Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 490 - See if It’s Tasty

Chapter 490 - See if It’s Tasty

Chapter 490 See if It’s Tasty

After using the transformation G.o.d art, Lu Ze turned into a golden ape.

He looked at his two-meter tall figure and grinned.

He was a miniature version of the golden ape.

Would he be able to trick it?

Lu Ze was quite worried. What if these bosses saw that he was small and bullied him?

That wouldn’t be a good outcome. This was Lu Ze’s limit in transformation. His transformation G.o.d art couldn’t change his figure too much.

If he flew onto a tree without apes, he might be able to bypa.s.s them. Quickly, Lu Ze jumped toward the tree in front. “Guu!”


Soon, Lu Ze neared the golden ape’s location.

He looked over and saw the tree wobbling. There were golden figures flas.h.i.+ng between the crevices of the branches.

There were many apes—at least, a few hundred.

Lu Ze just remembered the fate of the green anaconda, and his mouth twitched. Accordingly, he carefully acted as though he belonged to the same species while moving toward areas with fewer apes.

Eventually, Lu Ze chanced upon a tree that was untouched.

As soon as he landed, an intense aroma came circulating around his nose. Lu Ze felt his body was improving much faster than before.

He looked ahead and saw a golden fruit hanging off a tree branch.

The fruit was round. It had a diameter of half a meter. Coupled with its extremely round feature, it also had a much denser gold color than the tree. It was like a small sun emitting golden light. Warmth and aroma came with the sunlight.

Lu Ze was almost drooling. It seemed very tasty.

It was worth it for him to just get one. Without hesitation, he inched toward the fruit and dragged it down. In turn, the fruit wobbled, and the tree branch became bent from the ma.s.sive force he exerted while pulling. However, it wasn’t breaking at all.

Lu Ze: “…”

He couldn’t even take it down himself.

While he was dazed, a golden light flashed, and the branch shook violently.

Lu Ze saw that a huge golden ape appeared before him. It was eight meters tall.

The ape seemed larger than the one Lu Ze saw last time. Just by standing in front of Lu Ze, Lu Ze could barely breathe.

In Lu Ze’s estimation, it should, at least, have a power that was at level eight of the mortal evolution state, along with a powerful G.o.d art.

The two stared at each other. Lu Ze was hugging the fruit with his two hands. He didn’t know what to do now.

He blinked his eyes with an innocent face. He was just a weak and pitiful noob ape.

The ape stared at Lu Ze. It didn’t move for a while. Gradually, its eyes seemed to contain sympathy.

The ape grabbed the branch and pulled gently. The branch snapped accordingly.

Lu Ze and the fruit landed on the tree branch below. Lu Ze: “???”

He, feeling touched, looked at the golden ape.

What a good boss!

Good ape!

This boss was too kind.

He could use it!

Contrary to his previous worry, the fruit didn’t turn to ash.

Does this mean that not everything would turn to ashes?

At this moment, the ape suddenly called.

“Gugu, gugugu!” Lu Ze: “???”

He looked at the ape in confusion.

What was this boss trying to say?

Seeing that Lu Ze was confused, the ape looked at Lu Ze with more sympathy.

Lu Ze: “…”

He felt like the boss thought he was a mentally disabled child.

The ape patted Lu Ze’s back gently. However, a huge power entered Lu Ze’s body. The intense power almost broke his bones.

Sensing Lu Ze’s state, the ape stopped its actions. It looked at Lu Ze with even more sympathy.

He turned to the other fruits on the tree and picked them off. Then, he flew off into the forest.

Lu Ze gasped.

He used regeneration G.o.d art to heal his heavily injured body.

Oh my G.o.d, this ape was too strong!

It just gently patted him, but Lu Ze felt he was almost going to die.

Luckily, he wasn’t caught and got a golden fruit instead.

Lu Ze grinned. He didn’t leave immediately and kept staying at this crest. He wanted to test things.

It had been a few minutes since he got the fruit, but the fruit still remained. It didn’t go into his mental dimension.

This should mean that he could eat the fruit in the pocket hunting dimension, right?

Lu Ze frowned.

He had never used anything in the pocket hunting dimension.

A problem then arose. If he used the fruit here and got stronger, would this improvement carry over into the real world?

Moreover, the time in real life was different from the time here. The digestion would be different too. He could spend a day to digest the energy in the pocket hunting dimension. However, back in real life, time wouldn’t have even flowed. Would that blow him up then?

Another problem cropped up.

Would he be able to bring this fruit out of the pocket hunting dimension?If he could bring out golden fruits, would he be able to bring out live bosses too?

After some thought, Lu Ze decided to perform his first test.

Check if this was tasty!

This was the most important thing!

Lu Ze gulped some saliva and set his teeth on the fruit. He took a huge bite, and the fruit melted in his mouth.

Immediately, Lu Ze felt his body was wrapped in warm sunlight.

Every cell seemed to be getting stronger and painted with a golden light.

He was progressing several times faster than when he used the red orbs. This process was extremely gently and painless.