Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 499 - Rapidly Growing Earth God Art

Chapter 499 - Rapidly Growing Earth God Art

Chapter 499 Rapidly Growing Earth G.o.d Art

Lu Ze soon neared the battlefield while disguised as a range rabbit.

There were quite some level six and level seven mortal evolution state bosses here. The level six mortal evolution states were on par with him in terms of power. As for the level seven ones, Lu Ze estimated that he couldn’t beat them.

Therefore, Lu Ze had some difficulty moving around-fearing that he would get killed by some boss.

Because Lu Ze was rather small and the two sides were too busy with fighting, Lu Ze soon approached a cave that was ten meters in diameter.

This was a great time to explore! Usually, he would have been chased by a wave of rabbits.

During this time, Lu Ze felt a scorching chi directed at him. Immediately, he disappeared from the spot with the green wind.


There was a powerful fire wave behind him. Lu Ze gritted his teeth and a black-gold battle armor appeared over him. The fire wave surrounded him, and Lu Ze felt he was being burned.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

This was a level seven mortal evolution state boss, right?!

He was so unlucky.

Meanwhile, the distant fire wolf looked at Lu Ze in confusion. It saw a small rabbit planning to run back to its base, so it casually tried to kill it.

However, this rabbit managed to withstand the attack.

Why was its G.o.d art different from other rabbits?

Why was it so strong?

The other range rabbits were also a bit confused. Was this their kind?

Mhm… it looked the same and had the same chi. It should be their kind, but why was it so small, and why did it have a different G.o.d art?

Lu Ze noticed this and wondered if he was already caught. It was all that fire wolf’s fault!

His own earth G.o.d art didn’t have divine art. He hadn’t reached the highest level on this map for earth G.o.d art. It was weaker than his other G.o.d arts. Even if he used earth G.o.d art, his combat power would only be around level three or level four of the mortal evolution state.

What else could he do?

He was also desperate!

But then, the rabbits were only confused, and the wolf was bewildered. Lu Ze felt a little a.s.sured by that. His cultivation level was almost similar to these bosses, and therefore, they couldn’t see through him.

Lu Ze remembered that he couldn’t tell Lu Ze 2 was a fox at all. On the other hand, it was a different case from the golden ape before. After all, the latter was too strong.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt confident. He immediately looked at the fire wolf as though he hated it. Thereafter, earth spears shot out.

The chi of the earth spear was only at level three of the mortal evolution state. It didn’t pose a threat to the fire wolf at all.

Lu Ze ran into the rabbit hole as soon as he shot the spear. He would leave the rest to his pals.

Go range rabbits!

Meanwhile, the fire wolf instantly melted the earth spear. It roared and wanted to kill the d.a.m.ned rabbit, but it ran toward the hole already.

Meanwhile, the other rabbits saw that Lu Ze used earth spears. They became certain Lu Ze belonged to their kind.

But why did it flee?

It was probably too scared to defend its own home.

Hmm… it seemed they needed to cast it away in the future.

The range rabbits once again fought with the fire wolves.

Lu Ze was deep into the cave right now. It was much larger than the rabbit holes on the first map. Lu Ze came here as though he was back at home.

Lu Ze ran into the twisted tunnels for a bit and came to a large opening. It had a diameter of tens of kilometers. There were quite some tunnels on the walls leading elsewhere.

The entire open area was very s.p.a.cious. There were only five mortal evolution state range rabbits that had reached level seven of the mortal evolution state in here. At the center, a fist-sized earth blob floated.

It emitted a yellowish glow and seemed very mysterious.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. There was treasure here indeed!

He didn’t know what use it had, but it should definitely be good!

Lu Ze looked at the range rabbits and noted that this was quite a strong formation.

It seemed the earth blob was really important for this many bosses to guard it.

If level seven mortal evolution state range rabbits had G.o.d art, their combat power would be near the planetary state, right?

He scratched his head.

At this moment, the five range rabbits saw Lu Ze and stared at him as they bared their teeth.



Lu Ze: “???”

What did these bosses want to say? He felt the pocket hunting dimension should have a language cla.s.s, or he would never be able to understand these beasts.

He showed a weak and timid expression.

At this moment, the five rabbits’ eyes became confused. Thereafter, Lu Ze felt an earth yellow ripple sweep out from the ground over him.

At this juncture, the five range rabbits suddenly went b.l.o.o.d.y-eyed. Violent chi spurred out.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s back felt cold.

Was he caught?!

How did they discover?? Was this some rabbit facial recognition??

He didn’t have much time to think as he covered himself with silver light.

s.p.a.ce transmission!

The rabbits clearly didn’t know Lu Ze would use s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. As such, they didn’t put the effort in locking the s.p.a.ce. Lu Ze reappeared before the earth blob and just grabbed it.

He was going to run off with it first.

However, Lu Ze ended up stunned. This small blob of earth was extremely heavy. Lu Ze couldn’t even move it.

He used his mental force to try to put it in his mental dimension. However, this blob of earth seemed connected to this mountain range.

Unexpectedly, when Lu Ze’s paws touched the blob, it emitted an intense earth yellow color, which then went into his body and his mental dimension. Countless secrets of the earth G.o.d art started flowing in his mind.It was so intense that Lu Ze’s brain went blank for an instant. Subsequently, there was immense pain.

Lu Ze felt he didn’t have enough brain capacity.

This reminded Lu Ze of the fire tree on the first map.

Before Lu Ze could react, he heard violent roars, and then, he lost his consciousness. He didn’t even have time to feel the pain. Right away, he just used a level five special purple orb to learn the secrets of the earth G.o.d art. The purple orb cleared his mind, but it also intensified the feeling of pain. His face turned pale.

When he opened his eyes again, it was already the next day. His chi became denser and tougher. His entire temperament seemed to have changed.

He sensed his mastery over the earth G.o.d art and grinned. His earth G.o.d art had caught up to his other G.o.d arts!

He opened his hand and a yellow orb formed.

It had a level five mortal evolution state chi.