Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 497 - Extremely Hard Thing

Chapter 497 - Extremely Hard Thing

Chapter 497 Extremely Hard Thing

As the planetary seed formed in the 12 proper meridians, a special wave of energy spread out Lu Ze could feel his spirit force becoming more and more condensed.

At the same time, even his body was growing stronger. The power of his body alone had reached level three of the mortal evolution state.

As time progressed, Lu Ze’s room was covered in darkness.

During this time, he suddenly opened his eyes. A sliver of golden ray flashed within his eyes.

Level two of the mortal evolution state breakthrough, success!

Lu Ze grinned, and he felt amazing.

He finally reached level two of the mortal evolution state!

How long did he take?

Lu Ze thought about it. It was less than a month.

The time he had spent just then would definitely shock the entire Federation. If this continued, he would break through to the planetary state in less than a year, wouldn’t


He could not foresee his day of revenge! he got off the bed and went downstairs.

He had spent the entire day cultivating. Lu Li and Alice probably prepared the food already.

Upon reaching downstairs, he saw his parents chatting with uncle Merlin and aunty Hong Lian on the couch.

Merlin smiled at Lu Ze. “Ze, you didn’t come downstairs the entire day today. It seems you have—”

*Cough cough cough!*

He stared at Lu Ze like the latter was a ghost. Hong Lian looked at him in confusion and said unhappily, “Do you have something against Ze?”

After these few days, she had a great impression of Lu Ze. He was gentle and polite. He also saved Alice and her.

At this time, she sensed something amiss. Her body stiffened, and she also stared at Lu Ze, as though he was a ghost.

Lu Ze was very helpless upon seeing the way they were. He really didn’t want to shock them, but his chi stealth technique didn’t work for both of them, who were star states. It was all too easy for them to see through it.

If only there were stronger chi stealth techniques or maybe even a G.o.d art?

Lu Wen and Fu Shuya couldn’t tell what happened with Lu Ze. Lu Wen asked curiously, “What happened?”

Fu Shuya dragged Hong Lian’s hand. “Honglian, did something happen to my good boy?”

Their words woke Merlin and Hong Lian from their shock.

Merlin’s mouth twitched, and he answered, “Nothing… no… something.” Lu Wen and Fu Shuya were even more confused at this point.

Hong Lian stared at Lu Ze. “Ze, how did you raise your cultivation level to level two of the mortal evolution state so quickly? Did you not cultivate level two of the mortal evolution state to completion?”

If he didn’t do that, the future would be very difficult for him. She didn’t want Lu Ze to enter the wrong path. Lu Ze shook his head and smiled. “It had reached perfection.”

“Then, what is this speed of yours?” Merlin couldn’t resist saying.

Lu Ze smiled. “After I reached the mortal evolution state, I spent 17 days in the dao enlightenment room. My cultivation G.o.d art grew stronger. That’s how I could improve so fast.”

He had made up his excuse already.

Hong Lian looked at Lu Ze with amazement. “It seems that your cultivation G.o.d art is on par with Alice’s source flame.”

After the source flame is completely mastered, one could become as strong as a cosmic spirit race. The cosmic realm state would be the very minimum level. There were much more powerful levels beyond.

Merlin felt quite annoyed.

This kid’s G.o.d art was very compatible with Alice’s G.o.d art. Alice’s G.o.d art needs this kid’s G.o.d art to fully awaken.

Did this mean that they were a good pair?

This was very hard to accept.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “I don’t know what level of G.o.d art this is.”

To be honest, he didn’t know the limit of the pocket hunting dimension either, but he was certain that it wasn’t just the planetary state or star state.

At least, the occasional super bosses he saw had chi that was catastrophic.

It definitely wasn’t something a star state could do.

Lu Ze didn’t know how strong the cosmic system state was, but Lu Ze felt those beasts would perhaps be stronger than that.

It would be great if there were cosmic realm state beasts, but all of these required him to get stronger and to explore further.

Hong Lian continued, “Ze, your talent is great, but you must not be complacent. The universe is vast. The cosmic spirit race little girl you found is born as a cosmic realm state. Even the 12 saints were forcefully brought to the cosmic system state. There are too many powerful beings in the universe. Don’t lose sight of yourself.”

Lu Ze’s talent was extremely terrifying, but the human race wasn’t powerful. Perhaps Lu Ze would be able to compete with the top prodigies of these powerful races.

Lu Ze might have to create a new era of humankind.

He nodded and said seriously, “I know, aunty Hong Lian.”

Lu Ze was very curious about how those powerful races were like.

At this moment, Merlin smiled. “Okay, let’s do this slowly. The human race needs to build a foundation. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

After all, if a race wanted to be truly powerful, it couldn’t just rely on one person.

Right at this moment, the kitchen doors opened. Lu Li and Alice carried out enticing dishes.

With their cultivation level, they could easily hear the conversation from the kitchen. Alice looked at Lu Ze with admiration.

Senior was so amazing! Lu Li grinned too and felt proud. She smiled. “Time to eat.”

After dinner, Lu Ze and the others cultivated as usual and returned to their rooms.

Lu Ze didn’t go back to cultivation immediately.

He lay on the bed and rested for a while. He looked at the ceiling while listening to the chirping insects outside. He allowed his thoughts to fly away.

He had been taking a break for a week. There were two more weeks before school starts.

It felt much better to stay at home.

Thereafter, he remembered that he agreed to take Li and Alice out. Where would be a good place to go?

They just finished their exams today, so they would get to enjoy the holidays starting from tomorrow. He needed to think of a place.

Where did girls like to go during this era?

He felt that with his cultivation level, it should be no problem for him to shop around with them all day.

Should he consult those dating masters online?

No, he was the Monarch of the New Dawn.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. It was too hard for a straight guy like him to think of anything.

He rubbed his head and stopped thinking.

Then, he sat down and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze wanted to know what his combat power could reach.

It should be level nine of the mortal evolution state now, right?

That meant he could consider killing level six mortal evolution state beasts.