Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 537 - Can Still Live After That

Chapter 537 - Can Still Live After That

Chapter 537 Can Still Live After That

In the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Lu Ze and the rest arrived at the residential area with allocated rooms. The room was just a small suite, which was quite different from the room built in a young duke’s s.h.i.+p.

When everyone was settled, Nangong Jing and the others came to Lu Ze’s room. The group looked at Lu Ze with excitement.

Lin Ling said, “Okay, Ze, it’s fine.”

Lu Ze nodded, and he looked around. “Ying Ying, you can come over.”

Suddenly, a small wormhole appeared in the room and Ying Ying flew out of it.

She looked around curiously. “Is this the s.h.i.+p going to the void border?”

Lu Ze rubbed her little face. “Yes.”

They had already discussed it with the old man and decided to bring Ying Ying along. The void border was far more dangerous.

However, they still had to go through dangerous situations to grow, so they let Ying Ying follow.

Only very few people knew about Ying Ying. Those young dukes didn’t know about her, so they had to sneak her in.

It was a good thing Ying Ying was a cosmic realm state, and it was all too simple for her to not get caught. Qiuyue Hesha carried Ying Ying and said, “Ying Ying, we’ll be depending on you for our safety.”

Ying Ying nodded. “I will protect you all!”

Nangong Jing walked over and patted Ying Ying’s head. “But don’t save them unless they’re about to die. Don’t let them know.” If they knew about Ying Ying, they would feel secure, and the experience wouldn’t be as beneficial.

Ying Ying nodded. “Ying Ying is really nice!” Alice went up and rubbed Ying Ying. Even Lu Li and Lin Ling did the same thing. Seeing how Ying Ying’s face was pulled in all sorts of directions by the five women surrounding her, Lu Ze laughed. This little girl was having a tough life.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Ying Ying, don’t let people in the s.h.i.+p find out about you. Come to my room later.”

“Wait! Why should it be your room?”

Nangong Jing said, “It’s the same going to mine.”

Qiuyue Hesha sneered. “Your room is full of alcohol smell. Ying Ying is still a little girl. Do you want her to be like you?”

Nangong Jing’s body stiffened. “I… I won’t drink when Ying Ying is here!” “Speak honestly.”

Nangong Jing shut up.

Lu Ze almost laughed. It was impossible for her to not drink.

Lu Ze looked at Lu Li and Alice. “It’ll take us half a month to reach the void border. You two need to break through to the mortal evolution


The void border was rather far, and the closer they got to it, the more natural disasters there were-for example, universal storms, and s.p.a.ce chaos flows.

This juncture was meant for cultivation time.

Lu Li and Alice nodded. Their eyes were firm. Likewise, Lin Ling’s eyes were also firm. She wanted to reach level three of the mortal evolution state within 15 days.

By then, she would barely be able to take on level nine mortal evolution states.

The group chatted for a while, and they returned to their own rooms. Ying Ying headed straight to Qiuyue Hesha’s room.

However, people, who were in the same area, stared at the group in shock. They stayed in Lu Ze’s room for more than an hour and came out with satisfied expressions.

Monarch of the New Dawn was indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn!.

Last time, the four-sided love was already absurd. But now, it increased to five.

When Lin Kuang saw his sister come out of Lu Ze’s room, his face changed.

Lu Ze, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

He wanted to beat him up, but he owed Lu Ze for the Heaven Yang spirit fruit. He would be able to reach the planetary state in, at most, two years with that.

Derrick’s face also changed. Qiuyue Hesha was there too.

At this moment, the door on one side closed gently, startling the two of them.

It was Luo Bingqing’s room.

Daphne rolled her eyes at the two. “Time to go cultivate. Old Luo progressed a lot. I don’t want to fall behind.”

After speaking, she shut the door.

During the night, inside the pocket hunting dimension, a few deep ditches appeared. There were purple-red lightning swimming around and eight bodies of dark wolves. They were slowly turning to dust.

Deep in the ditch, three figures suddenly flew out. They were extremely fast. They were three dark wolves. Two of them were two meters high while the remaining one was just one meter tall.

This mini wolf was Lu Ze. Since he had acquired the body of darkness, along with his other G.o.d arts, Lu Ze had been blending himself with the packs of dark wolves. Of course, Lu Ze was not bold enough to face off a level nine mortal evolution state dark wolf. If he were to be caught, he would be forced to flee desperately, which was not a very fun experience. As a consequence, every time chose a pack to infiltrate, he would settle with those ones whose strongest member was only a level eight mortal evolution state.

This time, he chose a pack with two dark wolves that were level eight and eight wolves that were level seven.

Lu Ze used lightning cloud on the spot, and those level sevens died immediately. The two remaining level eights were furious.

Lu Ze didn’t choose to run this time.

The dark wolf on level eight of the mortal evolution state had power comparable to the Monarch of the New Dawn. Nevertheless, Lu Ze’s combat power wasn’t weak right now. Right then, his body flashed with a faint black stream, and he fused with the darkness afterward.

Seeing the two wolves charge over, Lu Ze stood up on his hind legs. After all, he wasn’t a wolf, so he couldn’t charge like they did.

The two wolves were dazed upon seeing Lu Ze’s stance, but instantly, the lightning bolts struck down.

At the same time, 64 flames burned around Lu Ze, forming 64 mini wolves. These fire clones were approaching the planetary state. Lu Ze’s mental force moved, and the fire clone charged at the wolves. Meanwhile, he disappeared from the spot. He appeared behind one wolf and used the star crippling punch! Rumble!