Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 528 - That Guy Is Actually a Maniac, Right?!

Chapter 528 - That Guy Is Actually a Maniac, Right?!

Chapter 528 That Guy Is Actually a Maniac, Right?!

Just when Lu Ze was a bit speechless, Jack’s sword intent surged. “However, if it is one-on-one, I believe many of us would be willing to test your power.”

Lu Ze was slightly taken aback when he heard the words. He thought they didn’t want to fight. Now, it seemed they just didn’t want to fight altogether.

Lu Ze wasn’t going to reject this. He smiled. “In that case, the conditions stay the same.”

He just wanted to hand out these three fruits. Only Luo Bingqing and the others would have such power.

Most young dukes showed a helpless expression. They knew their power. If everyone went up together, they might get a chance to launch a sneak attack on Lu Ze. But one-on-one…

They thought about Shangguan Hui’s and Lu Yao’s screams and s.h.i.+vered.

Nangong Jing saw a few people were interested and smiled. “I’ll create a stage for you.”

She stomped on the ground, and golden rays spread across onto the lake.

“The lake will be good.”

The lake was a few kilometers wide. This size was enough for sparring.

Jack grinned. “Since Monarch of the New Dawn is so generous, then I’ll take the first Heaven Yang spirit fruit!”

He dashed in a beam of golden light and appeared on the lake.

Lu Ze smiled and threw the Heaven Yang spirit fruit to Qiuyue Hesha while looking at Ying Ying. “Ying Ying, you’re not allowed to steal it!”

Ying Ying pouted her lips. “I won’t steal it!”

Lu Ze looked at the people nearby. “You guys keep watch on Ying Ying. Don’t let her eat it.”

Lu Li smiled. “Brother, how can you not trust Ying Ying? Don’t worry, we’ll keep watch.”

Thereafter, Lu Ze appeared on the lake too. Jack was holding his golden sword. When Lu Ze appeared before him, he opened his eyes and studied Lu Ze. “Jack Howard, level nine mortal evolution state combat power. You can test


The sword rays pained Lu Ze a little, but he smiled. “Lu Ze, level three mortal evolution state. Teacher Jack, let me test your power.’


A sharp sword hum reverberated. Golden swords swam around Jack, and they spread out. At the border of the lake, a golden wall was erected. It blocked the fluctuations.

Everyone from the banquet had their eyes on the lake. Jack represented the strongest bunch of young dukes. Leven nine of the mortal evolution state! His combat power was near the planetary state.

Jack stepped forward and disappeared from the spot. At the same time, a few meter long sword intent was shot toward Lu Ze.

When the sharp sword intent came before him, Lu Ze felt a tingling pain all over his body.

Instantly, black gold battle armor was formed.


Then, Jack appeared behind Lu Ze. His long sword beamed with golden light and a stack of sword shadows. It was as though countless Jacks were swinging swords.

Screech! s.p.a.ce was torn open by the sword.

Lu Ze was calm. Green wind circulated around him. He sidestepped and dodged the strike. Subsequently, black rays flashed around him. His body of darkness was activated.

His power surged like crazy. Lu Ze punched with his right hand.

Star crippling punch!

With the buff provided by the body of darkness, his star crippling punch had a power that was approaching the planetary state.


The punch’s devastating power made Jack tense up. His wrist flicked, and the sword greeted Lu Ze’s fist.


Sword rays and fist force shot in all directions, skidding along the lake surface and wall. The battle wave charged out of the planet.

Everyone frowned. “These two were so strong!”

Only a rare few young dukes could reach this level.

“Lu Ze… is a maniac?!”

One young duke smiled bitterly. “I’m a level three mortal evolution state too, but I don’t know how one can have such terrifying power.”

His power was close to level six of the mortal evolution state.

The military and adventure squad representatives looked at Lu Ze with fervor and antic.i.p.ation.

The more talented Lu Ze was, the more they wanted him.

The two split up from the shock, but they immediately charged back at each other.

Jack’s sword vibrated, and the intense golden beam receded. It seemed ordinary, but Jack was sweating from holding his sword.


He swung the sword suddenly. “Sever!”

Jack’s sword sliced at Lu Ze. Everywhere the blade pa.s.sed, the light seemed to have been sucked away.

Lu Ze felt like a mountain was above him. His body was extremely heavy. He was surprised. This move was quite strong. Its power was almost at the planetary state.


Lu Ze’s power burst out and shook the s.p.a.ce. His body regained freedom as purple-red lightning appeared on his right hand.

It formed into the shape of a spear as he suddenly thrust out.

The two weapons clashed. Even the surface of the lake was disturbed. The audience could feel an immense power surging. Most of them would be powerless to stop such an attack.Ye Mu and the others were protected by Xuan Yuji. Otherwise, they might be heavily injured just from the chi. “Jack’s Heaven Pound Golden Sword, this is their family’s divine art! He used his trump card right at the beginning?” It was just two clashes, and Jack was forced to use his trump card. Was Lu Ze that terrifying?

Mo Xie grinned. “It seems Jack really wants the Heaven Yang spirit fruit.”

Lin Kuang grinned. “He’s going to the void border in a few days. He will see his big brother there. If he uses a Heaven Yang spirit fruit, he would be more confident.”

Everyone laughed. Soon, the shockwave dissipated. Lu Ze’s right-hand armor cracked. There was a faint bloodstain on the gash on his finger.

He was still injured.

He didn’t use the lightning cloud, but he was still injured.

Jack’s divine art was quite strong, but he didn’t seem to have full control over it.

Lu Ze looked up at Jack and smiled. “I’m injured. Indeed, Teacher Jack is powerful.”