Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 516 - Necessity for Crime

Chapter 516 - Necessity for Crime

Chapter 516 Necessity for Crime

Planet Jinyao, Old Man Nangong’s Shack

The New Dawn slowly landed on the ground.

Ying Ying dashed out first. “Grandpa Nangong!”

Old man Nangong carried Ying Ying and patted her head with an amicable smile. “Ying Ying, thank you a lot this time. Grandpa will cook a roasted fish for you soon.”

Nangong Jing told him about the evolved insectoid. Even he didn’t know how to stop the sacrifice. This made him quite scared. It was a good thing Ying Ying was there. Otherwise, the human race might be in danger. Ying Ying heard that he will cook roasted fish for her. Accordingly, her eyes lit up immediately. “Okay!”

She hadn’t had roasted fish for a long time!

At this moment, Lu Ze and the rest walked over. Old man Nangong looked at Lu Li and Alice, and his facial expression changed a little.

They hadn’t even graduated high school, and yet, their cultivation level was near aperture opening state with 200 apertures. He was a little shocked, but thinking of Lu Ze’s G.o.d art, he didn’t feel so surprised.

“Not bad, no wonder that kid Merlin wants to send you two into the Federal University with his special privilege.”

He paused and added, “Although your powers are very excellent at this age, you still need to pa.s.s a test to enter. The test has been set at the Martial Trial Tower. If you can pa.s.s the 31st level, you are accepted. This isn’t hard for you two, right?”

“31st level of the Martial Trial Tower?” Lu Li and Alice were confused. They didn’t even know what a Martial Trial Tower was.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling felt stunned. They hadn’t been there for a long time. They didn’t need it to prove themselves anymore, so they didn’t make any efforts to enter.

“I remember the 31st level involves an opponent who just reached the aperture opening state, right?” Lin Ling said.

Old man Nangong nodded. “Yes, those who can have this power at this age is enough to enter the elite cla.s.s of the Federal University.”

Lu Li and Alice felt relieved. This was all too easy for them. They were pretty much set in entering

Subsequently, Nangong Jing took out the insectoid body.

“Old man, this is the body.”

Old man Nangong looked at the small body and frowned. “I see, leave it with me.”

Lu Ze and the others didn’t mind. Then, Nangong Jing told the old man about the Black Smoke Race. The old man had some coldness on his face after hearing this matter.

“Hmph! Although they’re a subrace of the advanced Demon Race, we don’t have major conflicts. They dare to send people in our domain to perform experiments.”

“In the second half of this year, the Four-Race Social Gathering will begin. Although we’re quite close to the barbaric, winged, and round race, the prerequisite for this is power. You guys are the next generation of the human race. There will be battles. After some time, I’m planning to send you guys to the void border to go through trials.”

Lu Ze and the others weren’t surprised at all.

Lu Ze smiled. “Old man, when will it be held exactly? I’m planning to use up my dao enlightenment room time, and I haven’t had my own monarch celebration yet.”

Old man Nangong said, “I’ve notified Saint G.o.d Martial. The specific arrangements would take a month or so.”

Lu Ze breathed easy. He was hoping to get some more food ingredients at the celebration.

After all the discussions were done, old man Nangong roasted fish for everyone personally. Of course, it was mainly for Ying Ying.

When they were finished eating, Lu Ze and everyone returned to school.

The s.h.i.+p stopped at Nangong Jing’s house half an hour later. Their houses were completely fixed.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha went to their homes while the rest flew toward the dorms of first-year students.

Lin Ling said, “Li, Alice, your tests are tomorrow. Before pa.s.sing it, you’re not considered a Federal University student, so you don’t have a dorm yet. These few days, you can stay at mine first.”

The two girls glanced at Lu Ze before nodding.

Lu Ze didn’t mind. They would be so close. He could go and visit to eat whenever he wanted. Thinking about how Alice would cook for him every day, Lu Ze felt extremely happy.

By the river, everyone got off the s.h.i.+p.

Lu Li looked around. She was shocked to see how good the environment was. She looked at Lu Ze “Brother, where is your dorm?”

Lu Ze pointed at the building by the river. “This one.”

Lu Li walked over and peeped inside. “Did you perhaps hide some secret guy items?”

Lu Ze: “???!”

He immediately denied it, “No way!” Was he that sort of person?

How could he hide anything?

Mhm… other than the fox demon’s clip.

Alice’s eyes lit up. “Senior, hurry up and open the door. I want to go in and see.” Lu Ze smiled and opened the door.

Lu Li and Alice walked in like two kittens surveying their territory.

Lin Ling glanced. “Would there really be something there?”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes.

Why did all of them want to see him hide something strange? Ten minutes later, Lu Li came downstairs with disappointment. “Brother, you’re a mature man, how can you not have some necessities?”

Lu Ze: “???”

Lin Ling: “???”

Alice: “???!”

The atmosphere was very awkward. “… What do necessities mean?!”

This corrupt woman!

Lu Li extended her right hand and gripped something imaginary in the air. Thereafter, she moved her hand up and down. “The necessity you guys need to commit a crime.”

Lu Ze felt he couldn’t talk to her anymore.

Lin Ling’s and Alice’s were flushed. Both girls were embarra.s.sed. They didn’t expect Lu Li would be this straightforward.

Ying Ying sensed the atmosphere and blinked her innocent eyes. “What happened?”

Lin Ling walked over and patted her head. “Nothing, just keep watching cartoons.”

Ying Ying looked around and nodded in confusion.

Lin Ling changed the subject. “it’s still early. Li, Alice, I’ll take you guys to your rooms first?”

Lu Li nodded. Alice nodded quickly. She was too embarra.s.sed and wanted to leave quickly.