Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Can’t you be more mature like them?!

It was getting late and the region Lu Ze was in completely sunk into darkness.

There were no clouds in the sky and the silver starlight shone down, illuminating the Yellow Stone Forest in a silver glow. The nocturnal beasts started to roar.

Quite a lot of students would be disqualified on the first night, right?

Lu Ze rubbed his chin and found a good looking stone pillar. He pressed lightly and a faint crystal glow flashed. The area of 1.5 meters he touched instantly turned to powder.

Soon, a comfortable cave was made.

The audience: “…”

Some people looked at their hands.

They were all hands, why were his hands better?

He just casually pressed and a hole appeared?!

Some teachers’ eyes flashed as they sunk into contemplation.

They seemed to have seen such power somewhere before.

Moments later, they remembered something and their eyes opened wide. They looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Their eyes flashed and they directly went to contact their schools.

This guy was a prodigy. That was a marker of extreme use of power.

He might have even awoken a strength related G.o.d art.

If that was really so, Lu Ze’s rating would go higher.

At home, Lu Wen dazedly looked at how Lu Ze casually created a hole. He looked down at his own hands.

He pressed in the air again and again while asking Lu Li curiously, “Li, what theory is this?”

Fu Shuya also looked at Lu Li in curiosity. Their martial arts talent wasn’t very good so they could only ask Lu Li.

Lu Li’s smile froze and then she said calmly, “Dad, if you get it you get it, it can’t be explained by words.”

Lu Wen and Fu Shuya both nodded.

Lu Li was speechless. She didn’t understand how it worked either!

Just how much was that guy hiding from her?!

In an exquisite mansion, Alice was watching the broadcast with an extremely handsome golden-haired middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed and he said with surprise, “Alice, your senior schoolmate is quite talented. He’s so young, yet his use of power is so amazing. He probably awoke some type of G.o.d art.”

Alice asked dazedly, “A G.o.d art?”

The middle-aged man smiled. “Similar to the girl of the Nangong family, but the difference is huge.”

Alice covered her mouth with her hand. “Like sister Jing?”

The middle-aged man nodded.

At this moment, Alice laughed.

The middle-aged man looked at Alice in confusion. “What’s there to laugh about?”

Alice smiled. “Dad, I didn’t tell you, but a while ago at our seed compet.i.tion in our school, senior schoolmate’s final opponent was the 12-year-old sister Jing. He was beaten heavily.”

“Oh?” The middle-aged man laughed and showed some interest. “With this kid’s current level, he will soon be able to see that girl from the Nangong family.”

Alice nodded with a smile. “Senior schoolmate is very powerful, he progresses rapidly!”

Alice’s father looked at Alice and showed a soft smile

However, in the depths of that smile, one could see some bitterness.

At this moment, Lu Ze entered the cave and sat down. He entered into his pocket hunting dimension and killed a few green wolves before being slaughtered by a big boss.

He frowned for a bit and then breathed easy when the pain subsided.

He killed some green wolves, but he didn’t dare take out the light orbs.

It was a live broadcast. The human race was united but not all people could resist their greed.

He didn’t want to test it.

Looking at the dark yet speckled sky, Lu Ze thought that if only he could use the little orbs directly in his mind dimension.


Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had always taken the orbs out to use them. He had never tried using them in his mind dimension.

If that was the case, he wouldn’t need to cultivate so sneakily.

However, Lu Ze gave up the thought of trying it. After all, if an orb abnormally appears, it wouldn’t be good.

The beasts outside roared violently and there was the constant sound of battle.

The nightlife of planet Nanfeng wasn’t very calm.

Lu Ze shut his eyes lightly. Using his wind control G.o.d art, he could sense movement within a radius of a few hundred meters. He sealed his chi from the entrance and closed his eyes to rest.

When he woke up again, it was already day.

Lu Ze walked out and stretched his back while looking around. There were some battle marks on the stone pillars; scratch marks and blood marks.

Lu Ze didn’t mind. He looked at his map and checked the direction before heading towards the Floating Light Forest.

On the way, Lu Ze picked some stone heart fruits as breakfast.

After removing the stone-like skin of the fruit, the flesh inside was very tasty.

They were the size of a watermelon. Lu Ze ate two but still felt hungry. Thinking about how this was a precious ingredient, he could only resist his gluttony.

Why were there only these little fruits?

Lu Ze frowned and felt annoyed

He still hadn’t found the best tasting yellow crystal vines Alice spoke of.

Soon, Lu Ze had been moving for an entire morning. He had killed more than a hundred beasts that ambushed him.

His score rose and soon he was in the top ten.

The teachers watching Lu Ze were quite nervous.

Although they knew that with Lu Ze’s power, he would soon reach the top ten and even the top three, they still hoped that Lu Ze would be disqualified before reaching the top ten.

That way, they could take this student before those two noticed.

Just at this moment, Lu Ze, who was slowly walking, suddenly showed excitement on his face. His legs tapped the ground and he instantly disappeared from the spot. In a few seconds, he was one kilometer away.

“My G.o.d!”

The teacher who exclaimed yesterday couldn’t resist again.

What was that speed?

Lu Ze had always been running slowly up until now. The speed he showed was only of spirit martial state level two power. It was weaker than the battle power he showed.

They thought that speed was Lu Ze’s weakness.

But now, it seemed that his speed was way too strong.

Even ordinary level eight spirit martial warriors wouldn’t be able to keep up to this speed!

The other teachers controlled their emotions very well but that idiot from yesterday yelled out again.

Couldn’t he be more mature?!

The other teachers looked at this teacher in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

He laughed awkwardly. “Nothing.”

“Hmm? Look, that Lu Ze from yesterday is 10th.”