Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 530 - Try Your Best to Crush Me

Chapter 530 - Try Your Best to Crush Me

Chapter 530 Try Your Best to Crush Me

Lu Ze made some calculations. Two Heaven Yang spirit fruits were handed out. He would need to use lightning cloud divine art then. otherwise, if he got injured again, he wouldn’t have anything left to give. That would be awkward.

Luo Bingqing suddenly got up. His long white hair drifted as he appeared on the lake. In turn, the lake complimented his extremely handsome face.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. This guy was almost as handsome as he was.

Luo Bingqing said coldly as usual, “Lu Ze, use your lightning cloud divine art next.”

Lu Ze: “… Huh?”

He was stunned because if he used lightning cloud divine art, his offensive power would really reach the planetary state. He didn’t feel Luo Bingqing could to stop it.

Mo Xie and the rest might be able to block it a few times, but Luo Bingqing’s power hadn’t reached that level yet.

Luo Bingqing smiled plainly. “Let me see what level your power has reached. It’s not for the Heaven Yang spirit fruit. I just want to see the difference between us.”

People at the banquet were dumbfounded. Some of them asked in disbelief, “Luo Bingqing means to say that Lu Ze still hasn’t used his full power yet?”.

“… No way. This power is already scary enough. He still has a stronger move he hasn’t used yet?”

In that case… Would Lu Ze really be able to fight against a planetary state?

Last time, it was the two girls, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha, who could take on a planetary state in the mortal evolution state. However, even they were level nine mortal evolution states at the time.

Lu Ze was just a level three mortal evolution state!

Mo Xie’s smile disappeared. “Lu Ze still… isn’t using his full power?”

Before, they thought Lu Ze was strong, but he should not be much stronger than they were.

After all, their power was probably the strongest among the young dukes, other than Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing.

Yet, Luo Bingqing said Lu Ze didn’t use his full power?

Jack and Daphne looked at each other. They thought of what happened at the end of the semester examinations.

Lu Ze was just a level one mortal evolution state, but he used lightning cloud divine art to kill a winged race prodigy with level eight mortal evolution state combat power.

This level of divine art was definitely stronger than the Heaven Pound Golden Sword.

Jack looked at Luo Bingqing. He lost. He was only thinking about the Heaven Yang spirit fruit, but Luo Bingqing wanted to see the peak of Lu Ze’s power.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!’ Lin Kuang thought.

Everyone looked at the surface of the golden lake again. They wanted to see the peak of Lu Ze’s combat power as well.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha raised their brows after hearing what Luo Bingqing said. Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Luo Bingqing wants little brother Lu Ze to use the lightning cloud. Very brave. Not bad.”

Nangong Jing grinned. “Only with such a mentality can he progress. Although old Luo is very cold, he’s very prideful.” “True.”

Lu Ze didn’t speak. Luo Bingqing gave up the Heaven Yang spirit fruit.

He probably knew that Lu Ze wasn’t going to use lightning cloud divine art, but since Luo Bingqing requested it, then Lu Ze wasn’t going to reject it.

Lu Ze could control the power of his lightning cloud divine art. He wouldn’t accidentally heavily injure Luo Bingqing. He had a pretty nice impression of Luo Bingqing.

Although Luo Bingqing was cold, he was quite a nice person.

Luo Bingqing’s eyes glared with some battle intent.

“In that case, I’ll just use one move. Lu Ze, try your best to crush me.”


Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed.

He felt that even if he was in Luo Bingqing’s situation, he might not be able to do this.

Lu Ze grinned. “As you wish.” As soon as Lu Ze said this, the gentle night wind became bone-chilling. Ice shards appeared out of nowhere and formed a huge ice vortex.

Luo Bingqing’s ice G.o.d art was used with every ounce of power he had.

Seeing this, a purple-red rune flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Black lightning clouds appeared above him in a few hundred-meter range.


Half-purple and half-red lightning bolts appeared in the clouds. Waves of power spread in all directions.

With the appearance of the lightning clouds, everyone’s hair stood up.

“Planetary state?!” someone exclaimed.

This had truly reached the planetary state! Previously, Lu Ze’s power was strong, but it was just extremely close to the planetary state. After all, Lu Ze’s body of darkness was far from perfection.

However, the lightning cloud’s power had truly reached the planetary state.

Everyone’s skin crawled upon sensing this violent power.

Mo Xie, Chi Xiaomo, and Bernie looked at the clouds in shock. This was not much weaker than the planetary state void beast they fought last time.

That time, Lu Ze’s blood-red lightning spear was his trump card. But now, Lu Ze’s normal means reached that level?

How long has it been and he already had such a huge improvement?!

Lin Kuang and Jack’s eyes widened. They fought with Lu Ze just then, and yet, Lu Ze was still hiding this sort of attack?

“Level three of the mortal evolution state… and his attack reaches the planetary state…” Someone sighed.

“He’s indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn.”

Now, no young duke had doubts and dissatisfaction about Lu Ze.

In other areas of planet Venus, many people felt the planetary state wave and looked over.

On a small building, Job looked at the direction of Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s building.

“Nangong and Qiuyue? No, theirs should be stronger than this. What play is occurring at the monarch celebration?”.

Usually, older people like them didn’t go to these young people’s gatherings. But now, he was very interested in the situation over there.

Then, his eyes narrowed. “It wouldn’t be Lu Ze, right?”

“No no no… not possible. He can’t have reached the planetary state this quickly.”

If Lu Ze’s cultivation level was at level six or above of the mortal evolution state, he felt it was possible, but it was too early now.

His eyes lit up. “Which person broke through?”

In the fourth-year students’ area of elite cla.s.s dorms, Margaret and Li Qingyun felt that extreme power. They looked in the direction of that powerful force.

It was from the banquet held for Lu Ze?

As the ice vortex and lightning cloud stood off against each other, Lu Ze saw Luo Bingqing’s eyes were filled with searing battle intent.

He smiled and waved his hand.


Five bolts of lightning struck at Luo Bingqing.