Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 520 - This Seems to Be Quite a Nice God Art?

Chapter 520 - This Seems to Be Quite a Nice God Art?

Chapter 520 This Seems to Be Quite a Nice G.o.d Art?

Pocket Hunting Dimension

Night Time

As Lu Ze’s fire clone kept growing stronger, Lu Ze’s survival time in the pocket hunting dimension was increasing as well. Even if he was occasionally discovered by level eight and nine mortal evolution state bosses, he was still capable of escaping with his fire clone and s.p.a.ce G.o.d art.

His lightning cloud’s power had barely reached the planetary state. Other than those level seven mortal evolution state beasts with earth G.o.d art, he could pretty much kill the rest instantly. In a short day, Lu Ze gathered tens of level seven special red and purple orbs. He got several G.o.d art orbs too.

Lu Ze roamed on the barren fields as he searched for his prey-for instance, the golden little echidna he encountered last time.

That little thing had level three mortal evolution state cultivation level, but its combat power was over level eight. This was unbelievable.

Lu Ze suspected that the little thing might know divine art or its G.o.d art was very powerful.

If he encountered it now, Lu Ze felt he could kill that little echidna. However, he hadn’t encountered the echidna after all these days.

At this moment, the sun was going to set under the horizon again. The place was being devoured by darkness.

Lu Ze looked around nervously. He had spent quite some time on the third map, and this was his third time entering during the night time. To him, the night time was merciless.

At least, let him know how he died?!

As darkness fell, Lu Ze found that the barren lands became very quiet. He didn’t see any other beasts.

Ten kilometers to the left, Lu Ze saw a few thousand-meter tall trees. He flew toward the crest of the tree. He hid there and expanded his mental force in all directions.

During this time, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had a bold idea. He wasn’t alone now. He had fire clones!

He could spread his fire clones around. Accordingly, 64 clones appeared and surrounded him. Lu Ze didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to find the culprit with this many clones around him.

Deeper into the night, Lu Ze could feel the darkness surrounding him. From ten kilometers to a few kilometers, until it narrowed down to a few hundred meters.

Lu Ze’s body tensed, and he used his chi stealth technique to the extreme while waiting for that unknown boss to arrive.

Right now, Lu Ze felt his mental connection to a fire clone break. Thereafter, in a short instant, tens of mental connections were broken.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

Lu Ze looked at their directions. They were in every direction.

So many!

Lu Ze scanned around vigilantly. At this moment, he saw a dark figure looming in the darkness.

The figure was too fast. Lu Ze couldn’t even see what it was. Despite so, Lu Ze’s back was drenched with sweat.

Just what was that?! Was it really a ghost?!

At this time, more mental connections broke. This time, Lu Ze finally saw what it was.

In the darkness, a black figure appeared. Its shoulder height was only around two meters. It was some kind of a huge dark wolf. It used the darkness to appear and disappear like a ghost.

There were 21 huge dark wolves that appeared. They used their sharp claws to cut across the fire clones. Almost instantly, the fire clones were annihilated.

Level seven, eight, and nine of the mortal evolution state!

The wolves had extremely terrifying power. Even the lowest was level seven mortal evolution state. There were a lot of level eight mortal evolution states, and even one had reached level nine of the mortal evolution state.

There were only 21 dark wolves!

This beast pack was definitely the top of the food chain on the third map!


Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with coldness. Since there were level seven mortal evolution state wolves, would he be able to keep a few at least?

They had killed him twice already! He was going to exact revenge this time!


A deep_thunderous sound suddenly ensued. A patch of lightning cloud suddenly rose above Lu Ze’s head.


Half-purple and half-red lightning bolts flashed in the s.p.a.ce. They temporarily cast away the darkness.

This time, Lu Ze used a lot of his own power to form the lightning.

More than a hundred terrifying lightning bolts were headed toward the wolves.


Thunder exploded in the quiet darkness.


The wolves roared.

Subsequently, Lu Ze was in disbelief. These wolves were extremely fast. Almost instantly, that level nine mortal evolution state wolf was behind his back. Sharp chi swept across. Lu Ze flashed with silver light and moved a few hundred meters away, barely dodging the attack just then.

Before he could catch his breath, a few level eight mortal evolution state wolves came pouncing at him.

So fast!

Lu Ze’s skin crawled.

Even the lightning cloud divine art couldn’t hit those level eight and level nine wolves. As for the level seven wolves, they were barely hit. Only two were killed while the rest were just heavily injured.

Lu Ze scanned across the battlefield. He used the lightning bolts to cover him.

With all his power, Lu Ze broke through the surrounding. Using the lightning cloud divine art as his cover and Blue Bird 1 divine art for agility, he was able to survive.

However, his energy was rapidly depleting.

The lightning cloud divine art required a certain time to draw in the surrounding spirit force. If he wanted to do it faster, he would need to use his own energy. As such, this entire process greatly drained his energy He didn’t even have time to kill those heavily injured level seven wolves.

A few seconds later, Lu Ze saw that those two dead wolves left behind 12 special red orbs, 11 special purple orbs, and 2 dark crystal orbs.

There was G.o.d art indeed!

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He formed tens of more lightning bolts and moved next to the orbs. He quickly picked them up. Following that, he just used up all his energy to teleport a few thousand kilometers in a random location.

Regardless, staying here meant that his death would be certain.

When Lu Ze emerged once again, he felt his body was completely drained. He almost really died a while ago. He didn’t have any energy left.

But! He survived!

Lu Ze felt great. He looked around, and then, he ended up dazed.

There were dense cl.u.s.ters of dark wolves around him. They were glaring at him with their deep eyes.Lu Ze: “???”

What luck was this?

He moved directly next to the wolves?!

This wolf pack was much larger. Lu Ze easily saw a few hundred wolves. More terrifyingly, Lu Ze even felt a chi that was approaching the planetary state!

Before he could even speak, Lu Ze’s consciousness faded.

Lu Ze woke up back in his dark room. He resisted the pain and got up to open the lights. Only when the lights appeared did Lu Ze lay back down.

He looked at the two dark G.o.d art orbs in his mental dimension and smiled.

They seemed to be great G.o.d arts, weren’t they?