Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 523 - There’s Something Wrong With What He’s Caring About

Chapter 523 - There’s Something Wrong With What He’s Caring About

Chapter 523 There’s Something Wrong With What He’s Caring About

Jack, Derrick, and Daphne were speechless after seeing Lu Ze’s and Nangong Jing’s eyes.

These two people!

They already spent more than a hundred million academic credits on this celebration. Did they need to stare at the things in their hands?!

Look at Lin Ling, she just sat there without moving at all.

Little did they know that Lin Ling was too embarra.s.sed by these two!

These two people were so embarra.s.sing!

Even Lu Li and Alice looked away.

Only Qiuyue Hesha watched the two with interest.

Soon, the three took out their rare ingredients and wine. Lu Ze and Nangong Jing invited them in to sit too.

Originally, Luo Bingqing and the others were just here to see whether there were any good shows to watch or test Lu Ze themselves. They didn’t expect Lu Ze to bring out so many mortal evolution state spirit fruits and foods. They were planning to enjoy it, of course.

Soon, the second batch of guests arrived. It was Mo Xie with his familiar evil smirk and Chi Xiaomo. There was also the green-haired Bernie. The three collaborated with Lu Ze at Ena System before in order to kill the planetary state void beast.

Lu Ze smiled at them. “Welcome.”

The three were stunned by the spirit mist perfusing through the square. They looked at Lu Ze strangely. Just how wealthy was he?!

There were so many mortal evolution state spirit fruits??

Although their power was at the peak of mortal evolution state, it would pain their heart to take out such spirit fruits.

Didn’t Lu Ze just reach the mortal evolution state?

Why was he so wealthy?!

Lu Ze was confused upon seeing how the three stared at him non-stop. He couldn’t help but touch his face.

Did he grow more handsome? Mo Xie looked at Lu Ze and then at Nangong Jing before saying, “Last time, I owe you a favor. Come to me if you need anything.” Lu Ze smiled. “It’s nothing. If you guys didn’t stop the void beast, I wouldn’t have the chance to launch the attack.”

Chi Xiamo looked at Nangong Jing with complicated emotions. “Nangong, I didn’t expect you to progress this fast.”

The gap between them was limited before. After she got a huge opportunity outside the Milky Way galaxy, she thought she could beat Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. However, their progress was far quicker than her. She was unsatisfied, but there was nothing she could do.

Mo Xie and Bernie also looked at Nangong Jing with complicated emotions. Clearly, they didn’t feel satisfied either.

Nangong Jing smiled. “I was just lucky.”

Her luck had indeed been great ever since she encountered Lu Ze. If it wasn’t for Lu Ze, her power would, at most, be around Chi Xiaomo’s.

The three smiled in disbelief.

How could growth in power be explained just by luck? Even if it was luck, then luck was a part of power.

Mo Xie took out a bamboo-like spirit material that was shrouded in black mist and a bottle of wine to Lu Ze. “Yours and Lin Ling’s gift.”

Lu Ze took it and looked at the bamboo asking, “Um… Would this be poisonous? If it is, I should give it back to you.”

He didn’t forget what Alice said before. She wanted to poison him. As such, he couldn’t give her the opportunity.

That black smoke looked poisonous.

Mo Xie, who was planning to walk forward, stopped after hearing this.

After a moment of silence, he said, “This is dark shadow bamboo. I got it from the adventure this time. It’s beneficial in learning dark G.o.d art. If you don’t want it, then give it back to me.”

If Lu Ze didn’t save his life last time, he wasn’t going to take out such a thing! This thing was beneficial to him!

Lu Ze asked, “Is this tasty?”

Even though it can help with learning dark G.o.d art, it wasn’t very useful to Lu Ze. After all, he had body of darkness and purple orbs. Likewise, although Li had darkness G.o.d art, he would give her body of darkness G.o.d art orbs every time he had an extra.

Perhaps this was good for Mo Xie? If it wasn’t tasty, he should give it back to him.

Lu Ze already felt the sincerity of such a precious gift.

Mo Xie and everyone looked at Lu Ze as though he was r.e.t.a.r.ded.

This was something the entire Federation didn’t have, and yet, all this guy cared about was whether it was tasty?!

Mo Xie was a bit regretful. Giving this to Lu Ze was a waste!

Nangong Jing knew what Lu Ze thought. This thing was indeed not too useful to Lu Ze.

Mo Xie gritted his teeth. “Tasty! Very tasty!”

If it wasn’t that the spirit fruits here would benefit him quite a bit, he would have left already.

But now…

He was going to eat the food, watch the show, and leave.

Lu Ze smiled. “That’s great. Thank you.”

Since it was tasty, then he wasn’t going to give it back.

Chi Xiaomo and Bernie also thanked Lu Ze for what happened last time. Thereafter, they gave him rare gifts.

They wanted to use dark shadow bamboo as well, but Mo Xie already did so. Therefore, they chose tasty spirit food instead.

The three went in and looked around before sitting at Luo Bingqing’s table.

Luo Bingqing asked, “Mo Xie, how does it feel to go beyond the galaxy?”

Mo Xie reminisced his journey beyond, and his eyes flashed with a sliver of fear. “There’s a reason why the old men tell us to reach the planetary state before going out.”

Chi Xiaomo said seriously, “We almost died out there, and this was with a few planetary states in our squad.”

Bernie smiled. “You will be able to experience it at the void border.”

They were going there too.

Luo Bingqing and the rest had gone through quite some battles, but most of them were safe, as it was within the Federation.

Daphne changed the subject. “By the way, what do you think of Lu Ze?”

Everyone looked around. Eventually, Bernie said, “Very strong! I watched the clip of what happened after I fainted. Rarely anyone at level one of the planetary state can dodge that lightning spear.”

Mo Xie said, “That’s not the most important part.”

Luo Bingqing nodded. “His cultivation level seems to be at level three of the mortal evolution state now.”

Luo Bingqing’s words scared everyone.

It had only been two months ago since he broke through to the mortal evolution state. One level a month. This was the mortal evolution state they were talking about!

This level of talent was absurd.

Jack grinned. “Hehe, he could kill a planetary state before reaching the mortal evolution state. Although the situation can’t be repeated, I really wonder what his current power is…”

Chi Xiamo smiled. “There will definitely be people who will challenge him. Just watch.”

Derrick smiled. “The saint personally appointed him as Monarch of the New Dawn. There are quite some prideful people in our circle. Not everyone can accept it. I hope someone strong can come.”

They, on the other hand, had already seen Lu Ze’s power. Hence, they were more accepting of it. Most people had far lesser knowledge of Lu Ze.