Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 521 - Real Planetary State Power

Chapter 521 - Real Planetary State Power

Chapter 521 Real Planetary State Power

Half an hour later, the pain dissipated. Lu Ze quickly sat up. He wanted to try this dark G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze just broke through to level three of the mortal evolution state, so he was not in a rush to increase his cultivation level.

The dark wolves were very stealthy. Their G.o.d art seemed to be quite interesting. In that case, he might as well try them himself.

Lu Ze drew in the G.o.d art orb, and immediately, an ethereal chi penetrated Lu Ze’s body.

Under the moonlight, the figure of Lu Ze looked as though it disappeared. Although it could be seen, it was impossible to feel it. This was similar to the huge dark wolves.

Five hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. This G.o.d art was stronger than he had imagined!

It had the effect of concealing chi, but it was much stronger than the chi stealth technique. One had to be much stronger than he was to notice his figure, once he completely concealed his chi.

This was a rather good G.o.d art for Lu Ze. It would be quite useful both in the pocket hunting dimension and the void border. Upon thinking about this, Lu Ze felt great. Up until now, he hadn’t even survived one night on the third map. This was quite sad.

However, currently, that was about to be the past! He was confident he could survive the first night now!

With this G.o.d art and him knowing the appearance of the giant wolves, he could change into the wolf and pretend to be one of them.

But… Lu Ze felt that those wolves didn’t just have chi stealth G.o.d art. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense why their speeds were terrifying.

Perhaps, there were other G.o.d arts, but they didn’t drop them every time?

He had plenty of chances to kill the wolves now, so he didn’t need to think much.

Lu Ze took out another chi stealth G.o.d art orb and started learning it.

The following day, Lu Ze went to Nangong Jing’s place for cultivation in the morning. In the afternoon, he worked on his cultivation level. At night time, he entered the pocket hunting dimension again.

Using his chi stealth G.o.d art and powerful lightning cloud divine art, Lu Ze only hunted level seven mortal evolution state bosses. Eventually, he survived the day, and night time fell.

The deep darkness devoured the little light mercilessly.

Lu Ze watched and then transformed into a meter tall dark… um… small wolf.

Lu Ze used the chi stealth G.o.d art and then hid in the darkness.

In the darkness, Lu Ze’s sensory range didn’t expand because he changed into a dark wolf. It kept shrinking.

But this time, Lu Ze was very confident. Soon, he found a pack to join.


This was a small scale wolf pack made of five dark wolves that were at level seven of the mortal evolution state and three ones that were at level eight of the mortal evolution state.

This pack was perfect for Lu Ze. Even after he killed the level seven wolves, he was confident he could leave casually. Therefore, he happily approached the wolf pack. When the wolves saw Lu Ze, they felt confused. They glared at Lu Ze as though they were examining something.

Lu Ze bared his teeth.

Lightning cloud divine art!


The lightning came so suddenly. The wolves reacted quickly, but after that wave of lightning, the four wolves that were level seven died on the spot. The remaining level seven wolf was heavily injured. Meanwhile, those level eight wolves couldn’t tolerate this at all.

They howled and charged at Lu Ze furiously.

Lu Ze kept using lightning cloud divine art to a.s.sail the wolves. The dark wolves were swift, and the lightning cloud divine art couldn’t hit them. However, Lu Ze still successfully stopped them.

As for the remaining level seven wolf, Lu Ze managed to kill it.

When the five bodies turned to dust, Lu Ze saw a different G.o.d art orb amidst the orbs. It emitted a dark mist. It was like a black hole in the night.

Lu Ze raised a brow. He used another wave of lightning to serve as his cover while he casually picked up all the orbs. There were 24 special red, 22 special purple, 5 chi stealth G.o.d art orb, and 1 dark mist orb.

Thereafter, Lu Ze summoned his fire clone!

30 small dark wolves appeared in flames and flew around in all directions.

Those roaring dark wolves were immediately dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Lu Ze flashed with silver light and disappeared from the spot. It was that simple!

A few thousand kilometers away, Lu Ze sighed casually. He thought it would be hard, but it was all too easy.

Last time, it was mainly due to that level nine boss that he had a hard time. This time, things were much easier. He still had a third of his energy left.

Lu Ze looked around vigilantly. He didn’t appear in the middle of the wolf pack like last time. As such, he disappeared into the darkness again.

Three hours later, Lu Ze was surrounded by darkness. His vision, mental force, hearing, and senses couldn’t feel anything in the darkness at all. He couldn’t even see his own paws.

However, Lu Ze felt that he could survive until daylight in his wolf form.

Suddenly, his consciousness dissipated.

Lu Ze woke up back in his room.


Which boss was blind?

They were of the same kind. Why kill him?

Weren’t wolves very united?

Half an hour later, Lu Ze sat up and looked at that dark mist G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze had high hopes for it. He drew it into his body.Instantly, Lu Ze felt he was immersed in boundless darkness. He couldn’t sense anything.

Eight hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. This special G.o.d art could give him dark vision. When activating this G.o.d art in darkness, his speed and power would be significantly amplified by dark elements. Of course, his speed would increase much more than power. Most importantly, this didn’t clash with Blue Bird One Divine Art and 1st body G.o.d art.

This meant that as long as this G.o.d art was strong enough, his speed and power wouldn’t be weaker than lightning cloud divine art in darkness. Accordingly, his power would truly reach the planetary state, other than his defenses.

Lu Ze grinned. This G.o.d art was so powerful. He would call it “body of darkness”.

He just learned the body of darkness, but as he mastered it more, he would be a merciless jungler even in the dark.

Lu Ze hoped his body of darkness would improve. There were 8 more days until the monarch celebration and 13 days before going to the void border. He felt he could improve it quite a bit.

He cleansed himself and went downstairs. Lu Ze saw Lu Li, Alice, and Lin Ling on the couch. Before this, Alice asked for his keys. She said it would be convenient for her to come to his house and cook for him, as well as tidy up his things.

Lu Li asked for one too. As a result, Lu Ze gave them one each.