Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 53 - An extremely bad viewing experience

Chapter 53 - An extremely bad viewing experience

Chapter 53: An extremely bad viewing experience

Lu Ze felt that he was going to go crazy seeing a barren earth gorilla, covered in blood, acting cute.

It was painful to his eyes and ears!

He broke off a small segment of the yellow crystal vine and put on a cruel expression while pointing at the vine, saying, “Hurry up! Take me to find these! If I can’t find any, I’ll kill you!”

Lu Ze felt the urge to hurry up.

His goal was to get number one and the guaranteed entry into Federal University. But now, he only found a small portion of the food on the list. He might run out of time.

The barren earth gorilla wasn’t very smart. However, seeing as it knew how to beg for mercy, it should still understand him, right?

If not, then he would kill it for points!

The barren earth gorilla clearly wanted to live.

It looked at Lu Ze’s hands for a moment before calling out excitedly. It reached out its huge claws and pointed in a direction while looking pitifully at Lu Ze.

Seeing this, Lu Ze rejoiced. It might really work.

I’m really smart!

I can even think of such ideas!

He jumped down from the barren earth gorilla’s chest. The barren earth gorilla slowly got up in a struggle with its heavily injured body.

It looked at Lu Ze and then started wobbling in one direction.

Lu Ze followed it from not too far but not too close. If this guy took him to a beast pile, it wouldn’t be funny.

He was confident that he could run but it was better to be careful.

Even though the barren earth gorilla was heavily injured, it still had the speed of a spirit martial state level one or level two.

It ran and looked back at Lu Ze every now and then. Seeing Lu Ze steadily keep up, it kept running forward.

Usually, a huge gorilla leading the way meant a huge fortune in most novels.

But now, it seemed that huge fortunes came after beatings.

Lu Ze suddenly felt very complicated thinking about this.

The barren earth gorilla lead Lu Ze for more than 10 km. They went past some stone pillars, but the stone armor beasts didn’t dare attack due to the chi of the barren earth gorilla.

Meanwhile, without a source of points, Lu Ze once again fell out of the top ten.

But this time, no one left.

They dazedly watched as a barren earth gorilla was threatened into finding spirit herbs by Lu Ze.

Countless comments were left.

“A level nine martial warrior threatening a level eight spirit beast into finding spirit herbs… I can laugh at this for a year, hahaha!”

“But isn’t this student a bit too careless? His ranking dropped to 24.”

“Bulls.h.i.+t! This good looking guy can even beat level eight spirit martial states. If he just kills a few level eight spirit beasts, who would dare to take first place from him?”

The teachers in the discussion room were speechless. Could Lu Ze really become a supporting pillar of the human race with such a personality?

The barren earth gorilla finally stopped. A few hundred meters ahead was a thousand-meter tall pillar. There were all sorts of spirit herbs around it.

Lu Ze laughed happily seeing this.

This barren earth gorilla was very smart, right?

It seemed that it was best to let it live.

At this moment, two huge beasts came out of a cave below the pillar.

They were ferocious but had st.u.r.dy bodies. Their five-meter long tails had huge, sharp hooks. Their bodies each had a yellow, crystal-like scale that glowed under the sun.

As soon as they came out, they saw the heavily injured barren earth gorilla and Lu Ze.

In the discussion room, the teachers opened their eyes wide. “Two level nine peak yellow stone crystal beasts? They’re one of the overlords of the Yellow Stone Forest, right?”

Even the defensive spirit barrier of the black bracelet couldn’t block any of their attacks.

Elder Lin frowned. “It’s too late for rescue personnel.”

Harry and Li Kuang didn’t mind. “This kid can probably run away. Look at how happy he is; he’s probably thinking about the spirit herbs on the pillar.”

When everyone heard this, they looked at Lu Ze. Their mouths spasmed.

This guy really looked like a kid laughing at candy.

But with Lu Ze’s power, even if he was no match for the beasts, he should be able to flee.

Perhaps he might even be able to gather a few yellow crystal vines?

No, no, no!

This kid is poisonous!

After watching Lu Ze’s stream, the first thing they thought about wasn’t running away but robbing spirit herbs.

They were led astray!

The comment section reflected this thought too.

“Not good… I’m actually thinking about how many spirit herbs Lu Ze can take when looking at these peak stage spirit beasts…”

“…I, I seem to be thinking the same…”

“I’m thinking about whether this cute guy can kill these two beasts or not…”

At this moment, Lu Ze looked at the two yellow stone crystal beasts and light flashed through his eyes. These beasts were the best food ingredients Alice had put on the list!

They had 60 times the protein of beef and their meat was nourished by spirit power. They tasted amazing!

How could he let them go?!

Two level nine peak spirit beasts?

Lu Ze’s eyes turned cold.

Although he didn’t know how strong he was currently, he didn’t feel that he would lose.

The beasts gave him far less pressure than that two-meter tall green wolf.

A crystal glow emitted from his body and quickly grew dense. His body slowly became a crystal-like color while terrifying power flowed out. The nearby air was shocked away, forming small whirlpools around his body.

The terrifying pressure made the barren earth gorilla instantly use its full force to dash a few hundred meters away before proceeding to escape without even looking back.

Oh my! My senses were right, what terrifying beast is this? it thought in its head.

If I don’t run fast, I won’t be able to escape!

The two yellow stone crystal beasts also sensed huge pressure. Their armor flashed and bright yellow spirit power spread across their bodies. They stared ferociously at Lu Ze, not daring to relax.

A life or death enemy!

The audience: “…”

When Lu Ze’s power completely exploded out, the scene fell silent.

Although they were only watching a screen so they couldn’t feel the pressure, judging from the reactions of the two yellow stone crystal beasts, Lu Ze must be extremely powerful.

It seemed that Lu Ze decided to fight the two level nine peak spirit beasts head-on?

However, they all had another question. Why was he half transparent?!

When sunlight shone on Lu Ze’s body, it became too vibrant to look at!

It was an extremely bad viewing experience!