Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 491 - This Is Wine?!

Chapter 491 - This Is Wine?!

Chapter 491 This Is Wine?!

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He took another bite.

He grew stronger even faster but not as much as the first bite. There seemed to be a limitation on how much he would progress each bite.

Lu Ze could feel that the golden energy in his body was more abundant.

Gradually, as he ate more of the fruit, it turned into golden energy that flowed into his body and strengthened his power.

At the same time, the golden energy deposited within him increased as well.

After consuming half of the fruit, he suddenly had this feeling that he couldn’t even store more energy further. He reached the maximum storage capacity. Was he… full??

Lu Ze didn’t know what to say. After he grew strong, it had been a long time since he had felt full.

Of course, he wouldn’t feel hungry either.

This notion soon disappeared from his brain. Perhaps, if he kept eating high-level spirit food, then he would feel full?

Suddenly, Lu Ze had a realization. Wasn’t this fruit similar to spirit fruits? It seemed to be an extremely high-quality spirit fruit.

Lu Ze also sensed that this energy was stored in his real-life body. If he went back to reality, his body would also grow stronger.

Whatever he ate in the pocket hunting dimension, it would be transferred to real life. This meant that he couldn’t eat more in the pocket hunting dimension.

Otherwise, his body might really blow up upon coming back.

Now, as for the last question…

Can he keep the fruit in his mental dimension?

If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t be able to bring the fruit back after he died.

The next time he would enter the pocket hunting dimension, it would be a random location. He wouldn’t be able to pick it up then.

If that was the case, his heart would wail.

Mhm… he should test it first.

Although Lu Ze couldn’t feel his mental dimension, he simulated what he usually did back in the real world. He enveloped the fruit with his mental force and thought about putting it away.

In an instant, Lu Ze witnessed the fruit disappear.

Did it… succeed?

Lu Ze felt dazed. He really did it!




Lu Ze jumped off into the distance. He was no longer worried since even that level eight mortal evolution state boss didn’t see through him.

He would go pick a few more fruits!

Lu Ze happily jumped around on trees and caught up to the pack.

Once again, he came to a tree that hadn’t been touched. He used all his might, and yet, Lu Ze still couldn’t pull the fruit down.

He looked around. There was no boss to help him this time.

He scratched his head. If he secretly used G.o.d art, no apes would discover him, right?

He hadn’t been using his G.o.d art up until now in fear of getting caught. However, since he couldn’t break the branch at this moment and he might not encounter another nice boss, Lu Ze felt it was better to depend on himself.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as a green wind blade formed on his hand. It sliced through the branch and left a deep mark.

Immediately, a golden beam came before Lu Ze. It soon turned into an eight-meter tall golden ape. It stared coldly at Lu Ze. Lu Ze didn’t feel too well. He pretended he didn’t know anything. Lu Ze just carried the fruit and pulled it as hard as he could.

Because there was a huge opening in the branch, Lu Ze finally managed to pull the fruit down.

All of such actions were done under the cold gaze of the boss.

Lu Ze turned around and looked at the ferocious-looking boss innocently.

After some silence, Lu Ze handed the fruit out.

This is yours, so please go. Seeing this, the boss scratched its head in confusion, but it didn’t take the fruit. It just disappeared from its place.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. Why did that expression seem so familiar?

It must be looking down on me. Thereafter, Lu Ze carefully used green jade slash to cut off the remaining branches with fruits. He then pulled the fruits down afterward.

Lu Ze waited until there were no bosses nearby before doing this.

There were four fruits on the tree, and he sent them into his mental dimension.

Although his efficiency was quite low, Lu Ze came to realize that he already gathered 12 fruits and a half in total.

He was the one who ate the other half.

Those bosses were all nice apes. Seeing how small he was, they, at most, looked down on him, but they didn’t bully him either.

It was dark outside now, but since the forest was golden, it was still bright.

Lu Ze looked into the distant darkness. He remembered the first time he spent the night and died strangely. There was some extreme danger lurking in the darkness.

He shook his head and followed the ape pack into the forest. In the depths of the forest, there was an extremely huge mountain. It was so high that he couldn’t even see its actual height. There were also huge trees on the mountain, but compared to the trees on the outskirts, these trees were more golden. Some were pure gold.

Lu Ze came to the waist of the mountain and noticed a huge cave that was a few hundred meters wide.

Countless apes came in and out. The ones going in took the fruits inside.

Lu Ze also had a fruit in his hand. Of course, he could only hold a few compared to the other bosses that carried 10. After all, he was only two meters tall.

Those apes that were pa.s.sing by looked at Lu Ze strangely. After entering the cave, he found that the cave was also flas.h.i.+ng with golden light. As such, the cave was illuminated very well.

Lu Ze looked at the apes and thought, ‘Do these apes not need sleep?”

It was so bright.

How do they sleep?

Lu Ze went further in the curved tunnels for over tens of kilometers. Subsequently, he heard a cl.u.s.ter of ape calls in front.He inched closer, and suddenly, his horizon broadened. When he saw the scene, he felt as though he was in a trance.

There was a huge empty cave. It had an area of ten kilometers wide. It was very flat at the bottom. At the center was a golden lake. The golden liquid inside evaporated into a golden mist. After just catching a few whiffs of the mist, Lu Ze felt a little tipsy. Oh s.h.i.+t!

Was this alcohol?!

A lake of alcohol?!

The wine was very beneficial. With just a few sniffs, he felt his body grow stronger. Simultaneously, the stored golden energy within him was digested much faster.

This was good! Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

At the bottom, there were also some golden stone pots that contained the golden liquid.

Clearly, this liquid was much better than the golden sun wine from old man Nangong.