Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 538 - Great Harvest!

Chapter 538 - Great Harvest!

Chapter 538 Great Harvest!


The dark wolf sensed the lethal threat from Lu Ze’s claw. It couldn’t help but release the fierce roar. Subsequently, the dark rays around it grew denser.

The fire clone charging towards it halted for a moment. Then, it ducked, and its dark claws clashed with Lu Ze’s claw.


Waves shot in all directions. The nearest fire clone couldn’t even maintain its shape and turned into a ball of flame that disappeared into the darkness.

The power tore through Lu Ze’s star crippling punch and left a crack on his black-gold battle armor.


Lu Ze felt severe pain from his paw. This was the first time he clashed with a level eight boss head-on. Their power was very strong, much stronger than he expected. Nevertheless, Lu Ze wasn’t worried at all. This pain wasn’t anything for someone who had died more than a hundred times.

His eyes were cold, and his hand flashed with gray spirit light. With the use of regeneration G.o.d art, the pain rapidly receded. At the same time, he flashed with purple-red lightning, and tens of thin lightning spear formed before him, proceeding to shoot at the wolf.

The wolf stopped its attack and dodged to the side. Right at this moment, another wolf roared and charged over.

Lu Ze grinned. “Stay there and don’t move!”

The six fire clones immediately charged at the other wolf. Lu Ze looked calmly at the wolf who dodged his lightning spear and charged up again. Rumble!



Lu Ze used every ounce of his power.

His star crippling punch ravaged the place as lightning crackled everywhere.

A few minutes later, Lu Ze’s black-gold battle armor was shattered. He didn’t even have time to fix it.

The purple-red lightning then orbited around his body. Thereafter, lightning struck the wolf not far away.

At this juncture, its breathing had become abnormally rapid, and its chi was weaker than before. Blood was dripping all over its body.

The wolf opposite it was in no better shape. It was covered in all sorts of injuries. The most serious one was the gaping wound on its stomach. Within the lining of the open wound, burn marks were noticeable. Purple-red lighting continued to crackle on it. Each time the lightning flashed, the dark wolf’s body would violently twitch.

Even the level eight boss couldn’t handle the red lightning completely. Its hideous and cruel eyes had shown some pain and fatigue. It didn’t expect that this little thing would be this strong and last this long.

Lu Ze glanced at the other boss surrounded by the fire clones. Only six fire clones remained.

The fire clones weren’t weak, but there was quite a difference between them and a real planetary state boss. For this reason, the fire clones could self-destruct and block the opponent. Otherwise, they would’ve all been destroyed already.

There wasn’t much time left.

Lu Ze looked back. “Explode!!”

These six fire clones exploded immediately, and a searing fire wave spread in all directions.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and appeared next to the panting wolf. He looked at the huge hole on its stomach that was flas.h.i.+ng with lightning “Die!”

Lightning poured down from the lightning clouds.


The wolf ignored its wound and opened its mouth. A deep dark ray was rapidly expanding and then…


Dark rays escaped out of its mouth. The power waves stirred the surrounding s.p.a.ce. Eventually, the dark pillar clashed with the purple lightning

Before the sound waves arrived, the wolf turned in Lu Ze’s direction and shot out a smaller dark pillar. With this move, its chi became extremely weak.

Lu Ze felt the lethal force from that beam. His eyes flashed with hideousness, but he didn’t retreat at all.

His claw flashed with purple-red lightning, which then greeted the pillar. Rumble!

His st.u.r.dy bones that were stronger than most alloys cracked a little, but they instantly recovered under the regeneration G.o.d art.


Dark and purple-red beams shot in all directions. The ground was wrecked once more.

In a brief instant, Lu Ze tore through that dark pillar. His chi was even weaker, but he didn’t stop for one bit.

Lu Ze’s body circulated with green wind and appeared next to the dark wolf.


Although it was weak, the dark wolf still attempted to attack once again. However, its weakness made it slower than Lu Ze. Before it could turn around, a bolt of purple-red lightning hit its body.


The dark wolf howled horrendously. Its chi was extremely weak, and it could no longer fly. It landed heavily from the sky. Before it landed on the ground, its life force had dissipated.


Eventually, the dark wolf carved out a hole in the ground.


Lu Ze stayed in the air, but before he could rest, he sensed a fatal threat behind him.

Lu Ze was prepared and instantly flashed a few hundred kilometers away. In the distance, the other dark wolf charged over. It swung out its huge spirit claw in the air.

The sharp piercing chi made Lu Ze’s body ache. Lu Ze flickered with the green wind as he dodged the claw attacks.

With every dodge, Lu Ze felt that his body was being torn apart.

As he dodged, he would be hit from time to time. However, his extremely superior recovery ability after using the white strand energy allowed him to recover while dodging.

In an instant, the huge wolf appeared before Lu Ze. Its huge body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent.

Seeing this, Lu Ze broke free from the s.p.a.ce binding and appeared a few hundred kilometers away.


The huge wolf charged at Lu Ze again. Although it was stronger than Lu Ze, it was still impossible to catch Lu Ze when it couldn’t restrict his movements.

In the next few seconds, the dark wolf could only keep chasing after Lu Ze. Soon, the other wolf’s body turned to dust, leaving behind orbs.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He appeared before the orbs. There were a total of seven red orbs and seven purple orbs, a chi stealth G.o.d art orb, and a body of darkness...o...b..

Lu Ze grinned. It was a huge harvest!