Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 52 - Ying Ying Ying?

Chapter 52 - Ying Ying Ying?

Chapter 52: Ying Ying Ying?

In the discussion room, the teachers looked at each other in a rather awkward way.

They were just talking about how Lu Ze’s trial was going to end early, but their faces were slapped instantly.

Elsewhere, Lu Wen’s company was roaring with joy.

“Little Lu’s son is so strong!”

“Ahh, CEO Lu, can you give me the contact details of your son?”

Fu Shuya looked at Lu Ze. “What is my good boy doing? Does he want to make something with these spirit materials?”

Lu Wen sneered, “This is really embarra.s.sing! There are so many people watching! It’s not like I can’t afford these spirit materials!”

However, he couldn’t hide his smile no matter what.

In the school.

The white-haired princ.i.p.al nodded with a smile on his face. “Good, good, good! Lu Ze has brought honor to our school!”

Li Liang was also very proud. This was his student after all!

Other teachers looked at Li Liang with envy.

In Lu Li’s cla.s.s.

Alice hugged Lu Li happily, “Senior schoolmate is so strong! That was a level eight spirit beast!”

Lu Li smiled while looking at Lu Ze on the screen. She said softly, “Yea, this guy… is so strong now…”

Lu Ze looked down after collecting the vine.

He cursed, “If that gorilla isn’t dead yet, it’s over for it!

Soon, Lu Ze found that the barren earth gorilla really wasn’t dead!

Lu Ze didn’t use a full-powered attack just then so this gorilla only had some minor injuries.

After it stopped falling, it was planning to run away.

Its instincts were giving him a feeling of huge danger.

The little animal with two feet had a huge beast living inside it!

It must run for its life!

Lu Ze’s eyes turned cold seeing that the gorilla was planning on sneaking away.

This thing wanted to run just like that?!

He didn’t have much time already and still needed to find a lot more spirit materials, yet because of this gorilla, he would have to waste even more time!

Lu Ze tapped his foot on the stone pillar and disappeared. The next moment, he was before the gorilla.

The huge 4-meter tall gorilla trembled and retreated facing Lu Ze’s 1.8-meter tall figure.


It bared its hideous fangs, threatening Lu Ze.

Because Lu Ze was in the top ten, there were more and more people watching him.

After all, out of everyone, only his livestream was rather strange.

Other livestreams were about killing monsters, on the way to kill monsters or being chased by monsters.

Only he was busy collecting yellow crystal vines while his opponent was a spirit martial state level eight barren earth gorilla!

Even the people in the top three would have to run when facing such a spirit beast.

Yet now, this gorilla was shaking just because Lu Ze was standing in front of it.

The comments section went crazy.

“A level eight spirit beast, the barren earth gorilla, is scared? This isn’t real, right?”

“Oh my, is this guy really martial warrior level nine? Are you sure that he isn’t spirit martial state level nine or abstruse martial state?”

“For some reason, I want to laugh. This gorilla seems like it wants to cry. I pity him a little.”

“Although I don’t know if he’s cheating, I must say… Your fraudulent actions have been found by the wider public! Be honest or face harsher penalties!”

“Am I the only one who thinks he’s very handsome?”

“No, you’re not the only one.”

“This student has the same potential as a young duke!”

“I agree!”

Meanwhile, Lu Ze walked forward a step.

At this moment, the gorilla roared and attacked first.

Even a rabbit would bite in desperate times!

A faint yellow spirit glow shone on the gorilla’s body. Its fierce claws swiped through the air towards Lu Ze.

Before it arrived, a gust of wind blew up Lu Ze’s hair.

Lu Ze calmly reached out his right hand. There was a crystal-like glow on his hand as it greeted the huge claw.


The huge claw and the feeble hand met. An ear exploding explosion rang out as terrifying airwaves swept in all directions.


The barren earth gorilla howled in pain. It wanted to retreat but Lu Ze’s body seemed to have been nailed to the ground.

Then, the gorilla roared in horror as its huge body was lifted up by Lu Ze with one hand.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Lu Ze grabbed its huge claw and smashed its body on the ground repeatedly.

The ground shook and the gorilla’s howls were getting more and more pitiful. Some stone armor beasts that had gathered all cowered away.

Oh my, the big boss is being handled.

The audience: “…”

Compared to the gorilla’s huge body, Lu Ze’s body was baby-sized.

The size difference provided quite a visual shock.

The comments on the screen stopped completely as the people watching the scene were in disbelief and completely stunned.

In the discussion room, tension arose between Harry and Li Kuang. It was as though they would fight at any time.

Harry smiled. “Old Li, we’re friends, right?”

“p.i.s.s off, no!”

Harry’s smile froze. He said through gritted teeth, “Old Li, I’ll be straight forward with you! My Emperor Capital Academy is taking this person! You can have all the rest!”

Li Kuang slammed the table and opened his ferocious eyes wide. “Bulls.h.i.+t! If the school figures out that I gave a young duke potential student to your academy, I would be beaten to death! If we’re really friends, you give him to me!”

“f.u.c.k, your Federal University’s intake quality this year is clearly better than ours. Just give us one, okay?” Harry’s composed temperament was gone.


“Hmph! Then it’ll be up to our own means!”

“So what?”

The group of teachers just watched this argument.

They didn’t seem to have any involvement in sharing such a prodigy…

They were planning to dive in when Lu Ze failed, but now, it seemed that they had thought too much.

When the gorilla’s roar became weak, Lu Ze let it go.

He jumped on the gorilla’s chest and looked at its b.l.o.o.d.y head.

The gorilla’s huge eyes flashed with fear being watched by Lu Ze.

It didn’t even dare to roar as it feared Lu Ze would kill him.

Everything was silent.

After a moment, the gorilla blinked its eyes and called, “Ying, ying, ying?”

Lu Ze: “…”

The audience: “…”

It even tried to beg for mercy by acting cute?!