Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 500 - Why Is This Bastard So Confident?

Chapter 500 - Why Is This Bastard So Confident?

Chapter 500 Why Is This b.a.s.t.a.r.d So Confident?

Lu Ze looked at the earth G.o.d art ball hopefully. If he could touch it again, his earth G.o.d art would skyrocket once again.

Lu Ze felt that the earth blob was quite similar to the blood lightning in his mental dimension. However, compared to the blood lightning, the earth blob was probably stronger.

How strong would he get once he completely absorbed that stuff?

Lu Ze looked at the time. It was 8 o’clock in the morning. He got out of bed to brush his teeth.

Once he got downstairs, he smelled an enticing aroma.

Lu Li and Alice were walking out of the kitchen while carrying plates of dishes.

Alice smiled and waved to him. “Good morning, senior.” “Good morning, Alice.” Lu Ze returned the smile and waved back.

Meanwhile, Lu Li said plainly, “Time to eat breakfast.”

Afterward, they went to the martial arts gym as usual. Three hours later, Lu Li and Alice lay on the ground as they panted heavily.

On the other hand, Lu Ze sat on the side peacefully. Sweat dripped down on Alice’s forehead as she smiled at Lu Ze. “Senior is really strong.” Lu Ze was so much stronger than they were.

Lu Li felt this way too.

Lu Ze smiled, “With your rate of progress, you two would soon be able to reach my level.”

The two girls smiled upon hearing this. They were rather happy with their progress. Their hard work paid off.

Of course, the main reason was due to Lu Ze giving them all sorts of orbs.

The three went back to take a shower and return to their rooms.

When it was 11 o’clock, Lu Li and Alice went to cook while Lu Ze leisurely sat on the couch.

He was a bit bored. Lu Ze took out his phone and looked at the news.

When he opened the news website of the Telun System, the headline made Lu Ze’s eyes widen.

Young duke Hesha was coming to planet Lan Liang for her end-of-year concert??

It would be held four days later?!

Lu Ze rubbed his forehead.

Although he knew that she would use concerts to improve her G.o.d art, he never expected her to have one here.

What did she want?

Lu Ze didn’t feel it was simple.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

Would Alice and Lu Li want to see a concert?

They seem to be pretty interested in the fox demon.

How about introducing her to them?

The fox demon just broke through to the planetary state and was viral right now. She was probably more viral than he was now. One could imagine how popular her concert would


Perhaps people from the other solar systems would be attending as well.

Lu Ze shook his head. He scanned the other news at the bottom of the site until he found one about him. It was Lu Ze’s speech. Even though several days had already pa.s.sed, Lu Ze’s speech was still viral. Following that was the announcement regarding the resignation of Telun System’s Education Department Director, Lin Dabiao. The Vice Director would be replacing him.

Seeing this, Lu Ze felt dazed.

Educational Department Director?

Lin Dabiao?

Lu Ze’s expression turned strange.

Wasn’t this elder Lin?

Last time, he chanced upon elder Lin’s stature at the palace of heroes. Wasn’t his name supposed to be Lin Heng according to what he saw?

Did elder Lin change his name?

However, why did he resign?

Suddenly, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. There was one possibility.

Ying Ying went back with Lin Ling?

Could Ying Ying cure elder Lin? Lu Ze smiled.

She was very capable. Lin Ling should be very happy, right? If elder Lin recovered, the Federation would have five saints now.

This was all too good for the Federation.

Following elder Lin’s news was the year-end conclusion.

People need to reflect on themselves and look toward the future to keep improving.

The news after that was a rather good technology being bought by an intragalactic corporation. Thereafter, there were crime reports regarding missing children.

Planet Lan Jiang had four missing kids, planet Heiyan had five missing kids, and planet Jingping had none.

Supposedly, the Telun System employed strict surveillance. Ordinary means to commit an offense were hard to use. However, there were nine kids missing now, and not a single clue could be found.

There was an interview with the parents. Their faces were haggard and desperate.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

Compared to the Gracious System at the border, Telun System was very peaceful. There were pretty much no underground forces, s.p.a.ce pirates, or riots.

Lu Ze shook his head. He didn’t have an investigation G.o.d art. Otherwise, he would be able to help.

Lu Ze kept scrolling down.

Half an hour later, the kitchen doors opened. Alice and Lu Li walked out at the same time.

Smelling this aroma, Lu Ze drooled.

Seeing how excited Lu Ze was, Lu Li and Alice wanted to laugh.

“Time to eat.”


After lunch, the three sat on the couch. Lu Ze looked at the two and said, “By the way Li, Alice, shall we go out in the coming days?”

“Go out?”

The two were surprised. They then looked at Lu Ze strangely in disbelief.

This guy would invite them out to play? Wait… together? He was inviting both of them?! Their eyes flashed. Lu Li’s eyes seemed to lose its s.h.i.+ne. What was this Lu Ze trying to do?

Alice didn’t feel happy too. How could senior invite both of them?

That would be so inconvenient.

Lu Ze nodded. “Yeah, I promised you guys last time.”

The two were dumbfounded. Quickly, they recalled that event. They also remembered that they seemed to have established an alliance.

The two glanced at each other and Li smiled. “Sure.”

Lu Ze smiled. “In a few days, teacher Qiuyue will be having a concert at Lan Jiang. Do you want to go see it? If you do, I can introduce you two to her. If not, we can go elsewhere.”

Lu Li and Alice: “???”

That city charming beauty both flashed in their minds. Seeing how Lu Ze laughed, they wondered how Lu Ze dared to be so confident.

However, at least, he didn’t hide this from them and go by himself.

After some silence, Lu Li smiled. “We’ll go then. I want to see that teacher Qiuyue.”