

However, this move did let the smaller yellow stone crystal beast survive the lethal attack.

The two yellow stone crystal beasts retreated a few hundred meters before staring at Lu Ze vigilantly.

They felt very wronged.

They were busying about, trying to reproduce, and then this huge disaster fell upon them.

That barren earth gorilla brought a powerful enemy to stir trouble!

It was so evil!

They both cursed the barren earth gorilla.

In the discussion room, all the teachers fell silent.

At the start, they had guessed that Lu Ze would be fine.

However, they didn’t guess this situation… This guy really wanted to kill these two yellow stone crystal beasts!

These were two level nine peak spirit beasts!

There was a whole big state difference but he could still fight with them.

Many powerful beings couldn’t reach this level when they were this young.

The comments section exploded.

“Oh s.h.i.+t, oh s.h.i.+t, oh s.h.i.+t!”

“Lu Ze is so handsome, sigh…”

“Fighting one on two across a whole big state; what a prodigy! Our Telun system will have a new young duke!”


In Lu Wen’s company, Lu Wen and Fu Shuya finally felt a.s.sured.

They were very worried about Lu Ze’s safety when they first saw the two yellow stone crystal beasts.

Now, however, it seemed that their kid was indeed the best!

At the school, both teachers and students alike rejoiced. Lu Ze’s performance brought great honor to their school.

Lu Ze didn’t give the two yellow stone crystal beasts any time to react. The instant they retreated, Lu Ze dashed over again.

The human and two beasts clashed over and over in the few hundred meters tall stone pillar forest. After each clash, a thunderous sound rang out and chi exploded everywhere.

Because they were so fast, low-level martial warriors couldn’t even keep up with their actions anymore.

In just a few minutes, they clashed more than a hundred times.



Another intense clash took place and a pitiful howl was heard.

Suddenly, a yellow stone crystal beast fell down from a stone pillar rapidly and smashed into the earth, creating a shallow pit.

In the pit, the yellow crystal-like armor of the yellow stone crystal beast shattered. Blood flowed everywhere.

It struggled to get up a few times but just couldn’t do it.

Moments later, the remaining yellow stone crystal beast had its defenses destroyed by Lu Ze’s fists and died instantly. Its lifeless body also fell down.

The surviving yellow stone crystal beast saw this and roared ferociously, but Lu Ze didn’t care. He punched it and it instantly died as well.

As a mature jungler, he was cool and merciless!

The livestream showed the scene of Lu Ze killing the yellow stone crystal beasts with cold eyes.

The audience was shocked for a long time and this scene put quite a lot of girls into a daze.

Boss CEO style, very cool!

This scene only lasted a minute before Lu Ze smiled like crazy seeing the bodies of the two yellow stone crystal beasts.

His face was full of happiness!

He could try whatever he wanted with this size of meat. Roast, steamed, bbq…

He smiled as he trodded towards the pillar where their cave was.

In order to not affect the spirit herbs here, Lu Ze purposely led them away from the stone pillar. Therefore, most of the spirit herbs were well preserved.

Seeing all these things, Lu Ze showed a happy expression.

It seemed that he could end the food harvesting at the Yellow Stone Forest!

The audience: “…”

The comments section that died due to shock became lively once again.

“Was… Lu Ze just drooling?”

“Bulls.h.i.+t! He’s a G.o.d, how could he drool?!”

“Why… do I feel that Lu Ze came here looking for food?”