Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 493 - Accidentally Famous Again

Chapter 493 - Accidentally Famous Again

Chapter 493 Accidentally Famous Again

After using level five special red orbs, Lu Ze’s body grew stronger at an even faster rate than before. Spirit force was dragged violently into his body. It aided Lu Ze in forming planetary seeds in his Ren and Du meridian.

More than half of his Ren and Du meridian had formed planetary seeds. If he filled them up, he could start on his 12 proper meridians. His cultivation level would rise to level two of the mortal evolution state by then.

At this rate, he might only need three days!

Lu Ze felt great. This speed was amazing. After reaching the peak of his excitement, he decided to tone it down for now and proceeded to immerse himself in cultivation.

Two hours later, the first level five mortal evolution state orb was consumed. Lu Ze used the next one without hesitation.

Four hours later, it was morning again.

Lu Ze exhaled and got up.

It was almost 8 o’clock in the morning at this time.

He was up late until 12 o’clock in the morning yesterday since he had to help his parents solve some of their problems in cultivation. Following that, he rested for half an hour before using the next three hours to absorb the level four orbs and another four more for the level five orbs.

Lu Ze a.s.sumed that Lu Li and Alice probably went to school already since it was already 8 o’clock. However, as soon as he came out of the toilet, he saw Lu Li who was wearing her teddy bear pajamas and rabbit slippers.


The two glanced at each other. Both of them were surprised by the encounter.

Lu Ze peeked at her rabbit slippers and looked away.

Lu Li grinned. “Lu Ze, your eyes still seem to be perverted.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “I’m just looking at your slippers. That’s all.”

It wasn’t his fault that all three maps had rabbits. This was a normal reaction. Lu Li looked at Lu Ze in disbelief. “You looking at my slippers like that, isn’t that weird enough already?”

Lu Ze: “…”

He didn’t know what to say, so he changed the topic. “Why aren’t you in cla.s.s today?”

Lu Li rolled her eyes. “Today’s a holiday. Did you cultivate so much that you forgot the time?”

Lu Ze looked at the time and realized it was Sat.u.r.day today.

No wonder…

“Okay, I’m going to wash, so move aside. I’m going to have breakfast soon. Do you want a


Her opportunity to show off her cooking improvements was taken by her mother last night. Today, she was going to make Lu Ze see that she could also cook nice things! Lu Ze smiled. “Sure.”

He became curious about what different dishes Lu Li would make.

Seeing this, Lu Li grinned. “You should go downstairs first.”

Subsequently, she went into the bathroom.

As soon as he went downstairs, he heard a knocking sound. When he opened the door, Alice’s angelic smile entered his sight.

Alice giggled. “Good morning, senior! Your little chef is reporting.”

Lu Ze felt that his mood improved even better after seeing Alice’s smile. “Come in.” Alice entered the house and went past Lu Ze. A faint aroma drifted by, and it was very pleasant.

Alice looked at Lu Ze. “Senior, you’re on the news again?”

Lu Ze was dumbfounded. He had been frequently mentioned in the news to the point that it became an ordinary occurrence. It wasn’t something rare anymore. However, he didn’t even do anything lately.

Why was he on the news again?

Alice dragged Lu Ze to the couch and projected the news.

As it turned out, the news was about his presentation at Chang Yang High School yesterday.

It was recorded and placed online, instantly spreading like wildfire.

The Daily Federation made it into a report, with “As a Human, Have You Been Proud? Monarch of the New Dawn’s Speech at His High School” as the t.i.tle.

Lu Ze scratched his head. He went viral again. Although he desired to stay low key, his powers didn’t allow him to do so.

The report tried to compliment Lu Ze in every way possible. Lu Ze even felt embarra.s.sed at some of the compliments.

The star of hope for the Federation, the most excellent youth, the pioneer of the new age for the Federation…

The comments were also good.

“He’s indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn. Not c.o.c.ky and impetuous, he didn’t become arrogant after achieving something.”

“Lu Ze is standing on the grounds of the entire Federation and human race when he thinks about problems. Most importantly, he’s not just all talk. He had experienced it all.”

“Little brother Lu Ze’s eyes are too handsome.”

Most of the comments were compliments. Quite some were neutral a.n.a.lysis, but there were no negative statements. Alice looked at Lu Ze with admiration. “You were very handsome when you made that talk.”

Lu Ze grinned. “Of course, I must be handsome!”

“What about handsome?”

A dark voice came out from behind Lu Ze. Accordingly, Lu Ze turned his head and came to see Lu Li who was currently going down the stairs.

Alice smiled. “Li, come here quickly. Senior is on the news again!”

Lu Li felt dazed and walked over curiously.

Seeing this, Lu Li smiled. “Not bad, your speech was indeed pretty good.”

During this time, another news came out. The three were quite shocked to see this. The headline was “Strange Phenomenon at Planet Venus, the Two Prides of the Federation Both Broke Through to the Planetary State!”

Lu Ze raised a brow. Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha reached the planetary state?

Indeed, it had been four days since they left school.

Planetary state…

These two were considered to be really strong now. He was still very far from flicking the alcoholic’s head.

At this moment, Alice sighed. “Sister Jing broke through to the planetary state. She’s really amazing…”

Lu Li nodded too.