Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 539 - A Violent Storm

Chapter 539 - A Violent Storm

Chapter 539 A Violent Storm

Lu Ze looked at the orbs on the ground and didn’t linger anymore. Right away, he reached out to grab all the orbs happily.

The moment Lu Ze picked up all the orbs, a violent fluctuation came from behind him.

He smirked. Once again, his body was enveloped by the silver light. Lu Ze managed to be freed from the dark wolf boss’ dimension constraint and disappeared on the spot.

In a few minutes’ time, Lu Ze dodged the dark wolf boss’ pursuit while picking up the orbs left by the other eight dark wolves that were at level seven of the mortal evolution state.

There were a total of 46 special red orbs and 45 special purple orbs, which were both at level seven of the mortal evolution state. In addition, there were 8 chi stealth G.o.d art gla.s.s ball and 2 body of darkness G.o.d art gla.s.s ball.

Lu Ze was grinning from ear to ear when he kept the two body of darkness G.o.d art gla.s.s ball.

He didn’t expect that eight dark wolves that were at level seven of the mortal evolution state would actually drop two body of darkness G.o.d art gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s!

It was as if he was kissed by Lady Luck today.

Lu Ze was very pleased.

Time went by, and very soon, more than half of Lu Ze’s strength had recovered through his extremely quick recovery speed.

At this moment, the injuries on his body were already healed using the regeneration G.o.d art. After Lu Ze recovered, he looked at the dark wolf boss that kept chasing after him, and Lu Ze’s gaze changed.

It seemed like this dark wolf boss had been left without his team…

Lu Ze, who had become a mini dark wolf, bared his sharp white teeth.

With that thought, Lu Ze’s eyes became ferocious. The black-gold battle armor covered his entire body once more while the blue wind and purple-red stream of light flowed on the surface of his body.

Although he appeared to be a black dark wolf, he seemed like he was a wolf controlling the wind and lightning at this moment.

Extremely strong!

Lu Ze was very confident.

With the experience of killing the dark wolf boss just now, it was clear that this dark wolf boss wasn’t his opponent either.

Today, he would have a bountiful harvest!

Lu Ze disappeared on the spot and wanted to pounce toward the dark wolf boss.

The lightning flashed on his front claw, and a lightning spear was formed.

Just then, the dark wolf suddenly crawled toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze: “???”

Lu Ze was stunned as he watched the dark wolf crawling on the ground and was totally confused.

What’s going on?

Could it be that this fella knows that it can’t defeat me, so it decided to present its low life to me?

I’ve unknowingly become a tyrant king and could make my opponents crawl with just one move, huh?

Just as Lu Ze was about to put his arms on his hips, he suddenly felt something cold on his neck.

Lu Ze froze instantly, and his happiness disappeared immediately.

The aura around his body surged as he turned around slowly and realized that there was a 4-meter tall black wolf looking down at him.

Those pale eyes were icy and ruthless, causing Lu Ze to shudder.

This dark wolf was standing behind him, but he didn’t notice it at all?!

It’s a super big boss!

Lu Ze didn’t have any second thoughts, and a silver light glistened around his body.

s.p.a.ce transmission!

However, this time, the air around Lu Ze became somewhat thick, and it was difficult to pa.s.s through.

Lu Ze tried his best until he finally managed to get into the state of dimension s.h.i.+ft.

However, when he moved out of the dimension, he became dumbfounded—because he realized that he had only moved a short 50 meters.

In front of him, that 4-meter tall dark wolf boss was still staring at him.

Lu Ze: “…”

So near??

Lu Ze didn’t feel very well.

Just then, that dark wolf boss suddenly disappeared.

In a split second, Lu Ze felt like something knocked him, and an intense pain came over his body as he lost consciousness.

When Lu Ze regained consciousness once again, he was already back in his room.

He felt the sharp pain all over his body, and his mouth twitched.

Terrible, he was probably killed with one slap of the claw, huh?

So painful!

Lu Ze lay in bed and felt hopeless.

After killing a dark wolf boss that was at level eight of the mortal evolution state just now, he still had the strength to kill that dark wolf boss left out of the group-which made him somewhat arrogant.

