Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 529 - There Doesn’t seem to Be Anything Wrong With That?

Chapter 529 - There Doesn’t seem to Be Anything Wrong With That?

Chapter 529 There Doesn’t seem to Be Anything Wrong With That?

Jack glanced at the gash that had just healed and the black gold battle armor that had been restored on Lu Ze’s body. His mouth could not help but twitch.

He nodded at Lu Ze. “Lu Ze, you’re much stronger than I imagined.”

After witnessing the battle clearly, the other people couldn’t quite grasp it either.

“Jack’s Heaven Pound Golden Sword only injured Lu Ze that much?”

Jack’s power was at the very top among young dukes. He was on the same level as Luo Bingqing and the rest. Yet, his sword only scratched Lu Ze’s skin a little.

More awkwardly, Lu Ze had regeneration G.o.d art, and this injury disappeared instantly.

Derrick and the others were dazed. Derrick said, “I might not even be able to break his defenses.”

His strength wasn’t his attacks. Lu Ze’s terrifying defenses gave him colossal headaches.

Lin Kuang said, “I’m very confident in my own attacks.”

His G.o.d art was bloodthirst G.o.d art. The more injured he was, the stronger he got.

When he was injured, he could unleash attacks stronger than the Heaven Pound Golden Sword.

Louisa said helplessly, “My G.o.d arts are speed and healing related.”

Her light G.o.d art wasn’t very strong in terms of offense.

Mo Xie’s, Chi Xiaomo’s, and Bernie’s attacks weren’t weak.

On the stage, Lu Ze smiled. “Since I’m injured, Teacher Jack can get a Heaven Yang spirit fruit from Nangong Jing.” Jack smiled. “Thank you.”

The fruit would be quite nice for him. With only two clashes, he knew he was no match for Lu Ze, but Lu Ze still gave him the fruit just because he was injured.

Lu Ze smiled and said nothing.

Jack left the lake, and then, Lin Kuang got up while laughing. He appeared before Lu Ze.

He wanted the Heaven Yang spirit fruit too. Lin Ling was his little sister, and now, she was almost catching up to him. It gave him great pressure.

Moreover, his grandpa seemed to have gotten better.

How dare this kid dare to be so close to so many girls in front of Lin Ling?

How could he not beat him up?

Lu Ze’s expression changed. “Brother Lin Kuang, it’s you.”

Lin Kuang was Lin Ling’s brother.

If he beat him up, would Lin Ling get mad at him?

Lin Kuang sneered. “This is a match. Don’t try to get close to me!”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Then, let’s begin.”

Lin Kuang laughed, and then, blood gushed out of him like a fountain.

Lu Ze: “???”

What was this?

Hitting himself before he hit others?

Lu Ze’s skin crawled.

This guy’s injuries weren’t his fault.

However, Lin Kuang’s chi rose rapidly with his injury.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Kuang in surprise.

Was this due to the G.o.d art?

When his chi reached the limit, Lin Kuang stomped on the ground and appeared above Lu Ze’s head.

His hands held a long sword. Blood chi spilled from the sword, which then covered the entire battlefield.

Lin Kuang hacked down on Lu Ze’s head with the tens of meters long blood sword ray.

Lu Ze raised a brow and punched.

Star crippling punch!


With the collision of the sword ray and the fist, the light rose up to the sky once more. Lin Kuang was thrown into the air.

He stabilized himself in an instant and charged at Lu Ze again. Simultaneously, he swung his sword continuously and countless sword rays appeared.

Furiously, crazily.

Lu Ze was a bit surprised after watching Lin Kuang’s actions.

Lin Kuang was indeed a top-notch young duke.

While thinking about such thoughts, Lu Ze’s body flashed with dark rays and green wind.

He used the body of darkness and Blue Bird 1 divine art together. Lu Ze became extremely fast. He dodged all the sword rays.

Seeing this, everyone’s mouth twitched.

“Such… speed!”

“Lu Ze’s defenses were already so terrifying, and yet, his speed was this terrifying too?!”

Derrick’s mouth twitched. His speed was extremely fast too, but he couldn’t’ compare with Lu Ze.

Lin Kuang was covered in a blood mist. The blood he spat out before was circling around him.

He frowned after seeing that Lu Ze dodged his attacks so easily. He cut his hand using the sword, and a beautiful blood mark appeared on the sword. The mark was blazing.

Lin Kuang bit his lips, and the blood mist spread.

Far away, Lu Ze felt that his blood started to boil. Gold beams flashed in his eyes, and he suppressed this.

However, during that pause, Lu Ze was slashed by the sword rays. They left a deep mark on his black gold battle armor.

Seeing this, Lin Kuang hacked down. The blood sword burned the air, creating a green smoke. Lu Ze smiled. Purple-red lightning crackled around him, and he clenched his fist.

Lightning spear!

The lightning spear and blood spear clashed. A violent power swept across in all directions.

Lin Ling clutched her hands tightly.

Why did her brother fight with his life?

Would Ze be fine?

Following those thoughts, she shook her head. That r.e.t.a.r.d didn’t even use all his power, how could he lose?

Qiuyue Hesha glanced at Lin Ling and grabbed her shoulder. “What? Are you worried about Lu Ze?”

Lin Ling wanted to wriggle out, but she couldn’t. “No, how can anything happen to that guy?”

Nangong Jing grinned. “Lin Kuang has improved quite a bit.”

She often fought Lin Kuang before. Hence, she knew his power well. His combat power was near the planetary state. It seemed he was ready to make a breakthrough soon.

Alice giggled. “However, he was still a bit worse than senior.”

Lu Li nodded.

When the shockwave disappeared, Lu Ze looked at the faint bloodstain on his hand and laughed. “Brother Lin Kuang, I lost.”

Lin Kuang: “…”

He panted a bit and watched as Lu Ze repair the gash.

So annoying! This kid definitely didn’t use his full power!

He put away his G.o.d art, and the blood mist entered his body. The wounds on him also recovered rapidly. Lu Ze was a little surprised. This guy’s G.o.d art had quite nice healing effects too. Lin Kuang nodded to Lu Ze and left the lake.Everyone looked at Lu Ze.

No one expected him to be this strong.

Both Jack and Lin Kuang used their trump card, and Lu Ze was only injured a little.

Wasn’t this too absurd??

Was this the talent of the Monarch of the New Dawn?

He was only a level three mortal evolution state!

Yet, he was stronger than level nine mortal evolution states, Jack and Lin Kuang.

These two were not ordinary martial artists. They were the most talented young dukes of the Federation.