Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 524 - Let Him See How Many People Were Itching

Chapter 524 - Let Him See How Many People Were Itching

Chapter 524 Let Him See How Many People Were Itching

Soon, more and more guests came to the lake.

They were all surprised to see the spirit mist and spirit fruit. Those who could come were all mortal evolution states.

For those low-level mortal evolution states, these spirit fruits and food would be very beneficial. They were just here to attend the young duke celebration. The purpose of this was to confirm the new young duke’s power, but now, the cost of this celebration would take weaker young dukes a few years to earn.

Did these two really need approval? Lin Ling complained, “Sister Hesha. You and sister Jing used too many spirit fruits.” Most of these fruits were supplied by Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. Only a small portion was supplied by Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “These fruits are the rewards we got before. We’re already planetary states now. These spirit fruits aren’t very effective, and you guys don’t need it. Thus, we’re going to use it for Lu Ze.”

“After all, he’s Monarch of the New Dawn. His celebration can’t be ordinary.”

Lin Ling said nothing. If these fruits were given back to the Federation, it would be worth 70 to 80 million academic credits.

As time went by, more and more guests arrived. Lu Ze and Nangong Jing couldn’t handle them all. Qiuyue Hesha said, “Let’s go down and help.”

Lu Li, Alice, and Lin Ling stood up. Even Ying Ying wanted to help.

Lu Li carried Ying Ying. “Let’s go. Ying Ying can accept gifts too.”

Lu Ze saw the group walk over and smiled. “Alice, I have so many supposedly rare and good ingredients. You can cook plenty of good food now!”

Those guests who were still in line didn’t know what to say.

Was this Monarch of the New Dawn really fine?

These ingredients were rare, but they couldn’t compare with the mortal evolution state spirit fruits and food here.

Would they regret it later and make them pay academic credits or federal contribution points?

Everyone was quite worried.

At this moment, a pretty girl came up to Lu Ze. “Lu Ze, thank you for taking care of my little sister.”

Lu Ze was confused and looked at this girl with confusion.

Who was her sister?

At this moment, Nangong Jing grinned. “Little Jiji, why did you only arrive now?” Lu Ze coughed.

What did Nangong Jing call this girl?

The rest of the people also showed a strange smile.

This girl blushed and glared at Nangong Jing. “Jingjing, don’t call me that!”

This nickname was more embarra.s.sing than her young duke t.i.tle.

Both her nickname and young duke t.i.tle were very embarra.s.sing.

Nangong Jing smiled awkwardly. “I haven’t seen you for so long. I forgot.”

The girl rolled her eyes. She felt Nangong Jing did it intentionally.

Nangong Jing introduced her to Lu Ze. “This is Xuan Yuji, Xuan Yuqi’s elder sister. Her young duke t.i.tle is… cough…”

Lu Ze and everyone realized why she said Lu Ze took care of her sister.


Why did Nangong Jing stop at her young duke t.i.tle?

He looked strangely at Xuan Yuqi.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something

Xuan Yuqi once told him about a very pitiful young duke. She liked to eat Blue Flower fruit and was therefore named “Blue Flower Fruit Young Duke”.

Lu Ze looked at Xuan Yuji and saw that she was looking at him too.

One was Blue Flower Fruit Young Duke. The other was Xingzhan Fruit Pancake Young Duke…

Too pitiful!

Lu Ze smiled. “Welcome sister Yuji. Yuqi is my friend. Of course, I will take care of her.”

Xuan Yuji smiled. “I was planning to take her here with me, but she rejected my offer. It seems you’ve already prepared things for her.”

She glanced at where Xuan Yuqi was. Xuan Yuqi saw Xuan Yuji too, but the former just nodded.

Xuan Yuji shook her head. “My sister is too


If she were Xuan Yuqi, she would have competed for Lu Ze.

At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Yuji, long time no see.” Xuan Yuji smiled. “I’ve been in solitary cultivation lately. My G.o.d art grew a little. I thought I would be able to catch up a few steps to you guys, but you’ve already reached the planetary state.” She was quite close to Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

She went inside, and Lu Ze and the others kept greeting more people. Ying Ying’s crisp voice came out suddenly. “Present!”

Two familiar faces came over. One was a gentle golden-haired woman. She took out two purple fruits that were the size of Ying Ying’s face and handed them over.

“Here’s your present.” Ying Ying’s eyes lit up. She looked at the fruit for a while and bit into it.


Lu Ze happened to turn around and see this. His heart ached. How dare she eat it! He wanted to eat too.

However, there were too many guests here. Lu Ze felt that he needed to be magnanimous as the Monarch of the New Dawn.

He could only smile.

At this moment, a blood-haired handsome man came up to Lin Ling and said with some disbelief, “Little Ling, congratulations on becoming a young duke.”

Lin Ling poked her tongue out. “Brother, why did you come as well?”

Lin Kuang laughed. “My own little sister had become a young duke. Of course, I need to come.”

Louisa, who was standing on Lin Kuang’s side, said, “We’re about to go to the void border. We’re gathering here.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Major General Lin Kuang and Lousia, long time no see.”

He hadn’t seen them since the events at Xiaer System. It’s been half a year.

Lin Kuang’s mouth twitched, and he showed a dry smile. “Congratulations, Monarch of the New Dawn.”

He wanted to beat this guy up after seeing how close he was with his sister.

Louisa looked at Lu Ze with approval. “I didn’t expect you to reach this level already.”

She remembered that the first time she saw Lu Ze, he wasn’t even an aperture opening state.

In half a year, he was already as strong as she was. This was unbelievable.

Lu Ze smiled with embarra.s.sment.During this time, two violent chi flew over and landed heavily on the ground, causing the dust to scatter all over the place.

Lu Ze raised his brow, and the wind blew away the dust.

This scene made everyone look over.

In the end, someone still wanted to challenge him.

Lu Ze smiled at the figures in the dust.

It was fine.

He would beat the approval from whoever it was.

He wanted to see how many people were itching