He didn’t expect that their battle would attract a stronger boss. If he attracted a dark wolf boss that was at level nine of the mortal evolution state, Lu Ze was confident that he could still escape.

However, that beast just now was clearly not a level nine mortal evolution state boss.

Lu Ze’s s.p.a.ce transmission was only able to move him 50 meters away. He was suppressed quite badly. Clearly, that fella was a super boss.

Lu Ze looked at the white alloy ceiling and sighed, “Was I kicked away by Lady Luck after getting a kiss?”

Tsk, women!

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

He didn’t expect that Lady Luck was like that too-temperamental—and he didn’t understand at all. His heart was so tired. He didn’t feel like talking

After lying in bed for half an hour, the pain subsided.

Lu Ze composed himself, sat upright, and crossed his legs.

Although he was kicked away by Lady Luck, he still had a pretty good harvest.

Lu Ze grinned and revealed a satisfied smile.

His mental power was already looking into his small mental dimension.

In there, there were 7 special red and purple orbs that were at level eight of the mortal evolution state. There were also 3 body of darkness G.o.d art gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s and 9 chi stealthing G.o.d art gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s.

This was Lu Ze’s greatest harvest!

With such a bountiful harvest, it was enough to make Lu Ze excited.

A level eight mortal evolution state red orb-it was the first time Lu Ze got an orb of this level.

Right now, he could finally showcase the power of his physical strength! Lu Ze didn’t hesitate at all. He planned on trying the effects of the special red orbs that were at level eight of the mortal evolution state.

His mental power fluctuated slightly as he absorbed a level eight mortal evolution state special red orb into his body.

Suddenly, the raging energy swept past like a red tide, but Lu Ze’s tenacious body had completely borne the burden of this powerful energy, and he only felt a little bit of pain.

He didn’t have any thoughts in his head as he began to absorb the energy of the red orb.

Three hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes slowly, and a red light flashed in his eyes.

Thereafter, his lips curved upward, and he felt slightly excited.


The effects of the level eight mortal evolution state special red orb were much stronger than the level seven mortal evolution state special red orbs.

It had been over 14 days since he broke through to level three of the mortal evolution state. As such, he would probably need more than a month before he could break through to level four, based on his original speed of cultivation.

Right now, Lu Ze was confident that he could break through to level four within a month!

By then, his power would surge once more!

With that thought, Lu Ze was very pleased.

Cultivate, cultivate!

After knowing the effects of the level eight special red orbs, Lu Ze didn’t use the red orbs to increase his cultivation anymore. Instead, he began using the body of darkness G.o.d art gla.s.s ball to learn the body of darkness G.o.d art.

After all, in a short period of time, the body of darkness would be the greatest help for the enhancement of Lu Ze’s power.

If Lu Ze’s power could increase fast enough, he would be able to easily kill a level eight mortal evolution state dark wolf boss.

15 days later.

In the pocket hunting dimension.

Darkness began to shroud the sky gradually. After doing nothing for an entire day, Lu Ze finally got up.

During the day, since he didn’t have a body of darkness G.o.d art, there was a limit to the enhancement of his power. Accordingly, he was still too weak to face a level eight mortal evolution state boss.

However, it was different at night.

At night, he was invincible!

When it was completely dark, the silvery-white glow flashed across Lu Ze’s body and turned into a mini dark wolf.

During this period of time, Lu Ze had been transforming quite often and became used to it.

He could even rely only on his back legs to stand up and run now. However, unless there was a battle, Lu Ze still acted like a normal dark wolf.

Hm… it was just that the body was a little too small.

After turning into a dark wolf, Lu Ze continued using the chi stealth G.o.d art and body of darkness G.o.d art as he disappeared into the darkness.

It was time to hunt.

Two hours later, a short distance away, Lu Ze saw a small wolf pack, and his black eyes lit up.

Five dark wolves that were at level nine of the mortal evolution state and one dark wolf boss that was at level eight of the mortal evolution state.

This was perfect prey.

A silver stream of light flashed across Lu Ze’s body, and he disappeared.

Subsequently, he appeared among the wolf pack.


