Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 51 - I seem to have found a bright spot!

Chapter 51 - I seem to have found a bright spot!

Chapter 51: I seem to have found a bright spot!

After being reminded, the teachers in the discussion room once again looked at Lu Ze’s screen.


“This speed?!”


On the screen, Lu Ze’s body was a blur. Every time he tapped on the ground, he would appear a few hundred meters forward.

Such speed… Was this really a martial warrior level nine student?

Their brains were shaking!

Even Elder Lin, Li Kuang, and Harry had their eyes opened wide.

It was extremely rare for a level nine martial warrior to run at such speeds.

Li Kuang and Harry glanced at each other, reading something different from the other’s eyes.

The schools they worked at were the two best universities of the human race. Neither of them would give up this student!

Sparks flashed between their eyes.

At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly stopped.

He looked up at a stone pillar before him that was a few hundred meters tall.

About 100 meters up, a bulging spot could be seen. A yellow, crystal-like vine was wrapped around it.

It emanated a faint aroma that was extremely pleasing.

A yellow crystal vine!

He finally found it!

Lu Ze immediately dashed up from the ground and his body shot up as though it had no weight.

“This student… ran that fast for a yellow crystal vine?”

Everyone in the discussion room had strange expressions on their faces.

Yellow crystal vines were level two spirit herbs, but their medicinal properties weren’t too strong. The only highlight of it was… that it tasted great?

Due to its aroma, there would be quite a lot of low-level spirit beasts lingering around it.

It wasn’t even worth it to collect such a spirit herb.

Only those foodies would collect such herbs.


They seemed to have found a bright spot!

This student only searched for those spirit herbs to eat them, right?!

On the same note, all of the spirit herbs he collected had a quite nice taste, right?

Oh my!

This student must be dumb!

Everyone’s eyes flashed while looking at the happy Lu Ze.

Seeing his confident smile, they guessed that he was probably prepared.

With his speed, he should be able to run away quite easily.

Lu Ze arrived at the vine; his eyes were almost watery just looking at it.

In order to find it, he had opened his five senses and used his wind control G.o.d art to the max.

Suddenly, just when Lu Ze was about to take it, a terrifying pressure came from behind him.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. He palmed the pillar and s.h.i.+fted left a few meters.


A faint yellow, claw-like spirit power attack flew towards his side.


The attack struck against the pillar; stone and dust flew everywhere. A green light flashed in the depths of Lu Ze’s eyes. He waved his hand and the dust was disappeared.

Lu Ze lightly smirked.

Ambush him?


He looked at the ferocious beast that was rapidly climbing up the pillar.

It looked a bit like a gorilla. It had bulky ligaments, sharp claws, was about four meters tall and was covered in a thick layer of yellow fur.

It opened its hideous mouth and stared at Lu Ze while shrieking.

Hmm, not food.

The teachers looked at the beast and said speechlessly,

“Spirit martial state level eight barren earth gorilla… This kid is too unlucky!”

“He probably has to leave the trial early.”

“But in that case, won’t his scores not be enough for guaranteed entry? He can only go through high school final exams.”

“That’s true.”

Everyone nodded.

Though they said this, at the same time, they were all secretly trying to get a special entry spot for this kid.

Even Li Kuang and Harry’s eyes were dodgy.

However, their schools were the two best universities of the human race. They couldn’t easily change the rules.

Lu Ze’s talent for speed was good, but he hadn’t shown enough for their school to change the rules for him. Thus, they were hesitant.

In the princ.i.p.al’s office, the teachers and the princ.i.p.al looked on with disappointment.

The princ.i.p.al shook his head and sighed. “Sigh, it’s not Lu Ze’s fault. He’s just too unlucky.”

They were very excited because Lu Ze had easily gotten into the top ten.

Somewhere else, Alice looked worriedly at the screen. “Li, is senior schoolmate going to be okay?”

Lu Li’s eyes flashed with a sliver of worry before smiling. “Don’t worry, Lu Ze isn’t worried at all. He’s probably confident.”

Yet, on the screen, Lu Ze’s expression suddenly changed.

He realized a serious problem had befallen him!

He subconsciously dodged the attack but forgot to protect the yellow crystal vine…

Lu Ze turned around and saw that the more than ten-meter long yellow crystal vine now only had less than five meters.

Lu Ze’s body shook. He opened his mouth and said helplessly, “My, my yellow crystal vine…”

He turned around and roared at the barren earth gorilla, “p.i.s.s off!”

His eyes turned cold as he kicked. A crystal-like color flashed and a huge amount of power struck the gorilla that was less than five meters below him.


The terrifying force instantly tore the gorilla from the pillar as it fell rapidly.

Lu Ze couldn’t care less whether the gorilla was dead or not. He arrived at the yellow crystal vine and frowned in pain after seeing its shortened length.

In order to prevent another accident from occurring, he carefully placed the yellow crystal vine in his storage ring.

The audience: “…”

They were dazed upon seeing how careful Lu Ze was.

Looking at his despaired face before, they thought that Lu Ze knew he was going to be disqualified!

Yet it was because of this yellow crystal vine?!

What was that kick?!

A barren earth gorilla that was spirit martial state level eight…

It was kicked down with a single kick?!