Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 496 - She’s No Traitor!

Chapter 496 - She’s No Traitor!

Chapter 496 She’s No Traitor!

Lu Ze went downstairs. Suddenly, everyone looked at him strangely.

Moments later, Fu Shuya smiled and said, “Good boy, it will be New Year in a few day’s time. Do you want to take a break and ask out Lu Li and Alice?”

She really wanted Lu Ze and Lu Li to be together, but since Hong Lian and Merlin were both here, she couldn’t tell Lu Ze to just invite Lu Li.

Lu Ze nodded. “Sure.”

He remembered promising the two to take them out to play.

Lu Ze sat down and chatted with the elders for a while. Soon, Lu Li and Alice carried out dishes from the kitchen.

When dinner was finished, Lu Ze, Lu Li, and Alice cultivated with uncle Merlin like usual. By the time they were done with their cultivation, it was already 10 o’clock in the evening. As such, everyone went back.

Back in his room, Lu Ze sat on the bed and discovered that his light golden energy was used up.

Immediately, Lu Ze took out the half-eaten golden fruit from his mental dimension. Consequently, the golden light lit up the dark room.

Lu Ze ate it without hesitation. He felt quite full after eating it. Once again, his body was filled with light golden energy.

Thereafter, Lu Ze closed his eyes and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

Before he could check out the environment, Lu Ze felt something different in his mental dimension. He was surprised to find the changes within.

Originally, he couldn’t sense his mental dimension in the pocket hunting dimension, but now, he could. Was it because he acquired the golden fruit and wine yesterday?

Lu Ze found that other than the fruits and wine, nothing else was shown.

Did this mean that he could only sense things he could use in the pocket hunting dimension?

Lu Ze felt a bit disappointed.

Even if he couldn’t use excessive red and purple orbs inside here, it would still be quite helpful if he could, at least, learn the divine art runes in the pocket hunting dimension. In that case, he could immediately comprehend the secrets of the runes upon exiting the dimension.

Despite this, the recent development was still good news for Lu Ze. What if he could use other stuff too in the future?

Lu Ze proceeded to examine his body. Likewise, it was filled with golden energy, which was strengthening his body.

Lu Ze grinned. Indeed, this was good news! At least in the pocket hunting dimension, his power would always be a little stronger compared to his power in real life.

Lu Ze looked around. He found himself back in the wilderness. This time, the golden forest was long gone.

Lu Ze didn’t mind it. He concealed his chi and began jungling

Three Days Later at Jinyao City

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha walked out of the dao enlightenment room. Their chi was completely controlled now.

After seeing each other come out at the same time, the two girls didn’t feel too good. They glared at each other and left before the loving gazes of the guys who were waiting.

When they reached the gates, Luo Bingqing opened his eyes. Upon seeing their completely controlled chi, his eyes narrowed.

Three days and both of them really consolidated their cultivation state!

He nodded at the two and closed his eyes to cultivate.

Every second counted!

The two left the city and didn’t return to the old man’s place. Nangong Jing took out her s.h.i.+p, and the two flew back to planet Venus.

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “Finally reached the planetary state… Perfect timing! New Year will be coming soon. I can rest for a while.” Nangong Jing asked curiously, “Where are you going next?”



Qiuyue Hesha flicked her hair and said, “I’ll be going home first, and then, I’ll have a concert for fun.”

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “You’re really narcissistic.”

Qiuyue Hesha replied, “I’m doing this to improve my G.o.d art and divine art.”

Her divine art required her to use her voice and dance in order to seduce others.

Nangong Jing didn’t say anything. To her, the fox demon was just enjoying the attention people give whenever they chase and admire her.

Half an hour later, they arrived at planet Venus.

The two stood by the lakes of their houses and saw the rubbles.

They were too excited that they blew up their houses when they made their breakthrough.

Well, this was embarra.s.sing…

Qiuyue Hesha’s mouth twitched. “I’m going home first.”

Subsequently, she took out her flying s.h.i.+p, which had the same style as the Golden Whirl, except that it had pink mist over it.

She took off directly and left the planet. Inside, Qiuyue Hesha made a phone call. “Help me prepare an end-of-year concert in Telun System. The location will be on planet Lan Jiang. We’ll do this five days later.”

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. She would invite little brother Lu Ze to come.

Following that, she made another call for people to repair her house before happily going to the bathroom to take a shower.

She hadn’t been back for so long. She wondered how those little guys were doing.

Seeing the s.h.i.+p leave, Nangong Jing didn’t feel too good. She was the only one left behind.

Her dad was outside the galaxy searching for high-level energy for Alice. She couldn’t reach him.

She really didn’t want to go to the old man’s place, or she would be urged to get married again.

On the other hand, her mom was at the void border. They didn’t have holidays back there.

As for her other relatives, she really didn’t like them.

After some thought, Nangong Jing realized she had no place to go to during this time.

Suddenly, Nangong Jing’s eyes lit up. She had an idea.She hadn’t seen Alice for a long time. Since she had recovered now, it didn’t seem bad to go visit her.

She could go and explain that there was nothing between her and Lu Ze. She was no traitor.

Nangong Jing also called someone to repair her house and then left with the Golden Whirl.

Planet Lan Jiang

Lu Ze was sitting in his room. There was this invisible barrier around him. It was stopping his energy from being released.

When he broke through to the mortal evolution state last time, Lu Ze learned to use a barrier to stop his cultivation from getting out of control. Now, Lu Ze was at a crucial moment in reaching level two of the mortal evolution state.

His Ren and Du meridians were filled with planetary seeds. They were emitting some kind of white light.

Lu Ze was focused in forming planetary seeds in the 12 proper meridians. The first one was also very hard to form.