Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 498 - What Monsters Were These Bosses??

Chapter 498 - What Monsters Were These Bosses??

Chapter 498 What Monsters Were These Bosses??

In the pocket hunting dimension, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. It was still the familiar yellow barren land.

The wind blew past rapidly. Lu Ze looked around. There were only a few tall trees.

He flew in a random direction. A few hours later, he saw an extremely vast gra.s.s plain. Lu Ze grinned. Ah- I smell prey! In the past few hours, Lu Ze had gained a lot.

There were the scattered possums and rabbits, as well as other beasts, ranging from level one to level five of the mortal evolution state.

However, the gra.s.s plain here was somewhat different. This was the gra.s.s plain he saw when he came to the third map for the second time.

He could still see the huge mountain range far away.

Last time, he died there. He didn’t even know what he experienced at that time.

Without hesitation, Lu Ze flew toward that direction. He was back!

Right here, he was chased off by level three and level four mortal evolution state bosses before. He was getting revenge!

Soon, he became stunned. There were several range rabbits here before, but now, there was not a single one!

What was going on?

Where were the rabbits?


A shocking explosion occurred at the mountain ranges. Even from his current location, Lu Ze could feel the shockwave.

Lu Ze concealed his chi and ducked down.

What was this?

He looked at the distant spirit light, and his skin crawled.

A planetary state?? The power was just a tad bit weaker than the powers of the alcoholic and fox demon when they just managed to make a breakthrough. This was the primary stage of the planetary state.

He didn’t feel so good.

Were there such bosses among the range rabbits?!

He thought he’d be invincible after coming back.

However, he was still a little kid?! Rumble!! Rumble!!

The sound of collisions could be heard once again.

Lu Ze looked at the distant combat scene and felt indecisive.

Should he go over and check?

Although he wasn’t weak now, he was still quite a bit far off from a planetary state.

One mistake, and he might die again.

However, a race that was at the bottom of the food chain had such a powerful boss in this region. This reminded Lu Ze of the Golden Forest, huh?

Was this a beast hive like the golden cave?

Lu Ze felt this was quite possible.

Last time, he got the golden fruit and wine in the cave.

Would there be something magical in this hive too?

Lu Ze planned to go over and check.

Without hesitation, a green wind circulated around him, and he moved toward the mountain ranges.

As he got near, the mountain range cleared up. Rumble!!



There were all sorts of roars that can be heard amidst those clashes. The battle seems to be very intense.

Lu Ze concealed his chi carefully.

Suddenly, he had a bold idea.

After all, he managed to transform into a golden ape before. This time, he could turn into a range rabbit.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt great.

He flashed with white light and then transformed into a range rabbit. He was only two meters tall.

Lu Ze found that as his cultivation level grew, he could change his figure even more.

He looked at his body and fell silent. Even level one mortal evolution state range rabbit was ten meters tall!

He was only two meters tall?!

Lu Ze’s brain shuddered.

Could he really fool his way across?

Then, there was another question. How did four-legged animals walk?

The rabbit Lu Ze tried crawling down and jumping forward. He used his learning capability, and soon, he pretty much mastered the walking style of rabbits.

Now, he was truly a weak and underdeveloped range rabbit.

Lu Ze jumped toward the mountain. Once reaching his destination, he felt the violent shockwaves from the other side of the mountains.

The entire mountain range seemed to be shaking, but the stones were very st.u.r.dy. The battle involved planetary states, but the mountain range wasn’t obliterated. There were only pebbles flying in the air.

Lu Ze jumped and arrived at the top of the mountain range. His vision widened. When he saw the other side, he became dumbfounded.

Range rabbits filled the mountain range. Below them were thousands of fire wolves.

It was a sea of yellow against a sea of red.

The clash between the two sides created ma.s.sive spirit force storms.

A few thousand kilometers away, a 60-meter tall yellow range rabbit was fighting a 60-meter tall fire wolf.

Their combat power was at the planetary state.

Sensing their cultivation level, Lu Ze’s expression became strange. He found that the two animals had only reached level eight of the mortal evolution state.

Did they have a planetary state power despite being only able to reach level eight of the mortal evolution state?!

Wasn’t that the same as the fox demon and alcoholic??

What monsters were these bosses?

The alcoholic and fox demon only had such power after using his red orbs.

Were two random beasts in this dimension that strong?

Lu Ze’s skin was crawling.

He looked strangely at the battlefield. The red fire wolf was burning with vibrant red flames. There were heatwaves around it that twisted the air.


Then, the flames around its body flew all to its right front claw. Its body sped up into a beam of red and appeared before the range rabbit. It slashed the opponent using its front claw.

This powerful ripple didn’t seem to be something a mortal evolution state could release.

Lu Ze’s body stiffened. He couldn’t even dodge an attack with a level like this.

Was this fire G.o.d art or divine art?

A round earth-colored s.h.i.+eld formed around the rabbit.The flaming claw clashed with the light s.h.i.+eld. Flames spewed in all directions, and the earth s.h.i.+eld cracked a little. When the collision was finished, the s.h.i.+eld shattered.

They were evenly matched.

Clearly, those moves were divine arts. The level of this divine art was clearly much stronger than the ones from the last map.

Regardless, Lu Ze couldn’t beat any of the bosses.

Lu Ze knew that it would take quite a while for the two bosses to settle the score. He looked at the other battlefield.

Large waves of rabbits and fire wolves were fighting

The range rabbits had lesser members with higher levels than the fire wolves. However, they had strength in numbers. Lu Ze scratched his head. He didn’t know why the rabbits were fighting the wolves, but he was just a weak timid rabbit. He should hide in a rabbit hole and see if there were anything useful to him.

Thus, Lu Ze happily ran down the mountain.