Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Does this kid lack cultivation resources?

At the school, cla.s.ses had finished but no one had left.

Everyone was watching the broadcast of their senior schoolmates.

Lu Li’s cla.s.s was watching Lu Ze’s broadcast. Seeing Lu Ze pat a rock armored beast to death, applause exploded out in the cla.s.sroom.

“Senior schoolmate Lu Ze is invincible!”

“Senior schoolmate Lu Ze, I want to have your babies!”

“I’m going to be the one to have his babies!”


Lu Li speechlessly looked at Lu Ze who was focused on digging spirit herbs and collecting food ingredients.

Alice’s eyes narrowed as she spoke happily, “Senior schoolmate Lu Ze is so strong. It seems that he can find quite some high-quality ingredients.”

Lu Li’s mouth spasmed as she glanced at the happy blue-haired girl next to her.

So, in her eyes, power was just used for finding food?

It seemed Lu Ze, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, thought so as well!

Far away on planet Nanfeng, Lu Ze suddenly s.h.i.+vered.

He looked around vigilantly.

What terrifying thing was scheming against him?

For some reason, he felt a little cold.

Lu Ze didn’t notice anything abnormal and frowned. He looked at the dead rock armored beast and left.

It wasn’t on the ingredient list and also looked ferocious. Yuck.

He touched the black bracelet and a hologram of a map appeared before him. Lu Ze swiped and found his location as well as the Floating Light Forest.

After checking the direction, he started to head towards the forest and use the wind element G.o.d art to search for materials.

The sky was getting dark. In about two hours, it would be completely dark.

Nighttime was when the ferocious beasts ravaged. There were quite a few high-level spirit beasts here, so it was a bit risky for him to hunt alone. Lu Ze planned to walk for another hour or so before finding a place to rest.

There were many rock armored beasts. Almost every stone pillar had a beast resting there.

Lu Ze found quite some spirit herbs but also killed quite some rock armored beasts.

However, he still hadn’t found a yellow stone crystal beast.

Lu Ze’s teachers, Lu Wen, Fu Shuya, Lu Li, Alice and the other students were speechless.

From level one to level three spirit beasts, they were all instantly killed by Lu Ze, no matter how they attacked him.

Everyone was completely dazed.

Were they really spirit beasts?

They were so weak, though!

Or was Lu Ze too strong?

When four rock armored beasts charged at Lu Ze together, he still just tapped them and they all fell down in unison. This time, two people in the teacher’s room couldn’t hold it anymore and exclaimed.



The quiet discussion room was stunned by these two exclamations. These two teachers immediately became the center of attention.

They laughed awkwardly. “Haha… sorry, it’s nothing. Sorry for disturbing you.”

The two glanced at each other.

They were probably both watching Lu Ze’s live broadcast.

What they didn’t notice was that there were still some teachers who had resisted the urge to exclaim.

They were all shocked. This Lu Ze was definitely a prodigy.

Four rock armored beasts. Two were level three, one level two and one level one. They couldn’t even last one second.

Lu Ze did it so casually. They still couldn’t tell how he did it.

But they knew that this kid’s power was at least above spirit martial state level five!

However, this guy was only martial warrior level nine.

This was the potential a young duke had!

This was a great chance for the vice young duke!

Such a prodigy…

Their eyes turned green!

“Hmm, that Lu Ze has suddenly risen to 12th place,” one teacher said.

When the teachers watching Lu Ze heard this, they immediately looked hatefully at the teacher who just spoke!

How were they going to fight over this?!

If the two up there knew, they would definitely intervene!

The teacher who had spoken immediately felt more than ten murderous gazes on him and instantly put on a defensive stance.

He was very confused.

Who did I mess with?!

He felt that he was very innocent.

Finally, the teachers could only sigh.

From that guy’s speed, it wouldn’t be long before he was in the top ten. They couldn’t hide it anymore.

This teacher’s comments caught the interest of some other teachers too.

They had a strong memory of Lu Ze’s entrance at the start.

Even the three sitting at the front were surprised.

This level nine martial warrior had surpa.s.sed most spirit martial state students?

He really had something?

However, at this moment, Lu Ze’s points stopped moving. His ranking soon fell.

Harry and Li Kuang glanced at each other in confusion but they didn’t care. They wouldn’t care about someone who wasn’t in the top ten.

However, there were still a few teachers who were interested in Lu Ze.

They opened Lu Ze’s live broadcast. On there, Lu Ze was holding a few rock fruits and laughing like an idiot.

The teachers: “…”

They closed the live broadcast.

This was embarra.s.sing.

Lu Ze was very happy.

This was his first time finding some stone heart fruits. It took him almost an hour to find a stone heart fruit tree.

It made him smile happily.

He carefully put the 12 fruits away and headed off.

The teachers watching this guessed, “Is this kid lacking in cultivation resources? Why does he seem so happy every time he gets some spirit herbs?

If their school promised enough cultivation resources, would there be hope?

Usually, young duke level people walked alone on their path for cultivation. So they only needed occasional teaching from a famous teacher and large cultivation resources.

They couldn’t compare with the two at the front in terms of teaching, but for cultivation resources, they could consider it.

These teachers planned on contacting their respective schools and apply for the maximum cultivation resources.

A school with a young duke would have much greater fame. The young duke would be the role model of the students and this would then form healthy compet.i.tion!