A rumble of thunder rang out and a lightning cloud that was over 10 square kilometers appeared above Lu Ze’s head.

The wolves in the pack were somewhat stunned by the mini dark wolf that just appeared in the pack.

As they were in a daze, a bolt of purplish-red lightning flashed across the sky.

In a split second, the level seven mortal evolution state dark wolves were directly struck by the lightning and died. Meanwhile, the level eight mortal evolution state dark wolf that was especially taken care of by Lu Ze was struck by five bolts of lightning in total.


After feeling the lethal threat, its hair stood on ends as it howled and disappeared on the spot -dodging the lightning attacks.

But just at this moment, Lu Ze, who had wind and lightning around his body, appeared behind it.

The black and gold light flowed around on his right hand and long lightning spears emerged around him.

Star crippling punch!

Lightning spear!

Lightning cloud!

Blue Bird 1!

Body of darkness!

Using five divine arts at the same time-even Lu Ze felt a little worn out.


The lightning spear flew across the air toward the dark wolf boss, and Lu Ze’s claw with black and gold light attacked its waist.

At the same time, bolts of lightning shot out of the lightning cloud once again.


The violent attack caused the dark wolf boss to be somewhat stunned. It opened its mouth and continuously shot out light pillars of darkness towards the bolts of lightning, the lightning spears, and Lu Ze.


The ferocious shockwaves accompanied by the sounds of collision swept in all directions, and Lu Ze’s body moved slightly.

After that, an iciness flashed in his eyes, and he used the Blue Bird 1 divine art once again.

This time, Lu Ze appeared on the other side of the abdomen of the dark wolf, who had already suffered many attacks. Its body was still slightly stiff.



The lightning flash wrapped around Lu Ze’s claw as he attacked the side of the dark wolf boss’ abdomen.


Following the lightning flashes and spewing of fresh blood, the dark wolf boss roared as it was sent flying


Sounds of collision resounded once again, and the dark wolf boss was directly thrown into the ground, carving out a deep pit.

Lu Ze didn’t stop at all as he charged toward the deep pit immediately.

In the deep pit, the dark wolf boss coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood, and its eyes turned even more ferocious. The moment it lifted its head and wanted to kill that little thing, it suddenly felt a violent shockwave.

Boom boom…!!

Bolts of lightning from the lightning cloud divine art charged toward the deep pit one after another. There were a total of ten of them.

Just at this moment, a black shadow charged over.

It was that dark wolf boss.

At this moment, burnt scars emerged on the black hair on its body and wounds appeared as well.

It charged out of the lightning attacks. The dark wolf didn’t have the time to breathe at all when Lu Ze appeared next to it and swept his sharp claw across it.


The dark wolf boss was caught off-guard. It only had time to raise its claw to block.

The results of fighting an enemy unexpectedly would obviously be bad.

Ka cha ka cha…


A series of bone fractures resounded. Coupled with a few painful howls, that dark wolf boss’ gigantic body was blasted into the ground once more.

This time, one of its claws was fractured by Lu


Boom boom boom!!

As a ruthless jungler, Lu Ze didn’t give the dark wolf boss a chance to breathe at all.

The violent bolts of lightning charged into the deep pit again, and at the same time, the wind and lightning wrapped around Lu Ze’s body as he flew toward the deep pit.

In just a few short moments, the dark wolf boss was out of the deep pit once more. At this moment, there were already a number of terrible wounds on its body, and lightning flashes were flickering in them as fresh blood gushed out.

One of its front claw was bent as well—it was the one that Lu Ze had fractured just now.


Lu Ze didn’t hesitate, and he appeared behind the dark wolf.

On its back, there was a long wound, and fresh blood was flowing out of it.

The lightning spear and star crippling punch struck the wound at the same time.

Violent bolts of lightning charged into the wound and the star crippling punch’s power was equally strong.


The dreary sounds of attacks followed by the shockwaves reverberated throughout the area. After the weakened dark wolf boss took on this attack, its chi dimmed.


Its heavily wounded body landed hard on the ground and left out a deep pit again. In the deep pit, its vitality slowly dissipated.