Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 494 - Admiration Is the Right Reaction

Chapter 494 - Admiration Is the Right Reaction

Chapter 494 Admiration Is the Right Reaction

Lu Ze opened the news report. A clip was also attached therewith, wherein the planet Venus could be seen.

In the clip, the planet suddenly trembled. Thereafter, there was a dominant golden light and a mysterious pink mist surging from a forest and spreading rapidly. At this moment, a barrier covered this entire area. The pink and golden lights remained within this barrier. However, the planet Venus didn’t stop shaking for an entire day.

Suddenly, one gold and pink beam shot toward the sky and into s.p.a.ce. Then, there was this chaotic power ripple that stirred up typhoons in s.p.a.ce.

The scene looked horrific. It didn’t look like something that a newly ascended planetary state could cause.

The battle lasted just a few minutes, and the two beams suddenly disappeared. Lu Ze witnessed how the two immediately fought the moment they made a breakthrough. He couldn’t help but scratch his head.

Were they naturally born as compet.i.tors? Judging from the way things seemed to be, those two couldn’t still settle the score. They probably didn’t even feel that good now.

Lu Ze laughed.

That barrier was set up by the old man, wasn’t it?

Alice sighed. “Reaching the planetary state is so scary. Even though it was just a breakthrough, it managed to cause an entire planet to tremble.”

Lu Li nodded. “Their battle is also very terrifying.” Tens of thousands of kilometers was affected by the battle. They could really destroy a planet if they wanted.

This was the sort of being that could survive in the universe.

This was the reason why the planetary state beings would leave the Milky Way galaxy to find resources in a broader world.

Tens of millions of comments appeared already.

Their breakthrough was more captivating than Lu Ze’s speech. Lu Ze scanned through the rest of the comments. Almost all of them were praising the two.

“Young duke Jing and Hesha are invincible!”

“Their talents are too amazing, Would they be able to match Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze?”

“That’s quite hard. It’s said that Lu Ze only used two days to break through to the mortal evolution state.”

“If I could get their love, I’m willing to live ten years less.”

“Keep dreaming.”

“By the way… they seem to have that sort of relations.h.i.+p with Lu Ze?”

“What are you saying? Only these two girls could barely deserve little brother Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze felt embarra.s.sed while looking at the comments. Nevertheless, he still felt great upon seeing how people were envious of him.

Right then, Lu Li and Alice saw Lu Ze’s expression. The two girls glanced at each other.

Alice showed a smile. “Alright, senior. I’m going to go make breakfast for you.”

Lu Li smiled as well. “Me too.”

Lu Ze gasped and looked away regretfully.

Thereafter, he watched the two proceed to the kitchen eagerly.

There was good food to eat!

Half an hour later, Lu Ze looked at the food with starry eyes.

Lu Li said calmly, “I made the congee. Have a try.”

She seemed like she didn’t care, but she was actually pretty nervous.

If this guy dares to say that it doesn’t taste good, then she would definitely cook worse food than she made before.

Lu Ze was also very nervous. All the other foods were sparkling with spirit light, except for the congee.

Lu Ze took a scoop of the congee and dragged the spoon toward his mouth. Subsequently, his eyes widened with a hint of surprise.

Lu Li’s fists were clenched even tighter under the table, but her face remained smiling. “Lu Ze, what do you think? If you dare to say it’s bad, then you’re done for.”

Lu Ze shook his head. “No, this is much better than I imagined.”

To be honest, he thought that the congee was barely edible.

Lu Li flicked her hair and smiled. “Hmph, as long as I want to learn it, it’s very simple.”

Alice laughed. “Senior, I told you Li has been very hard-working.”

Lu Ze nodded.

“Then, try mine.”

Lu Ze ate a white piece of desert. Immediately, he felt like he was running within a sweet dream. His face was full of satisfaction.

Without any need for words, one could tell from Lu Ze’s expression how good this was.

Alice also showed the same satisfied look after seeing this.

Meanwhile, Lu Li felt defeated. One could easily conclude that there was still a huge difference between her and Alice.

She would be back next time!

After breakfast, the three went to train. Because uncle Merlin and aunty Hong Lian went to their restaurant, they didn’t have a small dimension to practice in. Hence, they didn’t dare to go all out.

Despite so, this allowed Lu Li and Alice to understand their G.o.d art better, especially Alice. Her source flame was extremely strong, but it also took large amounts of effort to master it.

As for Lu Li, she was extremely talented in darkness G.o.d art.

After lunch, Lu Ze gave away the purple orbs and G.o.d art orbs to them too.

This would give them more means to learn G.o.d arts faster.

In the afternoon, they returned to their own rooms.

Back in Lu Li’s room, Lu Li smiled at the purple light that shone on her face. Lu Li didn’t know how good this...o...b..was, but seeing how confident Lu Ze was, clearly, it wasn’t an ordinary one. If she kept working hard, then she would be able to get close to him.

After graduation, she could attend the Federal University.

Meanwhile, In Alice’s room, Alice was hugging her panda doll. She was holding a G.o.d art orb with red flames inside.

The fire G.o.d art and her source flame had the same essence. It was just that the source flame was at a higher level. Using his fire G.o.d art orb would allow her to master her source flame better.

Alice smiled and rolled around in the bed. Senior was really nice!

When she becomes stronger, she is going to find better ingredients for senior and cook better food for him.