Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 492 - A Many Fold Increase

Chapter 492 - A Many Fold Increase

Chapter 492 A Many Fold Increase

Lu Ze looked at this golden liquid and thought of Nangong Jing. If she were here, she would have jumped down already.

Could this wine be taken away?

If it could be taken, then he could get Nangong Jing to do a lot of things for him with this.

There was a small stream outside of the lake that reached into the walls of the top of the cave.

The golden liquid flowed out of the cave and trickled down the wall before flowing into the golden lake.

Several apes were going in and out of that cave. Every time they came out, their fruits disappeared.

After seeing this, Lu Ze realized that the apes gathered fruits to make wine.

Lu Ze thought they were gathering the fruits for food. However, he didn’t drink wine. This would force him to drink wine. Lu Ze shook his head. He needed to test the effect of the wine first.

If it only provided the same effect, then he would rather use the fruit.

Lu Ze kept watching. There were also many other caves. Apes would be flying out of them from time to time.

Lu Ze guessed that these were their homes, and then, this huge cave was their hive.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. Since these wines could be taken to their individual homes, then it should be fine that he snuck one away, right?

He still had a golden fruit in his hands.

Lu Ze thought about it as he followed the rest of the apes to that winemaking area.

He might be small, but he was fearless!

Soon, Lu Ze tailed the huge apes and arrived at the room. The room was a few kilometers wide. Lu Ze smelled an intense aroma as soon as he went in.

He looked around and saw there were many holes dug on the wall. Each hole contained a lot of golden fruits inside.

As time went by, these fruits slowly melted and turned into the golden liquid that flowed out.

These liquids gathered together to form a golden stream that trickled into the lake.

Lu Ze noticed that the other apes put their fruit in a random hole, so he did the same. Thereafter, he left the cave.

If possible he wanted to take away all the golden fruits here. However, there were so many apes present. He didn’t have the chance. Accordingly, he suppressed his greed and walked out.

Following that, Lu Ze started walking toward the bottom. He was a working ape who carried a fruit inside the winemaking room. It was only fair to take a pot of wine in exchange for his labor. Thus, Lu Ze came near a filled golden pot. The pot looked coa.r.s.e and seemed to be dug out from the stone.

The pots had different sizes. Smaller ones were only two meters tall while larger ones were around five meters tall.

Lu Ze chose a three-meter tall pot. He held the border of the pot and lifted it up.

This pot felt very heavy, but those apes could carry it like it was weightless. One could imagine how strong their bodies were.

Lu Ze wanted to find a random cave and then put the pot in his mental dimension. He was already at his limit and couldn’t drink the wine anymore.

Suddenly, he felt an extremely powerful chi appear. He looked up and saw a 12-meter tall ape with pure golden fur. It came out from a cave.

The two stared at each other. Subsequently, the ape’s golden eyes revealed some suspicion. Its chi also grew more and more dangerous.

‘Was he caught already?’ Lu Ze thought

He quickly sent the pot into his mental dimension. As soon as he did, he felt a huge pressure bearing down on him. Accordingly, he lost consciousness.

When he opened his eyes again, he was back in his room.

Lu Ze s.h.i.+vered in the pain. He felt like he was crushed to powder.

But at the same time, Lu Ze felt a warm feeling from inside his body. This made the pain recede faster than usual. His body was also growing stronger at an extremely fast rate!

He knew this was the same feeling as eating the fruit in the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze quickly closed his eyes. When he saw the ten fruits and one pot of wine, Lu Ze grinned crazily.

He also had another idea.

Since his body was growing stronger without him doing anything and this golden energy also had healing effects, then could he use this opportunity to digest stronger red orbs? Thinking about this, Lu Ze closed his eyes and decided to try just that.

During his first attempt, he just used a special red orb that was at level four of the mortal evolution state. He was completely fine after the process.

In the following attempt, he added two more orbs. This was the usual quant.i.ty he used every time he cultivated, but he could still handle it easily.

His body could indeed handle stronger orbs!

Lu Ze became very excited.In that case, his cultivation speed would increase again. He would no longer need a week to reach level two of the mortal evolution state.

The pressure only manifested itself when he used four special red orbs that were at level four of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze didn’t add any additional orbs then. He had decided to try the level five mortal evolution state orbs after this.

Three hours later, Lu Ze finished digesting the orbs. Both his cultivation level and body grew stronger.

With his current power, he could rather easily kill level five mortal evolution state beasts with G.o.d arts. He had collected more than a hundred of their orbs.

He drew a level five special orb into his body.

An energy that was far stronger than the energy contained by level four special orbs appeared in his body. Lu Ze felt some pain. However, there were golden rays flas.h.i.+ng in his cells. They blocked the tide of red energy.

He could handle it!