Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 489 - Strange Smell, Golden Forest

Chapter 489 - Strange Smell, Golden Forest

Chapter 489 Strange Smell, Golden Forest

The closer Lu Ze got, the more intense the aroma grew. Lu Ze saw that the depth of the forest was flickering with a golden light. He then carefully concealed his chi and proceeded toward the light.

A few thousand kilometers later, the golden light formed a patch. Lu Ze gasped at the scene. A special forest revealed itself to him. It seemed that the enticing scent came from this place.

The tree trunks, branches, and leaves were all gold.

Lu Ze tried desperately to look beyond, but there were too many intertwining branches.

What trees were they?

Lu Ze had never seen such a scene before.

“Wurr Wurr!”

There were strange sounds coming from inside the forest. It was as if there were several beasts present in there.

Lu Ze fell silent for a moment. He gritted his teeth. Following this, he carefully landed and walked toward the forest. Whatever it was, he won’t be able to find out without checking it himself.

At the border of the ordinary and golden forest, Lu Ze discovered that even the soil in the golden forest was flas.h.i.+ng with faint gold rays. There were no leaves on it. It didn’t look damp and was very clean. In comparison, a normal forest would definitely have stacks of rotting leaves at the bottom.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with black runes, and his black-gold battle armor covered his body. Surely, things won’t explode here. Even if it did, he wouldn’t die from it, right?

Lu Ze walked toward the golden soil. The air was silent. Moments later, Lu Ze relaxed a little. Perhaps, the things here wouldn’t explode after all.

Lu Ze stood still on the soil. When the golden rays shone on him, it felt as though he was basking in the suns.h.i.+ne. A trace of warmth lingered on his skin. He could even feel that his body was growing stronger at an extremely slow pace. It might be slower than the progress provided by the red orbs, but this time, Lu Ze didn’t have to put in any efforts at all. He was just bathing in the golden rays! Later on, Lu Ze carefully proceeded toward the inside. He then came before a golden tree, which was over a thousand meters tall. The tree’s skin was very clean. Some patterns could be seen on it.

Observing it in its entirety, the tree was golden from top to bottom.

Lu Ze pressed on the tree trunk. The coa.r.s.e runes that were engraved on the tree were transmitted to Lu Ze’s mind, with his palm as the medium. He stretched out his arm and pressed further. Suddenly, his eyes widened.

This tree didn’t budge at all!

With his power, he could even push a mountain over easily. Lu Ze raised a brow. He didn’t hear any beasts approaching, so he increased his power. It still didn’t move.

Not simple…

Lu Ze increased his power again. Moments later, Lu Ze’s face was bursting red. He almost consumed all his power, and yet, this tree didn’t move a single bit.

Just what was this thing?

Lu Ze gasped. He didn’t know whether he could damage this tree if he exerted all his power. However, if he chose that option, then it might alert every beast in the forest.

Lu Ze flew up to the tree crest. The aroma grew more intense. Lu Ze gulped some saliva.

What was it? It smelled really good.

Lu Ze looked carefully. Soon, he found a few broken branches.

He reached out his hand and tried. The tree was not only firm but also tough. He could only bend the twigs using his full power.

Lu Ze: “…”

The beasts here were bosses for sure. He went to check the other trees and found that almost every tree had a few broken branches.

Lu Ze had some guesses. Were they fruit-bearing trees?

If yes, then were they edible?

Soon, he would know the answer.

Lu Ze moved between the crests and inspected every one of them carefully. However, he was disappointed later on. The bosses here didn’t leave a single fruit for him.

Gradually, the distant beast howls were becoming more distinct. This made Lu Ze more vigilant.

At least, in terms of strength, the beasts here were definitely stronger than he was.

A few thousand kilometers deeper, the beast howls became very clear. Lu Ze could see that far away, the huge trees were wobbling with the roars of beasts.

Oh my!

He already poured in his full strength, but he couldn’t even make the tree budge.

What boss was it that had such strength??

Lu Ze snuck closer by ten kilometers.

At this time, another golden flash landed next to another huge tree.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

I’ve seen this before!

Lu Ze remembered how the green anaconda was destroyed by a golden light and that world-breaking chi. He didn’t feel too good all of a sudden. That green anaconda boss was at level eight of the mortal evolution state!

Yet, it only ended up as a puddle of blood. The boss died before making a sound.

Lu Ze didn’t feel he was stronger than the anaconda boss.

His mouth twitched. Thereafter, he quickly hid behind the trees, not daring to move at all.

Should he start running?

Numerous thoughts run across Lu Ze’s head.

He wanted to leave, but the things here might be able to strengthen his body. Lu Ze was hesitant.

At this moment, the golden light brushed aside the branches and turned into a ma.s.sive, six-meter tall ape that had golden fur.

It jumped on a branch, and the branch shook in return. The branches brushed back and covered the ape.

Lu Ze suddenly had an idea.

If it succeeded, then he might be able to easily get what he wanted!

Lu Ze flashed with white color. After the light disappeared, a two-meter tall golden ape appeared on the branch.

Transformation G.o.d art!