Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 518 - What Did They Take Him For?

Chapter 518 - What Did They Take Him For?

Chapter 518 What Did They Take Him For?

After chatting with Daphne for a while, Lu Ze and Lin Ling went inside the city.

They arrived in the region of the dao enlightenment room. This place was like their home.

Although the school hadn’t begun, there were already people waiting outside. The dao enlightenment room wouldn’t be free even during holidays.

The people waiting were two middle-aged men. They seemed to be teachers of a school. Their powers were at level six and eight of the mortal evolution state.

Both of them saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling. They seemed bewildered. They, clearly, didn’t expect to see Lu Ze and Lin Ling here.

They tried to sense Lu Ze’s cultivation but found they couldn’t see through it at all. This made them feel quite bitter.

How long had it been and the Monarch of the New Dawn’s cultivation level was catching up to them? As for combat power, it definitely surpa.s.sed theirs already.

They had felt as though they had wasted a hundred years of their life. The two of them wanted to retire.

Soon, it was Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s turn. They entered the dao enlightenment room.

Lu Ze took out his phone. He had bought the fire clone divine art yesterday. His first agenda was to learn it.

He used a purple orb and started looking at the words. This divine art had more words than the star crippling punch. Star crippling punch had 2.1 billion, but this divine art had more than 2.5 billion words.

Soon, Lu Ze was immersed within the sea of knowledge.

Ten days later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. A complex red rune flashed in his eyes.

In ten days’ time, he learned the fire clone non-stop and entered the pocket hunting dimension at night to practice. He had finally cultivated it to perfect mastery! Currently, Lu Ze could create 64 clones. The combat power of the fire clones was directly related to Lu Ze’s own cultivation level and his mastery of the fire G.o.d art. As of this moment, Lu Ze’s fire G.o.d art wasn’t strong enough. The clones only had a combat power that was around level five of the mortal evolution state.

As long as his fire G.o.d art improved, Lu Ze was confident that his fire clones could reach level nine of the mortal evolution state. By then, he would be able to send 64 clones, which would be at level nine of the mortal evolution state, after someone.

Even if they couldn’t beat the opponent, the clones could still self-destruct.

Moreover, the clones looked exactly like Lu Ze. There were quite some tactical uses to it.

The fire clones had several functions, but they were only on par with the lightning spear in terms of damage. It was much weaker than the lightning cloud. It seemed the pocket hunting dimension divine arts were stronger.

Thereafter, Lu Ze began cultivating his stored G.o.d art orbs.

Eight days later, he had learned all of the metal, earth, fire, and lightning G.o.d art orbs he had stored.

Although he didn’t cultivate them to perfect mastery state for the third map, they were still stronger than the G.o.d arts of the second map with perfect mastery.

Even if he just used these G.o.d arts, his combat power would reach level six of the mortal evolution state.

As for lightning G.o.d art, Lu Ze’s lightning was now half red. Using it with the lightning cloud divine art, Lu Ze’s attack can approach the planetary state!

This wasn’t the same as when he drew the blood lightning into his body at Ena System.

Lu Ze was very happy with this.

He could easily kill level six mortal evolution state beasts in the pocket hunting dimension now.

During these 18 days, Lu Ze also tried the golden fruit wine. He wasn’t alcoholic, but the wine was too useful.

Just one small sip and Lu Ze felt his body was filled with energy. It was more effective than the golden fruit.

The only drawback was that it was easy to get drunk from it. He felt things floated around every time he drank it. It was a good thing he drank this in the pocket hunting dimension.

Despite this, he was beaten up a few times due to encountering bosses while he was drunk. This was sad but unavoidable.

Lu Ze could only continue drinking in order to strengthen his body.

He didn’t know how to tell the alcoholic about this yet. Otherwise, he would be able to see whether she would get drunk from it. He could only wait for another time.

Lu Ze’s body reached the level five standard of the mortal evolution state. He felt he could use level seven special red orbs now.

However, he could only fight evenly against level seven mortal evolution state beasts. This was relying on his half blood-red lightning divine art too. If he encountered fast beasts, he would need to rely on s.p.a.ce transmission to run.

After converting all his storage into his own power, Lu Ze got up. He had learned everything he could. He didn’t need the dao enlightenment room anymore.

Lu Ze planned to save the remaining 12 days for future use.

He needed to increase his cultivation level now. He was going to reach level three of the mortal evolution state before the celebration!

After opening the doors, the intense sunlight shone on his face. He narrowed his eyes and ignored the glances of those people who were waiting. He then walked out.

Lin Ling only had seven days, so she already went back. She was a mature girl with her own s.h.i.+p. As such, she can go home by herself.

When he got to the city gates, Daphne wasn’t stationed there anymore. She was replaced by the cold, handsome Luo Bingqing.

Luo Bingqing nodded to him and just closed his eyes for cultivation again.

Lu Ze didn’t interrupt him. He proceeded to the s.p.a.ce station and left planet Jinyao.

Inside the s.h.i.+p, Lu Ze stretched his back and relaxed a little.

18 days of consecutive high-intensity training!

He made progress every day and it felt great, but it was also very tiring.

He felt he would have gone bald if he didn’t have purple orbs and wasn’t a high-level martial artist.

Half an hour later, the New Dawn stopped next to Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s house. As soon as Lu Ze came out, he smelled an intense aroma.

His eyes lit up.

Perfect timing!


Lu Ze rushed over to Nangong Jing’s door and knocked.

Qiuyue Hesha’s seductive voice could be heard. “Coming.”

When Qiuyue Hesha saw that it was Lu Ze, she smiled. “Little brother Lu Ze, why did you come back so early? Didn’t your time inside the room should be a month?”

Lu Ze smiled. “I don’t need the dao enlightenment room to cultivate for now.”

Alice’s voice could be heard from inside. “Sister Jing and Hesha, come eat.”

Lu Ze immediately glanced inside.Seeing this, Qiuyue Hesha laughed and moved aside. “Come in. The food has just been prepared.”

Inside, Nangong Jing was carrying her wine bottle. Ying Ying was already sitting on her seat. There was a mountain tall stack of rice before her. Her face seemed very satisfied.

Lu Li, Lin Ling, and Alice were surprised to see Lu Ze.

Alice said with surprise and joy, “Senior» how did you come back so quickly?”

Lu Li grinned. “Is it because you’re missing food and you want to eat before going back to cultivate?”

Lu Ze: “…”

Who did they think he was?

At this moment, Nangong Jing smiled. “Ze, we were just discussing your monarch celebration and Lin Ling’s young duke celebration. You came back at the perfect time.”