Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 517 - Is This the Beginning of a New Era?

Chapter 517 - Is This the Beginning of a New Era?

Chapter 517 Is This the Beginning of a New Era?

Two hours later, it was noon. Lu Li and Alice put down their luggage at Lin Ling’s place and then came over to Lu Ze’s to cook.

As for Lu Ze, he watched cartoons with Ying Ying. During this time, there was a knock on the door. Accordingly, Lu Ze went to open it. He then saw Ian and the rest of the group outside.

Ye Mu grinned. “I knew you definitely came back.”

Lu Ze opened the door and let them in. He then rolled his eyes at Ye Mu. “School starts the day after. Isn’t it very normal to come today?”

Ian smiled and took out a huge metal case. It was sealed very tightly. “Ze, this is a special product from my home. It’s very tasty. I think you will definitely like it, so I brought you some.”

Lu Ze looked at lan emotionally.

This guy was really nice!

He was touched.

Tianyuan Qianhua also took out two exquisite boxes. “I thought I was the only one who has brought food.”

She pointed at one box. “This is for you Ze. The other one is for Lin Ling.”

The other people took out their gift boxes. Xuan Yuqi smiled. “So it seems we’ve all prepared gifts.”

Lu Ze almost cried. He only received a card at home for New Year, but when he came back to school, there were gifts!

At this moment, Lu Li and the others carried dishes out.

Lin Ling smiled. “You guys are here. Let’s eat together?”

Lu Li and Alice had only seen Ian and the rest of the group on the clips of Xiaer Battlefield. Their eyes flashed when Lin Ling said this. It felt too natural.

Ian and the rest were also dazed upon seeing Lu Li and Alice.

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Why were there two girls here? Did they cook with Lin Ling? Were they here to fight over men? Lu Ze introduced the girls, “These two are my sister, Lu Li, and junior, Alice. Originally, they are in their final year of high school. However, since they are very talented, they came to partic.i.p.ate in the special entry of the Federal University. If they pa.s.s, they will be our fellow students.”

Lu Ze’s words shocked them to death.

Since when did Federal University allow early entry?

Just what sort of talent did these two girls have to manage this?

Tianyuan Qianhua looked at Lu Li and Alice and then at Lu Ze. “Ze… what are their cultivation levels?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Aperture opening state.”

Lu Ze didn’t tell them the exact aperture number, or it would be too hard for them to bear the information.

Everyone fell silent. They felt an ache in their hearts! They shouldn’t have asked at all.

The two girls were a year younger than they are, but what is their power!?

Lu Ze also introduced Ye Mu and the rest to Lu Li and Alice.

Lu Li smiled gently. “Senior, we’ve just cooked. Did you want to eat together?”

“No, no… We just remembered that we need to go back and cultivate…”

Ye Mu’s mouth twitched, and he waved his hand.

How could they even eat?

Xuan Yuqi said calmly, “We’ll be going first.”

Then, they left the door without stopping for a moment.

Seeing how fast they left, Lin Ling smiled. “It seems they got beaten spiritually.”

Lu Ze shook his head helplessly. “It’s good that they’ll work harder. Let’s eat.”

The next morning, Lu Li and Alice went to the Martial Trial Tower. Several high-level authorities of the Federal University were watching their test.

This included the vice-princ.i.p.al, Job.

Soon, the test began, and the two girls crushed the previous levels. Even at the 31st level, they just used a few extra moves to kill their opponents.

“No wonder Saint Jinyao wants to give them special entry. This talent is not much inferior to Lu Ze’s, right?”

“It’s said that the black-haired girl is Lu Ze’s sister? That blue-haired girl isn’t ordinary too.”

Job spoke, “Perhaps, there was a reason why the saints appointed him as the Monarch of the New Dawn… The prodigies are coming out non-stop. Is this the beginning of a new era?”

No one spoke, but their eyes were filled with hope.

If this was really the beginning of a new era, they would be the witnesses, and perhaps, they could even play a role in this.

After a long while, someone sighed. “I’m really looking forward to this…”

Lu Li and Alice pa.s.sed the test successfully. Coming out of the virtual reality pod, Lu Li looked at Lu Ze. “How is it?”

Lu Ze wanted to pat her head, seeing how proud she was, but he was scared. He replied, “Very amazing.”

“What about me? What about me senior?” Alice smiled brightly at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze replied, “Alice is very amazing too!”

Nangong Jing stretched out. “Now that Li and Alice both pa.s.sed, let’s have a celebration with food!”

She and the fox demon hadn’t eaten last night. This didn’t affect them, but they still felt strange.

Lu Ze agreed immediately. “I support teacher Nangong’s suggestion!”

After lunch, everyone relaxed on the couch. Lu Ze remembered something and said, “By the way, teacher Nangong and Qiuyue, when would we have our young duke celebration?” It was set to be in this semester, but the two said they knew how to do things, so it was up to them to organize it.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “One month later. During this time, you can go to the dao enlightenment room and improve some more. If someone doesn’t approve of you at the celebration, you can deal with them more easily.”

She looked at Lin Ling. “You too, Lin Ling. You have seven days in the dao enlightenment room. Use it first. As for Li and Alice, we’ll take good care of them.”

Lu Ze nodded.

This was the most suitable arrangement for him. Time was tight for him.

“Then, Lin Ling and I will go to the dao enlightenment room tomorrow.” Lu Ze looked at Lu Li and Alice “You two can cultivate with teacher Nangong and Qiuyue.”

The two were disappointed that Lu Ze was going into solitary cultivation immediately, but they still nodded.

During the afternoon and night, they went to their own homes to cultivate.

Soon, it was the next day. Lin Ling and Lu Ze went to planet Jinyao while Lu Li and Alice took Ying Ying to Nangong Jing’s home.

Outside Jinyao City, Lu Ze and Lin Ling came before the registration.

This time, it was a woman with long black hair who was stationed. Her eyes lit up when she saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling come over. Lu Ze felt embarra.s.sed from her stare and asked, “Teacher, what’s wrong?”

The woman smiled. “Lu Ze, you don’t know me indeed. I’m Daphne Anderson, an honorary teacher of the Federal University. But you never seemed to have attended my cla.s.s.”

Each teacher had a cla.s.s that all the elite cla.s.ses would attend together. Lu Ze and Lin Ling studied with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha, so they didn’t go and listen to other young duke’s cla.s.s.

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly, not knowing how to reply. Daphne didn’t mind and continued, “By the way, I’m going to come and visit your young duke celebration. There will be many interesting things.”

Lu Ze was speechless. Just like the fox demon, Daphne also wanted to see trouble.