Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 522 - Does the Monarch Celebration Need to Be This Exaggerated?

Chapter 522 - Does the Monarch Celebration Need to Be This Exaggerated?

Chapter 522 Does the Monarch Celebration Need to Be This Exaggerated?

In the following eight days, Lu Ze’s life went back to normal.

Lu Li and Alice also got their own house in the elite cla.s.s dorms. It was a newly built building since the two girls wanted to live closer to Lu Ze and Lin Ling. This wasn’t anything major for the Federal University. Lu Li’s and Alice’s talent created more room for leniency.

After completing their cultivation in the morning period, Lu Ze and everyone returned to their own homes to cultivate alone.

Due to Lu Ze’s...o...b.., Lu Li and Alice improved rather quickly. They gained 10 apertures every day. As their body grew stronger, they were also improving faster.

At the latter stages of the aperture opening state, Lu Ze could improve by 20 apertures a day. However, their body wasn’t strong enough yet, so they couldn’t match this speed. Despite so, they were at the aperture opening state with 600 apertures, and their combat power reached the mortal evolution state.

Lin Ling’s power was rather far from Lu Ze’s. After all, her body was far weaker than Lu Ze. She was at level two of the mortal evolution state, but she could only handle level four special orbs.

Lu Ze could already handle level seven special red orbs. Lu Ze was confident he could handle level eight orbs. Nevertheless, he was not a match for level eight bosses yet.

As for Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha, Lu Ze’s...o...b.. weren’t suitable for them. However, there were large numbers of ordinary red orbs. Coupled with their Star Forging fruit and Heaven Yang spirit fruit, they were able to fix their inadequacies while progressing steadily. Their progress was rather slow compared to Lu Ze and the others.

At night time, Lu Ze entered the pocket hunting dimension like usual. Due to his chi stealth G.o.d art, Lu Ze avoided several beatings from bosses.

After learning the body of darkness, Lu Ze could even fight level eight mortal evolution state wolves head-on. It wasn’t too plausible to kill them as they had strength in numbers.

Lu Ze had dark vision now, so he wouldn’t be blind at night. His vision range was limited compared to his day time vision. It can only cover tens of kilometers. However, he wouldn’t be accidentally killed by a boss again, at least.

The number of dark wolves he was killing every day was increasing. Every dark wolf would drop chi stealth G.o.d art. Meanwhile, the body of darkness G.o.d art orb had a rather small drop rate.

When Lu Ze was unlucky, he wouldn’t even get a single body of darkness...o...b..

Because they were going to the void border, Lu Ze gave the chi stealth G.o.d art orbs to Lu Li and the others. They would be able to survive danger rather easier too.

They also bought divine arts from the Dawn Network, so their combat power was improving steadily.

Eight days later, at night, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had set up several things next to their lake.

They built a not-so-small square, wherein all sorts of tables were organized. The tables had varieties of spirit fruit and food.

Aroma emanated from the square. As Lu Ze’s good friends, Ye Mu and the entire group were naturally invited. Lu Ze even called over Xu Yang and the others to introduce them to Ye Mu and the rest. In Lu Ze’s view, their power gap wasn’t that large. They were all abstruse martial states. However, since most of the guests were either young dukes or mortal evolution state bosses, they were scared. As such, they went to sit down in a corner.

With the perfusion of spirit force in this square, they felt their spirit force grow just by smelling the aroma.

The group looked amongst themselves in shock.

Xu Yang smiled bitterly. “I didn’t expect that just the spirit food aroma here made our cultivation level improve… just what level of spirit food is this?”

Lu Ze appointed Ye Mu to help look after his high school friends. He pointed at the jade green fruit on the table and said, “This is jade lotus seed. It’s a mortal evolution state spirit item. Most importantly, even spirit martial states can use it. It’s a great spirit fruit for building a foundation. It’s worth at least 150,000 academic credits. It’s not sold on the Dawn Network. You can only get this through rewards.”

Subsequently, he pointed at another crystal liquid. “This is heaven crystal spirit liquid made mainly from heaven crystal spirit fruit. It can also be used by abstruse martial states. Just one liter costs 200,000 academic credits.”

He then pointed at the spirit foods on the table and started introducing them.

These things were at least 100,000 academic credits.

What sort of wealth did one need to use these in order to treat the guests?

Was Ze this wealthy already?

Although they knew Lu Ze’s power was extremely strong and had a rather high status in the Federation, they didn’t expect that a mere monarch celebration would be this expensive.

Their table alone cost nearly 10 million academic credits!

They felt they couldn’t earn that in a lifetime…

Xuan Yuqi smiled. “Our table is special. Ze prepared it just for us. The other tables only cost a few million academic credits.”

A few million?


Xu Yang and the rest didn’t know how to describe their feelings. Was this the delight of being wealthy?

Xuan Yuqi and the others were also very shocked.

After all, it was already very absurd for other young dukes to spend 10 million academic credits for the entire celebration. Lu Ze and Lin Ling spent around 100 million. This was unimaginable!

At this moment, a few dark beams sliced across the sky and landed on the square.

It was a white-haired handsome man shrouded in frost, a golden-haired man with sharp sword will, a weak-looking brown-haired youth, and a dark-haired pretty woman.

Luo Bingqing, Jack Howard, Derrick, and Daphne Anderson.

These four were the first guests who were invited by Lu Ze and Lin Ling, other than their friends.

They came over with fighting spirit, but they didn’t expect to see the spirit mist, which almost materialized. They were dazed.

What was going on?

Wasn’t it just a young duke celebration?

Even though Lu Ze and Lin Ling held theirs together, it didn’t need to be this absurd, right??

Everything was all mortal evolution state spirit fruit and food??

They glanced around, and when they saw the few abstruse martial state students, their mouth twitched.

Abstruse martial state friends were invited?!

Did they come to the wrong place? During this time, Lu Ze and the others, who were sitting at the top table, saw the guests, and their eyes lit up.

Lu Ze and Nangong Jing rushed up to the four. Lu Ze smiled. “Welcome, welcome.”

Then, he reached out his hand. The intention couldn’t be more obvious. They had to give gifts before going in! Luo Bingqing: “…” Jack: “…”

Derrick: “…”

Daphne: “…”

Their smile froze upon seeing this.

Moments later, Luo Bingqing took out three frosty ice spirit fruits and said, “Three runed ice spirit fruit. I got it from an occasion.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up after seeing this.

Was it tasty?He should let Alice see it, so she could decide on how to cook it best.

Lu Ze took the three fruits. There was a cold sensation.

“Thank you, teacher Luo!”

At this moment, Nangong Jing coughed.

Luo Bingqing’s mouth twitched, and then, he took out an ice jade wine bottle and said, “Ice heart wine. I wonder if it suits your taste. It’s rather plain-flavored. It can help you focus your mind.”

Nangong Jing took it and smiled happily. “I’ve long heard of this wine. I believe it won’t be bad.”

She pointed toward inside. “Please come in.”

Subsequently, the two stared at the other three.